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Here is the deal: I successfully hand-regged two names as soon as they became available. I received two email confirmations within 1 min that those names were registered in my name!.

I checked my acct several times from Friday, Oct 23 - Saturday, Oct 24 to make sure everything is OK. Both names showed up with the days remaining before next renewal date. I also have 10 other domain names in that same acct and they are still all listed in there.

When I checked my acct again on Saturday morning local time both name were GONE!.

I was in disbelief. I logged out and logged back in to make sure it wasn't some type of error. Nope, both names are MIA. I called the registrar on Sat morning right away and spoke to technical support. The rep told that two other people with check into that matter and promised me that someone will call me back. I gave that rep the best number under which they can reach me.

I called back and reached technical support. That guy spoke with an accent and put me on hold for 10 min. After that, the line got interrupted.

I checked the WHOIS info and both names show up not in my name. One of those is Thomas Mueller..

He got a bunch of other name and I believe he got the name as well.

I am thinking now that I will start to record all future conversations with that registrar from now on to gather evidence.

I have both email confirmations as proofs of "domain /img/avatar4.jpgship" as well the two separate credit card transactions (for each name).

How should I proceed from here? Should I hire a lawyer?..

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WOW! That's pretty ridiculous man, sorry to hear it. Having the confirmation emails and proof of credit card transactions will definitely go a long way though.

I'm not sure how to proceed legally (maybe someone else here could advise), but personally I would be on the phone 24/7 until someone gave me a straight answer as to what the hell happened. Don't even talk to the first person you get when you call, demand to talk to a manager. If they ask for your number and say they'll call you back don't let them, just tell them you're going to keep calling until they put you in contact with a manager. Explain that you've been told you would be called back before and nobody did, so you're not hanging up the phone until you talk to someone that can help you out.

If it comes down to them saying there was a mistake and they weren't actually registered for you, or some other BS like that which essentially means you don't get the domains, then I would definitely recommend talking to a lawyer.

I wish I had more to suggest, but I've never had to deal with something like that before.

Good luck man, I hope everything works out...

Comment #1

Two of my 6 pre registered domains are also owned by T.M.It wasnt possible to register these names on Friday, Oct 23 morning.There was no real chance if you didnt used Sedo or paid several hundred Euros someone..

I know all the reasons behind this event but I dont want talk about it. The name of the game is money, money..

First come, first served ! Not really true if you know what I mean..

However, you will normally get back your money but I dont think you will get the names without lawyer..

Its a surprise you were able to register two names and I still cant believe it...

Comment #2

This is absolute BS. Obviously money was the driver behind these new .de domains, but if someone registers them, receives the confirmation emails, has their credit card charged, and the domains were physically in their account, there's no excuse as to why they wouldn't own those domains. Unless there was a misunderstanding and these were actually pre-auctions like Sedo and some registrars were holding, there's no reason whatsoever why you shouldn't own these domains.

Desertfox, if they somehow screw you here and say you don't own the domains, I would totally lawyer up...

Comment #3

Just to confirm, I hand-regged those 2 names. No pre-registration, no pre-auction.

I did extensive research and looked for a suitable registrar.

BTW: Anyone knows who (or any) those SEDO partners are?.

PS: I avoided any registrar that has a known existing relationships with SEDO...

Comment #4

Well this must be a glitch. I doubt the domains were actually available when you 'registered' them. So they were removed from your account as the registrar noticed the registration failed..

With all the massive competition for these domains, did anybody think you could actually handreg them ?

Comment #5

I just received the following email:.


We currently don't support .de registrations. The domain registration for and failed. Please contact our billing department during office hours if you are charged for the domain registrations.

Thank you for contacting Technical Support.

Sincerely," Post added at 08:44 AM Previous post was at 08:31 AM I just went back to the registrars website and added an available .de domain name to the shopping cart and went through the checkout process, except I didn't hit the submit button on the end...

Comment #6

I got this morning from one of my registrars an e-mail something like"its now 27 October possible to register 1 and 2 character de domains"..

What a joke. They are all gone.

So back to your problem it wasnt possible to hand register these domains Friday morning. It more looks like your registrar wasnt informed correctly how Denic this handled..

Forget the lawyer also...

Comment #7

The email you received is maybe from a "SEDO partner registrar"? and that's why it starts on Oct 27?.

Here is the link to the new DENIC rules: DENIC eG fuehrt neue Domainrichtlinien ab 23. Oktober 2009 ein:

Comment #8

No, the e-mail I received is from a German registrar who didnt allowed pre registering.

In the link you posted is this part important:.

"Die Einfhrungsphase der neuen Domains beginnt am 23. Oktober 2009 9:00 (MESZ). Der bergang in den normalen Regelbetrieb erfolgt voraussichtlich ab 26. Oktober 2009.".


"Whrend der Einfhrungsphase knnen ber das regulre, produktive Registrierungssystem keine Domains unter Bercksichtigung der neuen Richtli-nien registriert werden.".

So if you didnt pre register a domain there wasnt a real chance to hand reg this domains through a registrar because there wasnt a "normal Regelbetrieb" (controlled operation)..

Like you I thought it's possible to handreg friday morning but found out this doesnt work. I had 6 pre registered domains and in the afternoon I got the message registration failed. Domain already exist..

So I got a refund of my money.

I would call this a black friday...

Comment #9

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