Trainer not happy with Medifast?

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I recently started a weightloss bootcamp that involves 2x week workouts guided by 2 trainers. We were asked to fill out a food log and bring it to the 3rd class. I did this and now my trainer is on me about how Medifast can't possbily be good for me. UGH!!! I had considered lying and not telling them about Medifast but I thought that would get me no where so I was honest and now this. She grilled me about what was in that "stuff". She said "I see you ate a brownie for lunch".

She was upset. I tried to explain that it is a soy based low cal, low carb diet that I am using to help me get control over my food issues. I was so upset that I almost walked out of the session. I really think I am not going to give her my journal anymore. I am an RN and have spoken to Drs about Medifast and they agreed it was good.

The advice she gave me on diet was everything I have already heard and tried and failed at. She asked if I am hungry. I said never and that I usually have to force myself to get all my LM&G meal into me. She didn't believe me.

I have always been against "diets" but this one is working and if it can help me learn to control the bingeing I was doing before than I am going to continue and the trainers can just deal with it. I bet neither one of them has ever been overweight or obese or had food issues. I just wish I didn't let them upset me like they have. I guess I am going to get my butt kicked by them tonight at class. All I can say is bring it's only gonna help me tone up and lose weight...

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Oh man, I'm so sorry. Just reiterate that you know what you are doing and have talked it over with doctors. I'm sure they mean well, but probably just cannot possibly understand...

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I think the trainer should go to SENSITIVITY training, you know like they do with the interns at most hospitals...I have been a nurse for over 20 years, and I live and work close to U of Penn...I asked the chief CARDIOLOGIST what they thought about Medifast before I started..and guess what..they think it's a GREAT program....don't let some dim-wit worry you..stay focused and enjoy your of luck...Tina..

Comment #2

Thank you Tina. And btw...I ate a brownie while writing my post. HA, HA take that little skinny trainer.

When deciding whether or not to try MF, I was on my way to work and praying to God for some sort of sign,j ust something that might make my decision a little easier and guess what He did! The first patient I cared for that day told me she had recently lost 30+lbs and guess how she did it? Yep MF. Her Kidney specialist recommended it to her and advised her she HAD to lose weight quickly and safely. So, I came home that very night and ordered my first shipment...

Comment #3

Not to be mean, but what are the trainer's qualifications anyway? I know a lot of personal trainers who don't even have a bachelors, and certainly don't have an MD!.

Don't let her bully you around like this. Stand your ground! Good luck!!!!!..

Comment #4

I'd just say I'm on a medically supervised diet, (true or not), and that my doctor doesn't share your concerns. Then I simply wouldn't discuss it with them. Don't feel the need to justify your choices to anybody and certainly not to somebody who doesn't know anything about medifast, it's development or the theories behind it.

And never let people whom you are paying for a service make you feel small. Trainers are a dime a dozen and there are plenty who would be happy to sit down and hear more about Medifast and how it works for you...

Comment #5

My trainer has a Bachelor in Nutrition and is working on a Masters. When I started working with him, I printed out the information on the Medifast plan. He was so impressed with it that he has told other people about the plan. He did recommend increasing my calories slightly following our sessions. This was done by having a maintenance bar at that time...

Comment #6

I have had a trainer for over 2 years (on and off) and my daughter is one. I am sure yours are coming from a place of concern, but when I talked to my trainer before going on MF, he personally went to Medifast website and read everything. He wanted to understand. The only suggestion he made is that I should just work out on my own until I am to transition as the limited calories would limit him from pushing me to my limit during our sessions. I think your trainer is way too much of an opinionated person without any knowledge of the product. Her reaction is similar to the uneducated people in our office that we happen to tell about mf.

My good friends and family know because they know me well enough to have confidence in what method I chose to lose my weight. Another trainer actually does a boot camp 3 days a week and it's more intense than I would ever do while on 5/1. Are you sure that's the right class for you? Just a thought...

Comment #7

This is exactly why I feel that I have to keep this program hush hush. I have a friend that is a nutritionist and several acquaintances that are trainers. They would not be behind MF.

Like you stated, already tried it their way, and failed.

If you decide not to get a new one, perhaps you should just take her a fake menu, and when she sees you are doing so well, and losing so much weight. She can take the credit and feel good, and you can feel smug knowing that you were right all along...

