GoDaddy review : Suggest I sign up for GoDaddy?? This is why Godaddy Sucks A$$

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Godaddy grabs a valuable domain name from their customer because of invalid email and profits from it..

Godaddy grabs a valuable domain name from their customer because of invalid email and profits from it. |

Currently I have over 500 domains with these cock suckers. I can't wait to tr ansfer all my domains out of there. They pull this type of shit all the time (just google all the Godaddy horror stories). In the end, they always stick it to their customers...

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I've actually never had any issues with GoDaddy... I only have like 15 domains with them though..

Comment #1

I REALLY need to consolidate domains, but when I hear stuff like this it reminds me to NOT go with GoDaddy. Even if the complainers are blowing smoke half the time, it's still scary. (not that you are, of course).


Comment #2

This is what concerns me with GoDaddy. They have too much power having the ability to set fees that are seriously way out of the norm. While it's done to break the back of true spammers. More often than not it breaks the back of honest people. I have all of my domains with GoDaddy and something like this worries me. I have also heard that if you try to transfer your domain to another registrar that they make very difficult to do so...

Comment #3

Godaddy just shot themselves in the foot.

Shit like this spreads fast.

And even people that never had a problem with them before are going to start questioning whether or not they should use them again...

Comment #4

Here's an idea. Keep your shit current. WTF people. Come on..

You don;t have to answer emails you get from your special whois email. Just scan them for complaint notices...

Comment #5

No, screw that. It's totally bullshit on Godaddy's part. What if your spam blocker put the email into the spam bin. And you didn't even have a clue. Godaddy, should at least have either called or sent the dude a snail mail letter (if not both). Then if the dude didn't do anything by then, ok take the shit..

At least it would have shown that GoDaddy, went out of their way to make it right. In this case, it shows that they when out of their way to screw the customer...

Comment #6

Isnt the domain attach to owner account. whats invalid email going to do and cause the lost of domain...

Comment #7

Well common now.. Bob Parson is the most honest guy on the internet I know.

If this was true it would be hell more of buzz and rumors about that!..

Comment #8

The complaint is bogus. GoDaddy's procedures for following up on complaints is actually quite generous. They do the contact by e-mail that is a known. Not having an available e-mail is not go-daddy's fault. Saying they just should have called instead is ridiculous..

Certainly they could have called, they also could have hand-flown llamas in to ask the person why their registrar information was wrong for their $8 domain... But it would be fiscally irresponsible..

Sorry, but I have little sympathy when people do stupid stuff and then try to blame it one someone else..

If you don't know how GoDaddy or any other registrar handles information disputes, and you run a website as a business, you better educate yourself. It is your own fault if you don't.

Seriously, you think it is reasonable that GoDaddy call everyone by phone whose $8.00 a year domain gets reported for having invalid information in it? You know how much that would cost? Do you know how many domains get reported for this stuff? They already have to spend the time doing the actual investigations. Now you want them to babysit the domain owner as well?..

Comment #9

Aeiouy-I agree, we are suppose to be grown ups, or at least on the way to being a grown up........right?.

I've had no problems with GoDaddy. I am even capable of finding the button that bypasses all the offers when buying a domain!..

Comment #10

My first post and it's to confirm GoDaddy sucks.

Your inference "aeiouy" that it was only an $8 domain, so live with losing your domain name is "lame". 500 domains multiplied by $8 = the tidy sum of $4,500! Regardless of the sum - what you call "stupid stuff" often means, that a GD customer is expected to have a healthy dose of ESP to figure out what GD's usual "grace periods" might be.....

You see they make it up as they go along to suit that particular case..

They recently did the same to me - by accidentally [yeah! sure] auctioning off a domain, I had carefully "aged" for 12 months before taking it online [planned for April 2007]..

20 emails and many expensive international phone calls later, and they are refusing to make good on their mistake - claiming that "we cannot favor one customer over another". And the "other" customer is one of their "domain investors" who regularly buys domains at their auctions. Guess who is more valuable to them in monetary terms. So I lost out..

You probably already know about their other hardline tactic - if one of your GoDaddy registered domains gets an "erroneous" SPAM complaint - GD pounces and instantly takes ownership of your domain - end result you lose any valuable business attached to that domain name. And no, you don't get a chance to qualify that you had nothing to do with the SPAM, nor defend yourself. You just lose your domain.

Can you imagine the havoc a competitor can inflict, to get you out of contention. That should be reason enough to stay right away, or move all your domains out right NOW today!.

Stay away from them - they are a bunch of mercenaries. The only way we get GoDaddy to change is by way of a huge public boycott.. is an excellent domain registrar - and no, I am not affiliated with them. Instead... have been terribly impressed by the personalized customer service experienced at all times...

Comment #11

LMAO! 500 * 8 = 4000..

... I didn't read the rest of your post...

Comment #12

I put bob parsons up there with vince mcmahon. Just listen to him on that sorry excuse for a web radio show they do. "What would bob do". Well it sounds like bob will take your domain..

Comment #13

That is not how it works. If the person was dumb enough to have 500 domains have the same problem, they would have to process all 500 of them, each paying only $8 a piece. It does not make sense for them to do that. Regardless, the person who did it screwed up. They are to blame. Blaming someone else for their own mistake says a lot about them..

It doesn't take ESP. Perhaps you could read the information. It is readily available. What does a grace period have to do with anything? Why would anyone have an invalid e-mail linked to a domain? Anyone who has ever even had ONE domain knows the e-mail address is the single most important piece of information to have accurate on a domain registration. Everything about a domain requires this address as a key. You have to be a monumental idiot to have an invalid e-mail address tied to a domain name..

So irregardless of anything about grace periods and GoDaddy's rules, everyone with a domain should know this..

They did what? Took a domain that got reported because you had invalid data in the registrar? I know how Go-Daddy's process works I have been through it. To lose your name takes a significant act of incompetance and/or ignorance..

How did they get your name? Did you forget to renew it? Did it get reported for invalid information and get revoked? Or do you expect me to believe that GoDaddy just decided to take your preciously aged domain and take $8 for the next year from someone else? What would be their benefit in doing that?.

The much more believable and plausible explanation is you screwed up and then tried to fix it after the fact. They have rules and guidelines that are pretty well spelled out...

Comment #14

God d@mn, thought about getting a cheap hosting plan with them to play around with arbitrage stuff. I think I am gonna use bluehost or lunar pages..

Comment #15

I'm using godaddy for about 60 domains and until now I did not have any problem, although I much prefer namecheap control panel...

Comment #16

Don't host your sites with your domain provider. Ever...

Comment #17

Ok, I keep hearing about this, but can't remember a single good reason - care to explain why you think it's such a big deal ?!..

Comment #18

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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