Universal charger is there such a thing???
Please could you help. I recently purchaced an Advent ADV1172E digital camera off ebay but it came minus the charger. The seller seems reluctant to help so i'm stuck with the worlds most expensive disposable camera. Is it possible to purchase a universal charger that will charge the small square 3.7v lithium 820 mAh battery or do I need to get the exact one. There dos'nt seem to be any contact numbers for Advent and i'm a bit lacking in the technical knowledge department. I would be extreamly grateful for any advice. Thanks in advance..

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Does the camera have a jack on it that allows you to charge the battery while it's in the camera? If so, you shouldn't have too hard of a time finding a charger. In this scenario, the camera itself is the charger. You simply need to provide it with the proper power. The volts do not have to be exact, but you do want to close. -0.5 to +0.2 or so. Same with the amps.

If the amp rating is too high and the camera doesn't employ a current-limiting circuit, it may draw too much power..

If the camera does NOT have a charging jack, e.g. the battery goes into a charging device, then you have to find the proper charger. Begin an electronics buff, I would simply rig one up. But that is by no means the answer I'd give to someone else..

If you can't find the charger then you might just be OOL..

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Hi thanks for your reply. Its a small white square 3.7v lithium 820mAh battery that needs to be paced in a seperate charging unit which I don't have. Tried phoning Maplin Currys etc but there all clueless. The guy that sold me the camera phone is really unhelpful gave me a link off ebay suggesting that this may work although i'm not so sure. The link is.


Advent have no point of contact anywhere. Even PC world there main distrubutor were useless. Thanks for your help...

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If the Lithium battery has only two terminals (+ and -) then you might rig up a custom-built charging platform that will hold the battery. You'll want to locate a proper lithium charger that has a very similar voltage and amperage rating..

If the battery has more than two terminals, then those extra terminals are generally used to communicate charging parameters, such as internal temperature, resistance, etc. back the the charger. In such a case, you really do need the proper charger..

I would suggest Googling your camera, model, and the word "charger"..

As for the usefulness of the seller, well, that's pretty common on ebay. ebay is a great resource and I do A LOT of business over there, but just expect that you won't get much support from most sellers..

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Here in US I never heard of that brand camera. But by seeing the picture on the currys page, I see "Pentax Lens" on the lens, and that Advent has a family resemblance to the Pentax Optio E40, although the Optio takes AA batteries..

Post your question on the Pentax forum, maybe someone will know. I bet some Pentax charger will fit the camera...

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Took me about less than 5 minutes on Google to find this site -.


There were a whole lot of other references to your camera that came up in less than 5 minutes. I could not find a direct reference to the manufactorer but some of them might give you some help..

If you do not know it already, Google is a great source of do-it-yourself information.Don..

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The Ebay vendor of the battery unit you give a link to himeself gave you a link to a universal charger:.


The battery pack looks to be a fairly standard generic single cell li-ion battery. The link you posted lists a number of camera battereis that work with that charger. If you do not like the idea of a universal charger find a shop stocking one or more of those models and go and check it out. You can easily say you have that (Advent) battery as a spare and would prefer a new camera that will work with that battery if you do not want to tell them the whole sorry story..

Chris Elliott.

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