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I the past year or so, I have always responded to the comments "just delete the email, no once can prove you got it" or something along those lines. My reply has always been "Emails can be tracked". Well, if you want a real life story, here it goes....

I was in court last week for a divorce. One of the problems is my estanged wife would always deny receiving emails and she would always send emails to her boyfriend. In court under cross examination, she denied receiving the emails, she strongly denied sending the emails to her boyfriend. I was able to present and have admitted into evidence the receipts of the emails I tracked showing when and where and what IP address used when she read the emails, also, it showed when they were forwarded to her boyfriend which tracked the same information previously stated.

Though her lawyer vehemently tried to challenge and refuse the admittance of the receipts, the judge overruled him stating that it was entered into evidence because of direct statements made by my wife and were not subjected to rules of discovery becuase they were only brought up to refute the wife's direct testimony.

Needless to say, I was able to discredit her pretty badly in court time after time and the tracked emails worked in my favor.

Now here is a funny story, I sent her an email this past Saturday, on Monday, she denied receiving the email, I sent her the receipt showing her reading it on Saturday... I laughed at her... she didn't respond back.

In conclusion, emails can be tracked, so don't think by just deleting them will get you off the hook...

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Are you talking about the read receipts that can be sent back by the E-mail client automatically ? .

I turn them off by default, perhaps some people are using programs like outlook where this option would be enabled by default and they would be unaware...

Comment #1

Every mail server keeps track of the messages it passes to it's users, for instance if you look at the headers of any message you receive, you will see "received by" followed by a unique number in that mailserver.

So if you want to track emails, you can just use the headers...

Comment #2

I'm so sorry to hear about the divorce and the crazy way that divorce makes people who were once so in love into bitter enemies.

I'm glad you were able to track the emails though. There is a tiny bit of justice left in this world...

Comment #3

There's the read receipt, also a tool spammers use is images. I'm not sure exactly how they track email addresses with images, but I know it's done, I guess it's by looking at referrers or something or maybe a unique code attached to each image...

Comment #4

He is using a special tool and if you look out for it you can easily avoid it. You can just read the email in Unix. :-).

If I was getting divorced or had some legal battle I wouldn't be downloading anything before first checking the box in Unix to make sure it's not something damaging...

Comment #5

I didn't know that, thanks for the information. Not like I would have a reason to delete any of my emails.....

Comment #6

Using an email client that doesn't support receipts or HTML solves all these problems...

Comment #7

Emails can be tracked through images too. Anytime it loads an image from a remote server, it leaves an identifying trace with that server that can let them know that the email has been read...

Comment #8

Philip: Sorry to hear about divorce. But even the most intent on making it work sometimes fail. To quote Socrates "By all means marry; if you get a good wife, you'll be happy. If you get a bad one, you'll become a philosopher." The following is an example, if you were unaware of this concept. Follow the instructions in order:.

#1) Go to will see that it says you have not read the message. No matter how many times you go to the URL, or hit browser's "refresh" button, it will say this..

#2) Send an email to /np/ It will now tell you that you infact have opened the bot's reply email Your ISP, hostname, time/date opened, ect. All in a nice package.

Don't worry, I actually don't record these, I just set this up as a test to show those unfamiliar with the concept. The image just records IP#'s, and puts them into a list, that that link reads from; telling it rather you (or your email in this case) have accessed that image. How do you defeat this type tracking? Exactly like primacomputer said. Use a mail reader or service that either blocks HTML, or at minimum (like Gmail does) blocks images untill you tell it otherwise from a particular sender..

Comment #9

This method is also used to track how many people read a newsletter, roughly as not everyone enables images...

Comment #10

'Using an email client that doesn't support receipts or HTML solves all these problems.'.

Sorry that's not quite right, you need a system that once it recieves a mesage sends back one to the effect that the mailbox is not known. There are many ways a spammer will validate your e-mail address :.

1) If you click on any link in their e-mail ... usually the one that claims to un-subscribe you.

2) If you are using a mail reader that opens up a graphic ( or embedded link ).

3) If they do not recieve a return from the server that declairs the mailbox as not active.

4) Even if they do receive a return as above, it confirms the domain is active.

