Trying to decide which high quality point and shoot to purchase
I am learning hot to use my SLR film rebel and am shooting slide film. I intend to get a SLR digital when I am more experienced with camera basics. I am interested in artistic outdoor photography...

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Between the two Canons - the SD series of cameras are much smaller and lighter than the G series, and are therefore much more of a p&s than the mid-sized G6. Although the G6 can be used as a p&s, I wouldn't consider it to be so, as it is a camera that is capable of serious photography. I've not heard of the two Nikons you mention, but if they are small Nikons, then they will do just fine for a p&s. You just have to decide how many mp's you need, and how much you want to spend. PhilR...

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Thanks for your reply. This is probably a silly question, but how do I decide how many MP's I need. My assumption was that with changing technology, I should go with a higher number. Emily..

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Re MP's: check the Test Results of reviews here under image noise (graininess). This is a problem with the non-SLRs with high MP numbers (7 or 8 MPs) G6 does get a good review (noisewise too). The 2 nikons arent reviewed here yet. I have an Olympus C5060 (5MPs) & can HIGHLY recommend it. For landscape photography, has a wideangle-to-zoom lens (I dont think any of the others have wide angle)- good for indoor/small spaces too. I used it as a point & shoot for a year before I started exploring the features properly.

The "newer" version is the C7070(7MPs). Other interesting sounding cameras are Sony DSC-V3 (esp. good for shooting in very low light) & maybe even the Konica Minolta Dimage A200 (has x10 zoom I think, but heavier).

They all have different strengths.

Also these are all slightly heavier than the cameras you're looking at.

I think with all these cameras you could start off Point & Shoot & go to quite advanced levels...

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Hello again Emily, The amount of megapixels only determines how big the file size is, and therefore how big a print you can make. The amount of mp's has no bearing on overall quality of the picture - in other words a good 2mp camera will make a 4x6 print that is just as good as an 8mp camera. Also, a good 2mp camera will make a better 8x10 than a cheap 6mp camera. Don't get more mp's than you need, unless there is a camera with other features that you just have to have. These days, most digicams start about 3.2mp, which can give you great standard-sized prints, and good prints up to 8x10. If you plan on doing lots of 8x10, then you might consider four to five mp's.

If you plan on doing 16x20 or larger, then you would need a camera that is beyond a p&s. Since you plan on learning photography, then you should consider a compact p&s that will allow you to shoot in A/S/M modes when you feel like it. There aren't a lot of choices, but the smaller Canon A-series would do you well. You can get an A510 or A75 for under $200, and these provide full A/S/M modes. There is also the Fuji E-series as well, and the E500 is an inexpensive p&s that offers full manual modes and a wide-angle zoom..

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I am looking for a sturdy, easy to use camera. Have previously had a Kodak DC200 and then a Gateway DC-M40. I liked the camera a lot but it was a little slow to get the best animal shots as they happened. Then the cat knocked the camera off the table and now it's broken. May be fixable, but now I'm thinking about something that might work better for the indoor animal shots and scenery. I also really like the video clip capability and have made that a priority.

Most of the best animal shots seem to be inside with low lighting. Camera size is not an issue, we'd probably prefer bigger than smaller. Ease of use is key for my husband who doesn't like to read instructions. I'm looking at the various Canons and Kodaks, and also at the Fuji FinePix S5100 at the recommendation of a friend, and also the Olympus Camedia C-5060 because of incredible reviews and it seems very sturdy. I'm also looking at the Kodak EasyShare Z740 and Z700 that both come with a docking station/printer.

Your previous post suggests to me that 4 mpx will be sufficient for me, and maybe that will increase the available speed of picture taking? Primary concerns are sturdiness, ease of use, good and quick action shots (indoors), quick recharge if possible, good photos under low light conditions and video capability of some sort. Thanks!.


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HI Tom, I just posted my question and then found your post and I see you have the Olympus C5060. I read all the reviews on it yesterday and was greatly impressed. How is it in low light? I have dogs and cats and would like to capture images of them when they are being cute, not just after they move away having been startled by the click of the camera. We will probably do point and shoot and some limited advanced stuff as we grow familiar with the camera. THanks for any input you may have. I appreciate it!!.


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Diane, the C5060 is very good in low light. I cant compare it to other digital cameras but I think all digicameras(?) do take a fraction of a second for autofocus to work, & then the darker it is, the longer it takes. There is a slight noise as it autofocuses then the click & foto are simultanaeous. It is very sturdy These links suggest settings for the 7 or so "MyMode" settings where the focus\exposure\everything can be preset for different situations.

& (as long as you have the right one) you just clik & dont even need autofocus. Gotta admit I havent gotten around to it yet.


Http:// Then theres the C5060 Forum.

Http:// I havent used functions like sequential(?) shooting - you can take 4 shots in a second but then it takes a second or 2 before you can take the next. Check the review for details of how long things take -startup does take between 1 & 2 seconds & camera is REALLY slow in raw mode - the're the only negative things in my experience.


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Another option that sounds really good is the Olympus C7000 - no wide angle but x5 zoom.

Smaller than the other(s): But NOT available in Europe .....

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Thank you, Tom. I have checked out those sites and they will be of great use! The Olympus C7000 is 7 mpx, right? I'm thinking 5 or less will be fine. What is the zoom of the C5060 - isn't it more than 5x? How can one ever decide? But I am really leaning toward the C5060.


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Hello Diane, I have researched numerous digital cameras (5MP to 8MP)and have decided on the new Sony DSC-H1 5.1 MP with 12x optical zoom. I like the 2.5 inch LCD also. I almost bought the Olympus C8080 8MP with 5x wide angle zoom but thought that 8 MP was too much for general home pictures...

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Hi Billy, thank you for your reply. I agree that 8 MP is too much for me, anyway. I will investigate that Sony too. I cannot believe the choices out there, and I am trying to be practical and realistic about this purchase. And my head continues to spin!!.


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Hello Diane,.

        Let me know what you think.


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