Thoughts on Medifast pretzels?

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Love the new pretzels, with their lower carb count and higher fiber count..

And the flavor rocks too. 1 gram of Fiber makes a real difference when you are eating 4-5 meals a day of pretzels like I am! =)..

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Ugh.. not I. I tried the cinnamon again (I am trying to get them down as not to waste them) but the chemical and artificial taste is more than I can take..

Maybe the chemical taste is stevia. I am not familiar with that sweetner...

Comment #1

I like them, too! I've only tried the cinnamon, but they have grown on me tremendously and now I find myself craving them!..

Comment #2

Yum, I love them! And feel bad for them. Their feelings must be hurt for all the hate...

Comment #3

This totally gives me HOPE - I had just got a order when the news came down about the new ones and I've seen all the horrible reviews - I was hoping that I would like them, and now I have a bigger glimmer. I'm lucky - there are very few things on this plan that I just cannot force myself to eat (banana pudding-BARF)...

Comment #4

I'm unlucky - there are very few things anywhere that I can't force myself to eat. *grin* It's how I got to 235!..

Comment #5

Stevia has a very distinct taste, it could be the culprit..

I only got the honey mustard before remembering I dont' like mustard, but I ate them...

Comment #6

Yes, I taste a bit of Stevia-like sweetness in the Cinnamon, which I normally can't tolerate but they are good, and not too sweet! The other Cinnamon ones were great, and yes I miss them, but I can love these too! I think my fave between the two IS the honey mustard though. I had 5 as Medifast meals today, plus my L&G I want to see how they affect my weight loss (or rather IF they affect my weightloss) as compared to the others...

Comment #7

I just got a shipment of the new pretzels, and I don't love them. I loved the old ones. I called to send them back and the nice woman on the phone said they've gotten a LOT of complaints. I'm hoping if they get enough, they will offer the old ones again...

Comment #8

I miss the old pretzels. I don't "hate" the new ones, but I think they are way less yummy. *sigh*..

Comment #9

Oh my gosh. are we all this picky..really?? We never shoveled an icky dry, fast food hamburger down our throats? Or cold FF with that icky dry hamburger? Stevia tastes like cotton candy to me. I like it. I guess I am not such a connoisseur that I used to think I was. If I don't like something I ordered..I just don't enjoy it's taste, but still enjoy it for the fuel that it is. I'm probably weird. I do enjoy the things I enjoy, but I am so okay just tolerating the things I tolerate and eating the things I don't like because..well...they make me hungry no more...

Comment #10

Well, all righty then. I don't like the new ones, I won't tolerate them, and I don't plan to order them again...

Comment #11

We love the new cinnamon ones. Don't mind the stevia because we have used it for over 2 years. The jury is still out on the honey mustard. I loved the old ones but can tolerate the new ones. There are so many things we do like that we can accept these changes. I still love you Medifast for giving me my life back...

Comment #12

"We" picky? Criticize yourself for being picky. I haven't seen one picky post on here..

They have such an artificial aftertaste that I cant eat them. I ate these all the time, but the new ones I cant ever order again. I will stick to nacho puffs and brownies..

Comment #13

Don't love'em, but don't hate'em. The jury is still out on whether I will reorder, but thank goodness I at least have two boxes of the old ones left! I wonder if I put them on ebay if I'd get lots of bidders. *lol* j/k I'm not sellin'! >..

Comment #14

Just had my second bag of Honey Mustard and they were better than the first bag...

Comment #15

That's what I'm thinkin' might take more than one bag to decide. Just might get better and better the more you eat. Everyone deserves a second chance!..

Comment #16

I never had the old pretzels so I can't compare to that..

Comment #17

I have them and am having them for my next meal.... probably will try the honey mustard. I have honey mustard so I will dip them into that...(1 carb per T)....

The thing is, my daughter has wls, and had a similar product from kay naturals and I had a few, and man, they were goooood !!! hope these are similar...

Comment #18

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