Using Galeo's Dressing during Medifast

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That goes right past margin of error into outright fraud...

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Wow...makes me wonder about the Waldon Farms. I only use 1 TBS of the dressing and same of the BBQ sauce, but how do I know they are truthful. YIKES!!! I just clicked on the email link to ask them about WF. Thanks for this thread...

Comment #1

There was a huge scandal a while back when someone found out that the major supplier of vegan/kosher "gelatin" made out of agar was actually making it out of 1/2 gelatin. Yes, fraud. And not the nice kind, either...

Comment #2

What a bummer. I just ordered my first bottle and it hasn't even arrived yet...

Comment #3

Oh NOOOO! I just bought a bottle of the caesar and another bottle of the sesame last night. $12.00 down the drain, not to mention I have already had 2 tablespoons of the caesar and an entire bottle of the sesame. I clicked on a link in the article and it said that they have found sugar in the walden farms syrups that I use daily! I wonder if this explains my 3 week plateau...

Comment #4

Take them back to the store with a printout of the article. They'll probably take them back...

Comment #5

Dirty rotten scoundrels! I was all set to order some based upon the recommendations on this boardglad I didn't! Jillian Michaels ought to vet her endorsements more carefully. Hasn't she had other recent probs with some of her endorsements?..

Comment #6

I wonder if it is just the caesar. I use the Dijonnaise. I managed to lose 100# a couple of years ago on Medifast and I ate it almost daily...

Comment #7

Frankly, how would you trust any of the labeling from this company?..

Comment #8

I don't know if I can trust it at all....all I'm saying is it didn't seem to impede my weight loss any...

Comment #9

Bummer! I just got a bottle of the Sesame and used it for the first time last night - it was delicious! I had really been craving some chinese food this week and the flavor of this dressing helped me get over that craving. My DH loved it too... I was so happy to find a dressing that we both liked.

I will admit I almost logged my calories wrong because a serving size on the bottle is only 1 T. and I am in the habit of most dressings being 2 T. per serving...

Comment #10

As Eagle likes to say, how do you know what your weight loss would have been without the product? Personally, I am going to stop using them and use balsamic vinegar with truvia which I will log when I need a zero fat dressing. I am not going to use something from a company when the fat grams were off by ten grams. Not worth it...

Comment #11

What a bummer. I LOVE the Sesame dressing. Shucks!!!!!!!!! Does anyone know the real fat/carb count???..

Comment #12

Click on the link and read the article Caca. Makes you not want to trust them at all...

Comment #13

Just a thought for those wondering on the Walden Farms- I've seen RAVE reviews of the Galeo's- but most people seem to tolerate the Walden's.... I love the Litehouse Salsa Ranch (which is labeled pretty much how I would expect it to taste), but the Walden Farms taste, at least to me, like ALL those little calories and carbs were most DEFINITELY removed. I know some people like them, more power to you- but I think they're likely closer to the label than this Galeo's which everyone loved so much...

Comment #14

This was my thought as well. WF TASTES like every good thing in the world has been removed. hehe. There are a few products I used, but I can't honestly say that I really LIKED them, but a few were edible. What brought the Galeos to the forefront is the fact that it tastes so good and the "If it seems to good to be true, it usually is" rule...

Comment #15

Good thoughts on the WF thing. I have no clue why I am okay with their Blue Cheese Dressing and their BBQ sauce. I actually like them. I am a total foodie and self proclaimed food snob (I like trashy food, but only if it's prepared properly...street tacos for example ) and I think they are both good. I wonder why?? Not sure I can trust the theory, but it sure is a good one. If you click on one of the links in the article, it also speaks of WF not being honest. Aargh!!..

Comment #16

I wonder about food labels for all products some times. There is really a lot to be said for straight Clean Eating!..

