Tips on drinking water during Medifast?

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I am having a really hard time getting my water in. I can do it, it's just that I forget about it since I'm not used to drinking so much. Does anyone have any tips?..

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I do best when I have either a cup with a straw, or a water bottle with a straw. Fill it up, and just sip on it all day long. I also always bring it with me in the car too..

Another thing that helped me was to cut our all other beverages. The only thing I drink is water. It was hard at first, but now I don't even think about. I even order water when I'm in a restaurant (the waitresses probably just think I'm being cheap! LOL!)...

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I have a 30 oz jug w/lid and spout here on my desk. In the morning when I arrive, I fill it and I don't eat my next meal until it is empty and then before I start that meal I refill the jug and continue this pattern all day - no next meal until all the water is gone.

I get in 90 oz easily every day before 5, when I head home I have another jug with me at all times. I found that once my body got used to all that water that I am actually thirsty in the evenings if I don't keep it up...

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I try and drink a bottle of water in between each me a goal to work towards....good luck..

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I have a 32 oz. hard plastic starbucks glass with a straw. I keep it at work. I have 3 full glasses during the day. One in the morning, one for lunch and one in the afternoon. Then I have at least four 8 oz.

So that equals 128 oz for the day.

Yah, I pee a lot...

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I always have my water bottle full. If I drink it all I refill it immediately and always have it with me. I usually drink about 96oz a day, sometimes more. The first thing I do in the morning in fill up my water bottle...

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I forget too unless I have my 1L bottle with me at all times. I've gotten into a routine now with it and I make a point of refilling it as soon as it's empty. I do that 3 times and get 100oz a day minimum. I find that if I keep a small bottle, it's much harder to get it all in and I end up forgetting about it...

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Thanks for the help everyone. I have a 32 oz bottle that I will just have to keep with me all the time. It's just a matter of remembering to keep it with me...

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Add infusers if you need to. I love the Az tea pomegrainte green tea and the lemonade. Count towards your condiments, each is 5 calories. I am in Maintenance and drink these every day, plus lots of water and greentea. Get used to the water, it doesn't go away and is just as important in T&M. Many times when you think you're hungry you are actually thirst for water...

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I use a 1 liter bottle that goes everywhere with me. My drive time to work is 40 minutes and I usually drink half the bottle while driving. I finish it up at work, refill and drink while at work, refill that before I leave so I can have another full bottle for the ride home. I also keep a small (16.9oz) bottle in the car for the times I finish the 1 liter bottle or gasp! the times I leave home without the big bottle..

At home I use a 32oz glass with a straw. I don't know what it is about the straw but I consume more with than without...

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Before you eat a meal drink 8 oz or after doesn't matter just drink everytime you eat a meal. Then all you need is 16 oz after. When I started I woke up to a 8oz glass, drank 8 oz with every meal, then got the last 8 oz in the evening. Now I get in over 100 oz daily because my body got used to getting water...

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I have two rubbermaid 32 oz bottles. I fill them both in the morning and put one on my bedside table for later. I usually drink and refill the morning one several times during the day in which case I don't drink much from the bedside table one that night. But if get through the day having only had the one morning bottle then I know I have to drink the bedtime one regardless of how many times it'll make me pee that night! That way I get at least the minimum 64oz..

Once you do it for a few days, you'll get in the habit. I also splurge and get some nice bottle water from the store (by "nice" I mean larger ones with the sports cap). I let myself grab one whenever I want without feeling guilty about the expense or the environment. That's the deal I made with myself for the Medifast weight loss phase!.

Good luck! The water consumption really does make a huge difference in our results..


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A tip from my health coach that has worked really well for me.....

When I first wake up, I drink 32oz of water. Gets it in and out fairly early. I have another 32 Oz during the day, then fill up before leaving work. When I get home I have 96oz of water down..

I will drink more during the day in the form of decaf coffee..

Hope it helps.


Comment #12

That's a really great idea. I will have to try and get the first 32 oz down right away. Then I know I won't have a problem getting the rest in for the day. Thanks Dave!..

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I drink 6 bottles of 16 oz water a day. Just fill it up with my Britta or if I am at work I bring 4 btls with me and drink all of them there and have 2 when I get home. I drink coffee too so I have to run to the potty lots...

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You eat 6 times a day. have a glass of water. the small tumblers people have are around 10 to 12 ounces. you should also be drinking something when you wake up. Your body just went hours with out any water. You can live for a long time with out eating, but only a matter of days without water. I drink when I get up, I drink when I eat, I drink in between, I drink before and after a workout .I drink before I go to bed if not then I would be dead...

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