Several others I'll keep quiet in case potential spammers are here.

Best way is for all of us to find any local spammers ... take them out the back .. and beat seven kinds of ( won't put that word in here out of them.

All the best.


Comment #11

I normally don't condone violence in any form, but for spammers...I like the idea.

Problem with your approach to sending back unknown-address responce (or any failed-message responce, for that matter), is that you may later miss mails you really wanted becuase the sender's mail server or ISP assumes it will not get though to begin with (for servers that cache these for future refferance). But, adding that tip to folks about un-suscribe links, is a great tip. Unscribing-links one of the spammers favorite ways to get newbies. They know email is not only valid, but read (ie: What you think is un-subscribing is really telling them "Yep, this is a valid email that is read, so give it to all our spam buddies." )..

Comment #12

Hi muximum,.

Yep, I do have to agree with you about the returns ... It is getting late here in the UK and the JD has had a bit of a hit.

I have mainly focused on the servers that are sending Spam, your normal ones ( like AOL / Hotmail etc ) should just be discarded as the chances are that they would have abandoned even before you get the chance to respond.

If there was an easy way then it would have already been implemented.

Spam blocking is really a balance, the more you reject then the more chance you will miss something that should have got through .... If you HAVE to receive all your real e-mails then you have to accept a certain ammount of spam.

All the best.


Comment #13


Yep, got to take the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly. The trick is in not being ugly back, as tempting as it sometimes is to use their own game against them..

Comment #14

All I know is loving the expression of the wife's face when she emphaticly said no to reading and forwarding emails and the judge allowing the receipts after I showed she lied...

I do have SPAM assasson and I use text only and use HTML... they all get tracked. And this only applies to emails that are opened, if the email is not open, there is no info (cause it only tracks opened emails).

Anyway, the next time you think an email can't be racked... it can...

Comment #15

If Tsutomu Shimomura was able to eventually track down Kevin Mitnick, then.

I don't see how emails can't be tracked down either. It's just a matter of being.

Able to figure out a way, and how soon to accomplish it.

Philip/DNQuest, thanks for sharing your story. I hope your case will be resolved.

Quickly so you can move on and enjoy life even more...

Comment #16

Let's see, what would I do if I was the judge in a case where some gal swore on the Bible that she'd tell me the "whole truth and nothing but the truth," yet it was proven by evidence beyond any doubt that instead she'd L-I-E-D to me time and time again?.

I'd make sure she never got a dime!.


Next case!..

Comment #17

You'd actually hope that that happened in a case where she made good money, and that the husband had a smart lawyer. You'd go from a case of him trying to break even and her trying to take him for more (alimony, ect. - more than 50/50), to a case where he got atleast half + she ended-up making monthly payments to him on top of that for awhile. Next guy she married, then decided to divorce, she wouldn't lie on or about, considering it might cost her alimony or property for her deception..

Comment #18

I've been using for email tracking.

However, I have been seeing less accurate results as email clients get wiser to the tricks.

A couple of examples, emails opened in:.

1) MS Outlook 2003's default install don't get tracked unless the user takes another.

Step after opening the email.

2) (a web interface to pop3 mail accounts - highly recommended) don't get tracked until you click on a button to view the HTML version. can indicate that an email has been opened, but can't know that it has been. It is not possible to know if an email is still unopened or has been opened, but the tracking system failed.

This is often enough, as is the situation in DNQuest's case.


Comment #19

I and the people I work with just encrypt e-mail...

Comment #20

I have no idea what this has to do with proving in a court of law that an email was received and opened.

Not bouncing mail doesn't prove anything. Any spammer who validates mailboxes in this way is a fool. I have many domains that don't bounce any mail, and I'm more than happy to have any spammer try a bunch of common names and then spam them because they don't bounce. Any such spam (and there's not that much) goes into my spam filter and helps it block the same spammers from sending to legitimate users. Easy enough, and implemented on my server almost a decade ago. Maybe someone who was a bit more careful than Condor and never got tracked down could figure out a way?.

There's a big difference between tracking an email with linked objects and return receipts, and going through log files on servers. But if I took a bulk tape eraser to the RAID systems on my mail servers I guarantee I could beat that as well..

Comment #21

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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