Comment #8

I told my doctor about Medifast, he had heard of it and didn't think it was terrible at all. I wish I had seen a doctor before I started Medifast to get my pre-MF numbers, but after 7+ months on the program my blood glucose was low normal, blood pressure was low normal, and cholesterol, triglycerides, etc. all looked okay. While on program I completed the couch to 5k, continued training, and now can run three miles comfortably (knock on wood!)..

I do not say any of this stuff to brag at all, as I still live in fear of backsliding to my old ways. But, it's some anecdotal evidence to show that Medifast does not necessarily poison you or cause you to curl up into a semi-comatose ball of languid malnourished goop! Also, despite the program consisting of mainly pre-packaged meals, the lean and green forced me to learn to cook. Also, thanks to the lean and green, I've learned that healthy, low-calorie meals can be delicious!.

I am so sorry your trainer discouraged you. If Medifast is working well and you feel good, please don't let the haters get you down!..

Comment #9

My doctor is the one who recommended Medifast so I probably would have laughed at them when they disparaged it. This program is decades old, studied at John's Hopkins, etc etc. It is recommended by doctors all over and has a proven history of helping SAVE LIVES by giving us a safe nutritious way to drop unhealthy excess pounds..

Whatever you decide to say or not say, I hope YOU realize that you're in good hands with Medifast :-) Don't let those boot camp people boss you around about nutrition. Let them know that you came to them for strength and cardio, not diet advice..

Good luck!.


Comment #10

I finally went to my doctors after starting this program because I do have kidney issues. and my pee was greenish blue. Well, all the nurses were asking what program I was on and how long and for all the info they could get in the lousy time you get with your doctor. I will say that my doctor told me not much longer because it isn't safe for people with kidney issues. But as far as working out, I do seven days a week including that couch25k thing and I feel great. I think you need to do what feels good for you, and I certainly wouldn't pay some one to verbally abuse me and try to humilate me in front of other people.

Maybe you could find some friends to do the same. We do the same boot camp exercises in our church parking lot (it's huge...8 x around is 3.5 miles). We use the bands and do leg kicks, knee kick ups, lunges, side to side leg kicks and the bands for our arms. We leave weights in various areas around the church too. We use the curb too.

One more thing, what does this trainer want you to eat? Pasta every night? I remember those days when my husband and I were powerlifting. Carbs are great for muscles in your20's. For me now, pasta goes to my ***. And damn that brownies good. I have one some times for breakfast. Hey it's kinda a pastry isn't it?..

Comment #11

Your trainer is cracked! And, ignorant. Get new trainers..

My trainer has a Masters in sports nutrition and training and is a Kung Fu master. He went over the whole plan with me and supported my decision to use Medifast. He agreed that long, long term the artificial sweetners were not a good idea, but he said he would rather I use this program to lose the added weight that was dragging my health into the ground and get to a place where my training would have optimal results. He really likes the recipes in the cookbook too and how nutritionally balanced they are.

Hope you find better support...

Comment #12

Print your post and our replies and see what the trainer thinks then. Tell her you are now not comfortable giving them food journals and you will just do the exercise with them. They will soon be impressed with you and learn something themselves...

Comment #13

I sure can understand why you are upset and discouraged by the trainer. But, you are mixing two weight loss programs and that is not a good idea. I would expect any other respesentative from another program to shun MF. Why are you doing this? Is it because you want to exercise two times a week? Doesn't make sense...

Comment #14

I have my class in 45 minutes and I am fired up now. I just want them to ask about food tonight. I am ready for them.

As for as caloric intake and exercise. I am losing more right now than I have since the first month I was on MF. I am a Type 1 diabetic and need to eat extra snacks, so I know that I am consuming more than the recommended calories but it's working and I feel great. I definitely think I am going to keep my food out of the exercise program and just let them do my workouts. I also go to our local YMCA and do zumba, cardio fusion, bootcamp, low impact/strengh classes for at least 4 other days of the week. I try to only take one day off.

Both the trainer led classes and the large group classes have friends and coworkers in them so we do a lot of laughing too. Plus it makes you go if you know someone is waiting for you.

I think these girls are good trainers and I will try to not let their opinion of Medifast influence my workout needs...