Comment #17

De: For a long time, I have been a real food person. Very few cans and packages for me except cans of occasional jarred salsa etc. I've always made my own salad dressings until I discovered TJ Balsamic Vinaigrette. I plan to go back to that sort of clean eating (however, supplementing with Medifast because I love it and it's convenience) after I have gone through transition and maintenance. I think I will just buckle down and figure out how to make my own op dressing and just forget about BBQ sauce for now. Thank goodness I am not tied to any of the syrups or anything else that people utilize. It speaks to Back to Basics is almost always a good way to go...

Comment #18

I don't use dressing anymore. After a couple months on MF, all I need is a little salt. Clean taste buds!..

Comment #19

It is good, but there is not excuse for what the company did with the labeling. Now, I also need to find another salad dressing. Shame on them!..

Comment #20

I just thought of something. How do we know the tests that the watchdog group are correct? Back to clean eating is simply best in my mind. However, no way could I eat my salad with nothing on it...

Comment #21

3 words. Clean Eating Magazine! They had one over the summer that had about 10 different clean salad dressings! I'll see if I still have my copy and PM some of them to you if you like..

What you outline is pretty much my take on maintenance. Clean and simple. One of the basic rules of Clean eating is that if it has ingredients you can't pronounce, you probably shouldn't eat it...

Comment #22

De: I would like to see the salad dressings. I make a rockin' vinaigrette, but I've never really calculated exactly how much fat per TBS. It would only be the carbs in the vinegar and the little bit of dijon mustard I would use, but that was before MF. I have a clean eating book Eat-Clean Diet by Tosca Reno. I actually just looked at it and there are a lot of great sounding recipes and it does have the nutrition for each one. Only one salad..Lean Waldorf salad.

Apples, grapes, walnuts celery. Dressing is low fat greek yogurt with fresh lemon juice. Hmmm...down the road possibility. Sorry..didn't mean to stray the thread...

Comment #23

Thank you Sunny10 for posting this. I have two bottles of their stuff in my frig. I think all of us should flood their e-mail with questions about this. That ought to get their attention..

Clean eating is great, but some of us do like dressing on our salads, thought we were counting them correctly, and that they fit the Medifast plan. When we pay good money (and these were not cheap) only to find we were lied to (hard to believe discrepancies this big were a mistake), the company should know there are repercussions, if only that we will cease buying their products and spread the word that there is doubt about their labeling.

Yes, it is possible that the lab analysis has some inaccuracies, but Galeo has a motivation to appear more diet-friendly. Plus the lab has published their results and will lose all credibility (and future business) should their results be proven wrong. I would think they had checked and double-checked before they went public..

Anyway, I'm mad. Can you tell? ;-)..

Comment #24

Really mad! I have posted a link to the article on my Facebook page and have written to Galeos, asking them to submit their products to a respected, independent lab and publish the results. I don't really expect an answer....

Thank you. I feel better now...

Comment #25

Pet Lady that is awesome. I sent an email to the watchdog group asking about Waldon Farms. I haven't actually used the Galeo, but if one company does it others probably do too. By the way..clean eating doesn't mean no salad dressing. It means you make your own...

Comment #26

Petlady - I did find my magazine and there are actually several dressings that could fall into the limits of the 5&1. A few are, of course, higher in carbs, but most are between 1 and 3 carbs and 20-80 calories. Heck, if we can have peanut butter now, why not a good healthy dressing?.

SWL - I'll work on it tomorrow on PM them to you..

As for WF. I find it hard to believe that there are no calories and carbs, but I really do feel that they are minimal in the big scheme of things. Frankly, I haven't used them in 3 years. The only WF product I really enjoyed was the pancake syrup...

Comment #27

I am so bummed! I have 2 still unopened in my cabinet and was preparing to order more because I like to have plenty of my beloved Galeo's dressing on hand. I eat this with a salad at least 4 days a week, often times more! I just LOVED them!.

Companies like this just make me sick...

Comment #28

Well, tonight I just had balsamic vinegar with 1/2 tsp truvia. Logged it all, I always do. It was actually delicious. With some nice sea salt of course. Even the WF I log as 1 gram of everything per serving. I know it's not really I round up...

