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I asked these questions several months ago and for the most part, I was satisfied with the answers, but now, I have some more and I need someone to help me figure out what the differences are..

Basically, I need a tripod that is light enough for travel purposes. I intend to use a Canon G9 or Canon 400D with 17-40mm f/4 lens with the tripod. I don't intend to use anything greater than a 50mm lens on the tripod and the 50mm lens is a prime lens (Canon 50mm f/1.4)..

These are the two tripods in my sight:.



Besides the weight difference, which one would be better at making panoramas and night photography? I realize the Slik EZ tripod has a quick release option, but I'm not sure if that justifies the extra weight. Would you guys be confident that either of these two tripods can hold such a setup in landscape and portrait position?..

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The big difference is in the motion of the head. Note 2-ways vs. 3 way. The 2-way won't flip to put the camera in portait orientation..


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You could turn the camera on the top plate and then achieve a portrait position, but that could be more fuss than necessary, so the one with a 3 way head would seem more practical from that sense..

I don't think either would be unsatisfactory (given the price range) for use with a digicam. Putting a dslr and lens over into portrait can cause a balance issue when using light tripods - even if within the weight capacity ranges. Hanging all the weight off to the side just makes them twitchier. I think you'd want to try to see it in action which may mean finding them someplace you can get your hands on them or accepting that you may need to try and return..

I have a Bogen 725b which is similar in size, etc., and has a ballhead. I think the 3 way would be a little easier to use for portrait positioning. There are some compromises in using tripods like these, the alternatives which reduce the compromises tend to get pretty expensive...

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The EZ tripod can tilt though. What does that mean though?.

Are there any other differences between the EZ tripod and the 3-way tripod? Here's another thing that is bothering me. Why is the 3-way pan/tilt tripod lighter than the EZ tripod? I don't see any other reasons to purchase the EZ then...

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Not sure what the weight difference comes from, it may be the foam on the legs on the EZ and differences in the head. In a pan/tilt, the panning refers to rotating around a vertical axis, panning flat from left to right or vice versa. The tilt is a horizontal axis and tilts forwards and backwards elevating or lowering the direction, so you point down or up. The 3rd "way" or axis is also horizontal at 90 degress to the tilt that allows you to flip the camera, usually 90 degrees to the left/counterclockwise to go into portrait. So to get a portrait tilt on a typical 2 way pan/tilt (usually a video type), you need to reset the camera to get either elevation or portrait, it won't do both simultaneously...

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The other significant disadvantage of a 2-way head is that you can't level it. You need to level the entire tripod by manipulating the leg length..


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Thanks for the help guys. After everything that you guys have said, I'm guessing it would be better to get the tripod in the Amazon link right?..

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Mmm. Probably. It's less expensive and 3 way. Don't know that the foam is all that important on a tripod this size, unless dealing with it in the cold. Either way, you can swap the head out later..

It's hard to tell on the pictures or the distributors site, the mounting plate on the EZ may be square and the plate apparently rotates for placing in any direction. That might allow it to be easily set for tilting to rotate to portrait. If that were the case, it might be easier to use the EZ much of the time. The single handle may also allow the head to be stowed a little more compactly. Hard to tell without actually getting my hands on them though just how either of the heads actually feels or performs....

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