Comment #15

OK, I see the social piece of this is important to you and I support that 100%. And, if you REALLY are enjoying the workouts, more power to you..

I still think the trainer is cracked..

Comment #16

After reading this, I DON'T think your trainer is cracked. If you were doing the 5&1 as written and keeping this kind of exercise schedule, you would be feeling like dirt! I can understand how your trainers might be concerned regarding the calories in/calories burned issue..

What you are doing seems to be working, so keep up the good work. It's probably best to have the trainers stay out of the nutrition side as long as it continues to work for you. If it ever stops, then you might reconsider their involvement...

Comment #17

I'm responding to the original post where clearly the trainer jumped to conclusions without taking the time to fully explore the 'why', 'what' and 'how' of Medifast. A good trainer is consultative and patient and even if she disagrees, she should do so without shaming. Not believing she wasn't hungry, reacting to seeing a 'brownie' on her journal and saying ' what's in this stuff?' is presumptive and rude.and IMO, cracked...

Comment #18

If they keep being critical of your diet and your doctor approved it, ask them where they got their PHD from?..

Comment #19

Ok...I am a certified personal trainer in real life (plus being a teacher). I don't usually advertise this on the boards..

Your trainer is not qualified to give nutrition advice. It is outside our scope of practice. I certainly encourage my clients (both normal weight and overweight/obese) to keep food logs. We look at them together and discuss what manageable goals/changes they want to make week to week.

However, I never recommend a particular diet. (Which is why my clients do not know I am doing MFit just seems like it would be promoting a particular nutrition plan.).

FWIW, exercise alone will not lead to weight loss for most people. Recent studies suggest that it takes five hours of exercise/week to MAINTAIN weight.

Do be aware of your energy level with a high amount of exercise and MF. Consult with Nutrisystem or your MD if you notice your WL slowing down, excessive fatigue, etc...

Comment #20

Thank you for this, good info. are not cracked..

Comment #21

You could always say YOU ARE working with a Licensed Nutritionist (which you are, from medifast) and just give them your totals cals/carbs, etc for the day. Then they know you're tracking..

I agree....they are your employee - you hired them. It's not like you're on Biggest Loser and are getting training for free. Let them go and hire someone with an open mind and teachable spirit instead of some bull-headed Jillian wanna-be!..

Comment #22

Dr. Cheskin, who runs the Johns Hopkins Management Center, is the one who recommended Medifast to me:

I didn't end up going through the Hopkin's program, but I'm certainly thankful that this very well qualified doctor, who certainly in this case knows much more than your trainer, did so.

If your trainer gives you anymore guff, give her the contact information for the Hopkins Management Center so that she can educate herself...

Comment #23

I don't believe in trainers giving diet advice. The summer before I got married I was working out with a trainer that put me on a low carb diet (only sweet potatoes and brown rice) along with lean means and veggies. He also got me to buy this protein shake stuff and protein bars. A few weeks after starting I had lost like 2 lbs maybe and I would ask him about it and he would say, "it's okay your body is turning the fat lbs into muscle lbs...blah blah blah". About a month into my training and still seeing no weight loss results (but I do have to say some nice looking legs!) I saw my two football player cousins at the gym and asked them about the shakes and bars and they said they eat that stuff and their football coach says it's good to pack on lbs! I almost flipped out at the gym. From then on I went back on WW and only took his training advice when it came to lifting weights...

Comment #24

Again,this supports my earlier scope of practice argument.

As a trainer, I am not authorized to give nutrition advice.

Ugggggghhhhh! It drives me crazy when I hear stories like this...

Comment #25

I think people who are uneducated on Medifast right off the bat think it cant be healthy.. My aunt is a Dietician and as soon as I told her I was going Medifast she freaked saying it cant possibly be good for me and that it's just a short cut Id gain all the weight back once I went off it.. Then once I started to lose an extreme amount of weight she stopped saying things and realized it was working.. I too told my doctor I was on it and he said it was healthy.. If I were you Id ignore your trainer or ask for a new one because you also have to be comfortable with who is training you....

Comment #26

WOw, I never expected all this response but I am loving reading the discussion. It was the other trainer tonight so I didn't even get into diet talk tonight.

