Up 1/2 lb during Medifast

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Today for the fist time since starting Medifast I am up on the scale, it's not much but only 1/2 lb. The frustrating thing is that I have not been cheating have been op even getting in all my water which has been a struggle. Last night I weighed my food for the first time and realized I have not been getting enough L&G. Grrrr, dont know what to make of this...

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That is totally normal. Just stay OP and you'll see the scale move downward soon...

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If you are going to weigh every day, then you are going to have to get used to fluctuations. That's what our bodies do.

Secondly, I saw your post about having Wendy's salad yesterday. I tried OP at Wendy's once, but find anytime I eat at a fast food place even being strictly OP, I gain the next day. Reason? Too much sodium. Makes you retain water. Their spicy chicken caesar even without the dressing is over 1200 mg sodium. That piece of chicken is loaded with it.

You still have a couple of days until your weigh in day, so drink lots of water and watch that salt!.

Good luck...

Comment #2

Don't weight every day just once a week and then you will not see so much up and down...

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I have always weighed once a week on weigh in day. I weighed yesterday (out of curiosity) and was up two pounds. Today I weighed ( out of fear) and was down 2.5 pounds. That's exactly why I don't and will not weigh every day. There is no rhyme or reason to it if you are on program and it just tortures the mind. The scale can be an evil master of our emotions.

And stop weighing every day if you find it troubling when you are up...

Comment #4

I just finished week 4 today and no weight loss. I know this is normal so it does not worry me. I also will be TOM in a few days and I usually get bloated so I may have some extra water gain. I am just going to stick to the program and not worry about the numbers. I feel fantastic and know this is working for me...

Comment #5

I was up as well, an entire pound, but cellis is exactly right, the scale is NOT our friend. It is just so discouraging to see that because it throws us into PTSD from all the other failed diets.

Its one of our self destructive patterns that we probably all need to deal with. In times past, once I had this happen I would either just give up ("See?? Now I have PROOF that MY body is unique and WON'T lose weight!".) or get totally obsessed with eating less and less ("OK, FINE, today I'll eat nothing but a lettuce leaf!!") trying to FORCE my poor body to lose weight. Both responses are totally wrong and obsessional and will absolutely fail. Of all the things I've learned so far here, this is probably one of the biggest: Just trust the diet. Trust it. Trust that your body is the same as all the others here.

Relax and just keep going. If we stay on plan we don't have to get all wound up, we don't have to be afraid that this is just another time we are going to fail. We don't have constantly battle with our own bodies...

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I have done that several times but know it is normal. I am a daily weigher and it can be frustrating but it ok because soon it goes down. Just on monday I was up and on Tuesday I was down 1 and 1/2 lbs. My DH only weighs once a week but I am addicted. Have been for years. From all the reading I have heard it is normal to go up and down so dont let it get to me cause tomorrow will be even better. If not tomorrow soon...

Comment #7

It also makes a differience what time you weigh. On the weekends I weigh less because I sleep later. Come Monday I'm always up but understand it's just because it's earlier.....

Comment #8

Don't sweat it! I was up .6 last week and this week down 2.8! So many things can make weight fluctuate, so keep your chin up, stay OP and you will put this week behind you..

Comment #9

DAILY WEIGHING A BIG NONO, although I hoppd on the scale today too and well no biggie.....

Comment #10

I used to weigh every day and stopped last week. Feel liberated from the stresses of the scale and will never weigh every day again. I stalled for three weeks, and finally on my fifth I lost. I stopped exercising and I think that's what helped my scale move...

Comment #11

Thanks for all the advice. I will try not to get on the scale everyday. I usually hop on the scale first thing in the morning. I will wait until my weigh in before I hop on the scale again this week. I am almost out if week 2 so I had better get a grip on my scale obsession now...

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