Unable photo quality prints from 995
Don - Try sending your photos to or and have them print. I got very good results with. and am trying because they are less expensive...

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Try changing your Printer Settings. I am not familiar with that printer but my Epson printer has several different settings depending on the quality level, paper, and speed you want to configure the printer for...

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Thanks for the suggestion. I had everything set at the highest resolution of 2400 by 1200 dpi. Someone else suggested that I actually try a lower resolution like 1200 by 1200 dpi as it doesn't waste as much ink and may look better in the end. I also had it set for photo paper. I need some new cartidges and paper, so today I am headed out to pick that up and I will try once again to see if I can improve my printouts.


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I think the problem is either with your printing software settings. My second guess would be the printer settings, but these usually go hand in hand, as the printing softwares now "communicate" with the default printer to set up defaults.

I would advice try printing with a very simple photo editing program, not a complicated bundle like PhotoShop. Try testing your image printing with Microsoft Paint, which is bundled with Windows, or Microsoft PhotoEditor, which is bundled with Microsoft Office. (If you're a Mac user, I don't know what options are available.) I've printed pretty good pictures by just using MS PhotoEditor, and it's quick and easy if you just want to crop and print. The program automatically resizes the photo for your chosen paper size. Try printing on plain paper first to test it. Good luck. Asa..

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Resolution 72 x 72 dpi, THat is the problem right there. Adjust the resolution in photo shop to 150-300 dpi..

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I had tried doing just that when I first installed the software. It wouldn't allow me to uncheck "Re sample Image" and leave constrain proportions checked. I uninstalled it and tried several other programs. When I re installed it, it functioned properly. Before it would keep printing at 72 dip no matter what I did. I just printed up a picture of one of my children's toy cars and it looks quite good.

Thanks for your input,.


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Don, I'm not sure WHY you are having the problem you are having, and I would be interested to know why you are getting 72dpi pics from your digicam. However, I DO know that increasing an image's resolution on your computer will not work. Once an image is 72dpi, you can not increase it to 150, or 200 or 300, etc. You can only decrease the resolution of a picture. Think of it as getting a hair cut, you can always take more off, but if you go to short, you can't put any back. (You can actually raise the resolution of the picture, but all it is doing is blowing up the pixels to make it bigger).

I am in the process of buying a digicam, so I don't know yet the ins and outs of that process. Hope this helped some. Ross..

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Hello Don,.

Maybe your printer is set to print in a low DPI or is in draft mode?.

Try to set up your printer to 2400x1200 DPI, and also chose "production quality" if you can. Maybe it was set to a lower DPI by default to increase printing speed... Pochacco..

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Don, You may have already gotten your print problem solved, but here is my attempt to explain things. The image saved by the digital camera is defined by it's pixel dimensions, in your case 2048x1536. (By the way, I have a Coolpix 990 and frequently save images at that size.) The image has no inherent physical dimensions in inches. I dont know if the 72 dpi resolution shown by Photoshop is assigned by the camera or by Nikon View or by Photoshop, but it does not really matter. In the Image>Image Size dialog box (I have Photoshop 5.5), with resolution of 72 dpi, the print size is 28.4 inches by 21.33 inches. This comes from dividing the pixel dimensions by 72.

At 300 dpi the print size becomes 6.83 inches by 5.12 inches. I would suggest that you try printing an image with the size set this way in Photoshop and the printer resolution set to 1200 x 1200 (or so). There is no linkage between the image resolution and the printer resolution. If you actually want to print 4x6 (or 6x4) prints, I think that you should crop the image to the desired shape, such as 2048x1365 pixels, then set resolution to 341 dpi. The print should then be 6.006 inches by 4.003 inches, close enough to 6x4.

Good photo paper is very important. Good Luck!!!..

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Have you had a look at the settings for your printer driver.

I use a Epson stylus photo 750. It can print great photos, but I have to have the printer settings correct. I have to use Photo paper (anything else isn't worth wasting ink on), and I have to tell the printer driver that it is photo paper, and that I want photo quality prints.

I don't think the print resolution in Photoshop is your problem.

I use a Nikon 950, and I get great prints, even at 8" x 10" size. Your camera should be even better than that.

I have tried printing directly from Photoshop, and via other programs such as MS Publisher. I always get great prints, and have never needed to muck about with Photoshop's resolution settings.


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I am a novice camera user and want to get a digital camera to photo the baseball games of my son and my daughter's cheer leading, among other things. I don't have the technical knowledge to sort through a lot of problems making a digital camera work, and am easily frustrated. What camera would you recommend?..

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I agree with Ben Mitchell.

I use PS 6.0 and can change dpi as follows: Image>image size and just fill in the desired dpi...

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