To the first trainers defense the advice she did give me about keeping healthy snacks available and eating a balanced diet was good advice. I just have trouble sticking with portions and I don't think she understands what it is like to have trouble controlling your own intake. SHe didn't recommend any amount of calories and didn't discuss cal in/cal out at all, just recommended a "healthy" diet of fresh foods and lean meats.

I am NOT going to let her feelings stop me on my journey. I will however NOT sign up for the next session of their bootcamp. with the holiday coming and prior commitments the begining of December, I only have two more classes anyway.

I did learn something about myself. I have gained some confidence since starting MF. I never would have gone to a new exercise studio and tried a new exercise class. So there is something very positive that has come out of this experience.

Thank you for all you input. I am glad I am not the only one that thought this was a little crazy and offensive...

Comment #27

Most trainers don't know much about actual nutrition, only what they've read in the fitness magazines. I have a degree in Human Nutrition and I know Medifast is wonderful. Medifast tops out at 1000 calories a day, and that is plenty for 45 minutes of exercise per day. Bear in mind the the Biggest Losers diet is only 1200 calories per day, and they are working out 4-8 hours per day. We are fine. Don't let her get to ya...

Comment #28

Yup...and even if they know a lot about nutrition, they are not qualified to "counsel". My master's degree is in chemistry and my research area was in lipids. I always get a ton of questions about fats but I am careful not too counsel...

Comment #29

I am a nurse too and every MD I have spoken to about Medifast says the same thing...that it is a FABULOUS plan! That trainer of yours sounds like an idiot. Sorry.....

Comment #30

It's probably been said already but it doesn't take much education to become a trainer. If you have a personal trainer from a gym, they most likely took a few week's course and voila! Whose opinion do you trust? your nurse and Doctor who have a combined 4-10 years of education behind them or a trainer who has from 2 weeks to maybe a year?.

I used to have a trainer who was actually extremely good. Unfortunately they don't come cheap and I couldn't afford him anymore. However, I've trained with less then great ones in the past and with my years of dieting, I felt like I knew a lot more about Nutrition then they did.

Take some, leave some, it is not worth getting all worked up over, you know you're doing what's right for YOU. Hugs to you...

Comment #31

I went to a trainer at my gym, he put me on a high protein (couldn't get that much in in a day) 1500+ calorie diet and he couldn't figure out why I wasn't losing. I am losing it now w/ MF. I am looking forward to him noticing I lost weight and telling him I owe it all to Medifast.

Stand up to the trainer. (Easier said then done) you know what works for your bosy. They don't in many cases...

Comment #32

I don't put up with CRAP any more from anyone, ESPECIALLY someone I am paying..

I would fire him and get my money back for being rude an insensitive!.

There are lots of qualified trainers who will take your money and be respectful to you too..

Off the subject, I would make sure that training/boot camp etc. doesn't go over the 45 minute exercise limit a day and/or consider 4&2 if you are going over the limit..

Keep up your hard work and hope you are able to find a trainer who gives you the respect you deserve..


Comment #33

Yeppers. So many levels of your trainer sets off one of my favorite is too short. I am glad you will be breaking off your "relationship" with the whack-a-doo...

Comment #34

I have just a few things to add to this thread....

1) My trainer couldn't believe me that my food was good for me. I showed her the studies and the nutritional information. She didn't hinder me from eating the way I wanted, she just wanted to know about the program. She always asks me if I ate that day before the workout, then suggested that I have another one after we were done, and makes sure that I got all my water in during the sessions..

2) In my opinion, don't most trainers focus on Calories in V. Calories out? Did they see that you are only taking in so many carbs and calories a day? I would add to your log the amount of calories, the times eaten, and the stats of the food overall. If you arn't going to show your trainer, then it's good just for yourself. What I did was log it all in a tiny notebook, put it all on the planner on here, then wrote down my activities on the same page. I'm still a working progress, so this helps me a lot..

3) Turn this into a NSV of sorts. You know a secret that she DOESN'T!..

Comment #35

Several trainers at my gym highly recommend Medifast as part of their bootcamp program...

Comment #36

How in the world do the Biggest Losers NOT go into starvation mode?? I admit to liking the show-the before and afters are so inspirational! I do think it gives a lot of people unrealistic expectations of how much weight we can lose in a week when people on the show regularly lose 10-15-20 pounds a week. I do like it though..

Comment #37

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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