Very robust Camera for 4 year old

My almost 4 year old has a heavy interest in Photography (maybe she is seeing me handeling the cameras to often)..

So I am now looking for a digital camera which is good AND relatively childproof.So basically:.

- robust, maybe even ruberized- display to review pictures- not to tiny- switch or slider for power on/off instaed of a button to press- no other button near shutter release.

- short shutter lag (fixfocus? the little ones are not patiently enough, to wait a second until the camera is ready...)- big optical fewfinder.

- bright color housing woudl be nice- not to many buttons/functions etc. ( or somehow hidden)- no zoom prefered- not to expensive.

- don't care about the mega pixels, but a good image quality ( e.g. glas lense)would be nice  .

I know about the fisherprice camera, but they got rather negative reviews, and I figured that there shoudl be something better out there for not to much more....

I woudl highly appretiate if you could point me to such a camera, or a camera which is not to far off. Either new, or which models to look for on ebay &co....

Thanks a lot.


PS:She already had a film camera:.


But the quality was terrible, I had to fix the electrics inside several times, and the optical quality was just beyond. So we were not to sad when we forgot it on the train.

She took some rather good and interesting photos, when I handed her my prefocused Minolta X-700, but the yield was quite lower with my a540..., alll the buttons let her forget of what she wanted a picture.....

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I would not mind getting some replies to this as I might want to get something for my 7 year old who is keen on taking photographs..

Anyone?regards, Mirza.


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...I am now looking for a digital camera which is good AND relatively childproof..

I just bought for the same reasons a second hand Olympus mju 770 SW. Water proof, can take a fair drop (shockproof), no protruding and back and forth moving bits and pieces, very solid casing. could probably drive nails with it and it takes very decent pictures..

My daughter took very good pictures as a four year old. She had an eye for things and would compose patiently still lives in her room. Her mates had to model and the outcome was often remarkable. Well - she is today a successful painter. Having made this experience I would not recommend a cheap throw-away, but rather something solid and quite capable. Alfred

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Last year I went about researching childrens cameras. I found that they all pretty much sucked, the image quality was pretty bad for most of them. I ended up getting my 3 year old daughter a Canon Powershot SD600. I got it and an extra battery kit, case and memory card for 240$ total. All I did was explain to her that she had to be very careful and showed her how to operate it. She has taken some awesome pictures with this camera.

I haven't needed to do that but we have now got some great underwater photos too! IT is still taking great pictures and it's been used by her as well as my 2 year old daughter for almost a year now. I had an SD550 that I dropped several times and it still works( I finally cracked the lcd lens (which I am now going to replace) but it still works and takes pictures! If you teach them to respect the equipment and how to operate it they will learn pretty fast. I figured I would rather have her photos for years to come and have them be great quality then go for the cheesy kids quality cameras.Elizabeth..

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If you want to spend the $$ I'ld suggets the Oly 790sw.


It is shockproof from 5 feet and water proof to 33ft. It should stand up to abuse but it is "kid cheap". It's a real camera with real functions. It could "walk away" if not watched..

Good LuckOlympus E-500, Olympus E-510..

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Look at the Kodak C530. Discontinued and hard to find in stores now, but available on for $69.95 refurbished with fulll warranty..

Fixed focus, 5mp, nice pictures, SD, AA..



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I think that you should invest in the future of your kid, giving him all possibilities. Therefore, shockproof and waterproof is a bit secondairy, quality and stimulation of the artistic level of your kid goes first. In the worst case, in two years or so, you give him an upgrade..

So what to pick up out of all those mediocre cameras? I think, after all, the leica M8 might be the best choice. He will learn to appreciate quality, and the quality will help him to progress in life. Anyway, an investment in your childrens' future is always a good thing..


Maddogmd11 wrote:.

If you want to spend the $$ I'ld suggets the Oly 790sw.


It is shockproof from 5 feet and water proof to 33ft. It shouldstand up to abuse but it is "kid cheap". It's a real camera withreal functions. It could "walk away" if not watched..

Good LuckOlympus E-500, Olympus E-510..

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Get the nikon d3 .

Image control:Zoom outZoom 100%Zoom inExpand AllOpen in new window..

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Reg Ister wrote:.

So what to pick up out of all those mediocre cameras? I think, afterall, the leica M8 might be the best choice..

This is a rather good advice. So I went with her to a store today, but she didn't liked that the M8 was not coming in pink, orange or purple, and she really missed configurable shutter sounds and melodies..

I am also a bit worried: our Doctor recommended some steroids to build strength, so that she could carry around the camera with an attached noctilux.....

SERIOUSLY: For almost all apllication there are so many good choices around, that it is hard to pick something not fit for the desired application ( e.g. the discussion D300/D40/a700/K10D/E1 is pretty much aluxury problem, there is no really bad choice hidden in there).

BUT: there is practically NO high quality camera for children around..

Take the olympus 720SW, remove the zoom, but but a fixed focus good lens in and 80% of the buttons, add a grip, add a big optical viewfinder... it woudl sell rather well..

I mean even the fisherprice camera sells good for 80Euros....



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Silly to reply to my own post, but maybe this helps people in similar situations..I just found two cameras:.

The hp m22:- weather proof- metal case- fixed lens( this compination means relative robust to me)- sliding power switch /lenscover- not to many knobs.

The Fuji q1:- nice form- simple- rather ol, cheap second hand....

Both miss a optical viewfinder, but you can't have everything....



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It doesn't have everything you'll want, but it is waterproof, dustproof, has an internal zooming lens, and is fairly robust otherwise. Not up to Olympus 790 standards, but not bad, either..

Here is the review for the Optio W10 on Steve's Digicams, but I'm pretty sure they're up to W30 or so by now. Ebay pricing for this model is pretty modest..


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