Comment #29

I actually posted to Nutrisystem asking how companies came by their food labels because I don't trust them much. They obviously have an incentive to make them look as good as possible. I'm pretty good with portions and calories and what fat/sugar/carbs taste like and I'm suspicious when I'm eating something that tastes like it's richer than they claim it is. I was eating bread once that was supposedly 100 cals per slice. Hmm, awfully good bread. So I looked again, and the gram weight in parenthesis next to "1 slice" was half what a slice actually weighed.

If it tastes too good to be true, it probably isn't true. No free lunch, and all that...

Comment #30


This was the best dressing and I always said I can't believe it's OP. Oh WF dressing, you wouldn't lie to me too would you? Bless your honest funny aftertaste and lack of flavor...

Comment #31

De, could you PM me with those as well? Would really appreciate it! Thanks!..

Comment #32

De, thanks for doing that for us. I appreciate it...

Comment #33

Well, keeeee...rap! I just stocked up on 4 bottles of the sesame last weekend when I was in Seattle since I can't get it locally. This news is very aggravating and disappointing...

Comment #34

I sent an email to Galeo's yesterday & haven't heard back yet. I am still bummed, but glad I know now.

De - could you PM me your list too? Thank you..

Comment #35

I'm feeling lazy today (hehe). If anyone would like the recipes, please PM me your email address and I will email you pdf's. Unfortunately, it's looking to be a busy day at work so this would certainly be the easiest way to do it. lso keep in mind that while a good number of the recipes included are appropriate for 5&1, there are some that are more suited to t&m. Just want to be up-front about that...

Comment #36

Here is the response from Andrei at Galeo's which I received via e-mail today. Beneath that is the e-mail I sent to Galeo's. Interesting....

Dear Susan.

We are aware of the internet report by Mitch Lipka from "". We.

Want to know that this report contains many inaccuracies and was created by.

A lab inexperienced in such testing. In fact, the sample that was supplied.

To this lab was in a jar, not in a Galeos Container. Further, Mr. Lipka has.

Steadfastly refused to give us copies of the alleged report.

We are 100% confident in the accuracy of our ingredients and nutritional.

Statements. All ingredients are organic and nutritional information on the.

Ingredients are checked thoroughly. Nevertheless, in order to reveal the.

Sham that this report is, we are engaging Silliker Labs, the recognized.

National leader in food testing, to break down the exact nutritionals of.

Production samples. Production samples are those picked up off the grocery.

Shelves rather than supplied directly to them by the manufacturer. We will.

Keep the report on file and avail it to anyone challenging the integrity of.

Our products. Furthermore, we will do this on an annual basis..

Rest assured that you can rely on the quality of Galeos Dressings and.

Accuracy of nutritional claims and our commitment to supply only the best.

Products now and in the future..


Tel: 949 574 0202.



729 w. 16st #B-4 COSTA MESA, CA 92627.

Tel:- 949 574 0202 Fax:- 949 574 0217.

Email: /blog/2010/


I expect you will deny that their tests are correct. But, for many of us,.

The possibility that there are gross inaccuracies in your nutrition label,.

Which could have serious effects on a 900-100 calorie/day diet, now means.

That we will be throwing your products away and not purchasing any more..

It would go a long way towards reassuring us that your labels are accurate.

If you were to submit your products to a respected independent lab for.

Analysis and publish the results..

I look forward to your response..


Susan Jones..

Comment #37

After emailing them yesterday, I also received the same email earlier this afternoon. Apparently they have received many inquiries.

I am very satisfied with their answer and will continue to use their products. I also will request the results of the upcoming lab analysis they reference...

Comment #38

Don't panic yet...might not be so true. See post from Diane1 regarding email she sent to Galeos...

Comment #39

I really hope the report was wrong. Its the one and only salad dressing I've ever really enjoyed. Thank you for inquiring...

Comment #40

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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