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I have received a 'hand it over' letter on from the City of Paris, France. I am fairly surprised - do I need to take this seriously - it seems a little extreme!.


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Sounds like a b.s. scam - can you post more details?..

Comment #1

Yeah sounds suspect this one, can you post the entire email they sent you, that would help alot...

Comment #2

I'd first make sure it is coming from a legit source ....

But this is one of the things People are worried about with the Proposed Snowe Bill...

Comment #3

Mark gave you the best advice!.

Very strange... redirects to; redirects to; is a guide; is another differnet page and it's owner loves hyphens.

Did "city of paris" sent emails to all of them?.

I know you dont know.

Maybe the owner emailed you want a name with traffic and he/she doesnt want how (or doesnt find) to reg one?.

Yours and are parked and are new; thats the only dofference I found.

BTW, and were created before once upon a time when dot com had no value... are parked.

Do a little homework and I think you will find out who and why this email was sent.

Good luck..

Comment #4

Keep us updated Dax, it seems strange indeed, I agree with Bricio's remarks...

Comment #5

Well I have now received another for, this one was originally sent last year and I ignored it. I think they may be genuine. Here is one of the emails, the letter has not arrived yet:.



145-157 St John Street.

EC1V 4PY London.


Paris, March 28, 2008.

By Registered mail.

Confirmed by Email:.

Ce message lectronique (ainsi que tout fichier attach) est destin exclusivement aux personnes dont le nom figure ci-dessus et est protg par le secret professionnel. Sa divulgation toute autre personne que les destinataires est strictement prohibe. Si vous avez reu ce message par erreur, nous vous remercions de bien vouloir nous le retourner par courrier lectronique, en nous confirmant que vous en avez dtruit toute ventuelle copie.This e-mail message, including any attachments, is confidential to those persons to whom it is addressed and may not therefore be divulged to any other persons. Its contents are subject to the rules of professional secrecy governing all communications made by or to French lawyers. If you have received this message in error, please return it to us by e-mail with a covering message confirming that you have destroyed all copies thereof whether in paper, electronic or other form...

Comment #6

Do you have the newest email from them, personally, I think it's a scam, as if the city of paris wants the name, (although it could be, but I think this is someone taking the piss).

Just my thoughts, tread carefully...

Comment #7

From a UDRP standpoint, I don't think their claim would have any teeth. Otherwise they would have already gone after However, you seem to be from the UK, thus there may be some weird EU law that would screw you in this case, I really don't know.

If it were me, I'd probably just ignore them completely. Sounds more like a scare tactic than anything else...

Comment #8

Are you Secure Brands?.

If yes, I guess we have the pleasure to talk with one heck of a squatter: comment deleted to show the will to have peace :-).

If not I apologize.......



Comment #9

Frank I think you should not jump to conclusions, and accusations. I think squatting is defined as trying to profit from TMs and IP domains. I the case of McDonalds it was a domain I had acquired unknowingly and would happily have deleted or handed over - without a second thought - but they went direct to WIPO without ever contacting me.

I actually think the paris letters are genuine - I don't think it makes any difference what my nationality is either. Since they have little/no value it is pointless to fight this one in any case. I just thought other geo collectors would be interested.


Comment #10

I don't see how previous cases matter as far as him asking us ... I know it'll matter if they pursue it ...

But my advice would still be the same - Make sure it's from a legit source.

Laws are different in various regions , So if you were inclined to fight it (Obviously you aren't) - I'd seek Local council if I could or someone very familiar with your Regional laws etc ...

Some Geo Names are being sought after pretty aggressively now..

Comment #11

Hi Dax,.

I am not accusing you nor do I know you, you might be the coolest guy and we could have a couple beers together but if you look at the WIPO Decision and read it, it looks very clear to me.....

(Did they ever come after you?...i guess with 100k+Domains in the portfolio and alot of them parked you could afford the penalties) :-).

"but they went direct to WIPO without ever contacting me"....the WIPO says different things or do you mean you havent received a C&D...but like you answered earlier "this one was originally sent last year and I ignored it"..could have been the case with MCD or the panel letters....

"I think squatting is defined as trying to profit from TMs and IP domains", putting up a parking page is not profiting?.

"It was a domain I had acquired unknowingly"

I could go on and on but I don't wanna waste my time....lastly, I am glad that I have ethics...(maybe not your profits from parking but who cares).

I just don't buy your innocent remarks, that's all.



Comment #12

Frank - I understand where you are going with this but surely one could argue that all domains registered to resell are effectively being squatted - since they are not being used for the purpose intended and are registered because they may eventually have value to an end-user. I personally don't see much difference between holding or Legally there is a dividing line , but morally I don't think there is. In some ways the former is worse because it is preventing legitimate businesses from developing. I think the whole domain investment business should have been regulated a long time ago - perhaps by making the reg fees a lot higher. I registered a bag load of .infos when they were 50c with the idea of networking them all into a social portal.

And many others I give away (regfly ones, charity ones, students etc). This is a seedy way to make money period so your moralizing is fairly amusing especially to someone you don't know. I am very proud that I made my wealth building a real company and creating real jobs and not in this business. So if you want to chat about the work I am doing with romanian orphanages, or computers for kids, etc. then give me a call.

Then why don't you redirect to which is the website you know your visitors are actually trying to get to...

Comment #13

Hi Dax,.

Again...i didn't want to accuse you as cybersquatter, and I am not saying you don't have ethics, it honors you that you have this good intentions, computer for kids, building jobs,i like that.

I might wanna take your offer to chat soon, don't wanna have a heated debate is everyones individual descision to deal with TM's.

Thx for pointing that out to me with (forgot about it), I have to check into the TM situation with it...but buisness could be too generic we will see but I already redirected it :-)(oh and I am not innocent either, I registered in the past TM domains, not knowing that there is a TM Law...but I never parked them or sold them, that was my intend with mentioning my ethics).



Comment #14

It's real.

The owners of and filed lawsuits against the city of Paris in New York and Virginia respectively, when they received their letters...

Comment #15

Thanks - this whole countersuing thing is way beyond me - the sad thing is to just 'give in' is actually letting other domain owners down in a way. But the truth is I do not have a legitimate 'paris' website so what can you do? Although what the difference is between an affiliate site selling french hotel rooms and a parked page showing ads for the same thing I do not know. It's all agency business.

The french are particulary keen on IP issues , and combined with their anti-globalisation stance it comes as no surprise that Sedo now do not display ads on their parked pages to french ip addresses .. on any domain. I presume their legal team know their stuff.

I'll let you know how it goes...

Comment #16

Almost no chance it is a scam, look at this recent WIPO decision about Give them the domain ASAP, it's not worth going any further and if you would, you have very high chances to loose and will have to pay the justice fees...

Comment #17

There's no monetary damages in UDRP. But yeah, it can suck to lose a domain.

Name through it...

Comment #18

Two major points there... The Respondent didn't actually respond.. And it said he had a pattern of registering TM domains as he was party to 20+ UDRP preceedings... So yeh, I don't think you can really use this case as an example...

Comment #19

Hi Ronald,.

The main point of my link was in fact to show it was the same lawyers and that it was not a scam. I don't know much about this procedures but for me I wouldn't fight for an hyphenated .info, with respect to Dax44...

Comment #20

That case would have gone very differently in a non-default situation...

Comment #21

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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