Trouble sleeping from Medifast??

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Has anyone else found that they reach a certain point with this diet and then have MAJOR trouble sleeping...or maybe not needing as much sleep? The last couple of nights, I have had real issues getting to sleep and staying evidenced by the fact that last night, I had about three hours of sleep. Tonight, went to bed as usual, and am now sitting up typing this!.

I tend to have a couple of cups of coffee around 530AM before going to work; I don't drink pop at all; my fluid of choice during the day is plain water; once in a while I'll have iced tea at dinner...and the last two days/nights have NOT been ice tea days. I can't figure it out. I don't take any medications on a regular basis, although the last two days the ragweed has been brutal here, and I've taken Sudafed Sinus & Pain 12 hour for the pain/pressure of the headache. This product has naproxen 220 mg and pseudophedrine HCL 120 mg extended release. Wow - maybe that's it. Anyway, thought I'd ask here since there are SO many here that have had insights that have been useful to me throughout my journey.

I hate not being able to sleep!!.


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These past three days I have had trouble sleeping. I tossed and turned for what seemed to be hours, I could not get comfortable.. I do not drink any caffineI get up around 6:00AM and have a shake. I have to say I am dealing with sinus pressure/pain and take sudafed during the day and took 2 benadryl last night and was up past 1:00 AM. I feel good and have lots of energy but I think the sinus think is really messing me up more than anything else...

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I'm right there with you, Mermaid! Here I am, drinking my coffee after having a shower and sleeping again abotu three hours; I have energy, etc., just the idea of not sleeping is stressing me out...

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After a couple weeks on the program I found I needed a lot less sleep than before. I also began waking up well before the alarm clock. I used to wake up to the alarm around 6am, now I wake up at 5am without it. Total I was up by like 4:30am. It's good in some ways but on the weekends I sure wish I could sleep in!..

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The pseudophedrine HCL 120 mg extended release could be the culprit. When did you take it? If you took it in the late afternoon or at night it might very well keep you up. See how you feel and how you sleep over the next several days and then decide. Have you tried any of the over the counter sleep aids or Melatonim? Some of the OTCs have diphenhydramine (Benadryl) in them and could leave you drowsy the next day if you react like that to them...

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Anything with pseudophedrine will keep me up all night. Made that mistake twice with Mucinex. I now check every label, if pseudophedrine is in it, I don't take it. Learned my lesson the hard way...

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I can honestly say from experience, this is part of the reason! Pseudophedrine is all I can take due to asthma for sinus issues and I have to take it early in the day and I can not take the 120 mg time release, it keeps me awake and makes me jittery..

I use to take Melitonin to help me sleep and then go back to sleep after a 3 am bathroom break, but I started waking up with a headache and drug feeling..

Now, I take 5-HTP... no headache, no drug feeling, sleep soundly, it has many functions... kicks up the good stuff in your brain to help with emotions, appetite, relaxation to sleep and depression... Good Stuff!! Wal-mart, Walgreens carry it..


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I always take Melatonin, but during my first few weeks starting Medifast (the first go round), Advil PM and Benedryl were my good friends at night. It seems when I go into ketosis, my body says, "So, you're taking all my favorite foods away? Well just try and see if I'll let you get any sleep while you're at it!! Biotch!".

There are some good herbal sleep meds as well, if you don't like to do the drug route...

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Thankfully, this isn't a problem I have. Even before MF, I can be asleep within five minutes. I've often fallen asleep mid sentence! Traditionally I sleep 8-9 hours a night..

I've noticed that with Medifast (in my 12th week) I'm even more tired, trudging upstairs an hour or two earlier than I normally would. So now I sleep 9-10 hours a night..

I'm OK with that. Less awake time to obsess about food...

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Thanks everybody - I'm NOT going to take the Sudafed med again, if I can at all help it. I haven't taken any today, have not had my usual doses of caffeine, and am going to see if that means I can get some sleep tonight! Its weird, though - when allergy season hits, and especially if I'm flying, it means that I have to take something that won't make me drowsy AND will knock out the pain/pressure NOW. The abovementioned works like a charm. Guess though that I'll take it only when I can take 1 tab instead of two, and EARLY in the day - or find something else...

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I've been having sleep problems since the day I started MF. Pre-MF I slept for a solid 8.5 hours a night (I likey me sleep ) but now I'm sleeping anywhere from 7-8 hours. I can easily fall asleep but my body is awake at dawn..

I drink a couple of cups of coffee in the morning but nothing at night, no weight loss infusers at all, no afternoon coffee or Rockstar, etc... I have my lean and green for dinner and one meal later at night, so it's not hunger waking me up. I'll take a little sleep deprivation in exchange for 22 pounds lost, but man, I wish I could figure out the reason!! Some days I'm ok with less sleep but others are difficult...

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