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Can it handle video and sound clips taken by the digital camera?..

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According to Mike Pasini's review of the MicroSolutions RoadStor, "the LCD will tell you how many images have been copied" when you are burning images from a flashcard onto a CD. On the MicroSolutions' website, the RoadStor User Guide (available in pdf) says "you can see the backup status on the LCD display," but next to this shows only a picture of the message "ROADSTOR BACKUP?" However, on their "Helpful Hints Using RoadStor" page, they say: "When backing up memory cards to CD, make sure that the display shows the status during the backup process (BURNING CD % FINISH). The backup process takes several minutes and will end with the message: ROADSTOR DONE indicating that the backup was successful." I'm glad to know that the LCD shows something more useful than "BACKUP?". Still, I'd like to know if it actually does report the number of files transferred. If I can match that with the number of images the camera tells me are on the card, I'll feel more confident about erasing the card than if I'm told the transfer is "100% complete," even though the latter MAY mean exactly the same thing and probably will in most cases. Second question: Does the RoadStor do error checking like the Apacer Disc Steno? If not, do you think it's desirable? CuRoi..

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The beginning of the story list present alternatives available to digital photographers. One I didn't see mentioned could be on the horizon as a second generation of these "Kiosk" such as the ones in use now in many of the WalMarts. Kodak, Epson, and others presently have them with card readers, disc drives, and scanners to accommodate the public in providing quick inkjet prints. With little redesign such a device could burn CD's from the contents of cf cards or the small mini disc as "tif" images so that one could free his cf reserves and have the photos backed up on disc(or hosted in a web site) for a small price. The introduction of this function to a "Kiosk" could render it more usable while adding value to it's design for the owner. As these items populate the landscape and the public adopts the use of the service, digital cameras may become less cumbersome, less expensive, and more advantageous to use.


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Can you post the URL of where the RoadStor User Guide in pdf format is located? Thanks...

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I'm sorry, kpr it was there the other day, but I didn't bookmark or save it. Now I've just spent 10 minutes searching their Website, but the document is nowhere to be found. I kind of stumbled on it in the first place; it wasn't accessible from the main RoadStor data page. All I can guess is that MicroSolutions made the user guide accessible unintentionally, became aware of this, and changed the site sometime after I saw the guide. Here is the URL for their "Helpful Hints" page, which is all that I can find now, though you probably already have this: Again, sorry I can't help. Charlie..

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Hi kpr, Look at what I found! I was digging around looking for more info on the roadstor and ran across this URL: Hope this helps!.


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Nice going, Ava C! Don't know how you did it. I followed the links upstream, but when I tried to go back downstream they led to the same old dead end. I've printed it out. Let's see 'em get that away from me! Charlie..

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Micro-solutions RoadStor is supposed to support multi-session burning.

As long as there is free space on the backup CD. That's without being connected to a PC. However,when I backup the memory card of my camera.

(16 Mb)on a blank Cd and later I try to backup another card roadstor.

Acts a if the CD is full.I think it closes the CD. IS there a solution to this problem? The store from which I purchaced my roadstor tried three different units and all have the same problem...

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Hi Charlie,.

Thanks! I don't remember how I found it, but I'm thrilled I did! Glad I was able to assist Well, I ordered mine last week, so I hope to receive it in the next couple of days. Hopefully, I'll be able to test it out before I take a trip... which takes me to my next comment: Regarding EC's question... I was wondering the same thing. I had noticed that it says it works with CD-R and CD-RW, but my brother and I wondered if in order to record in multi-sessions, it had to be done on a CD-RW, as compared to a CD-R. Anyone have any experience with this? In general, has anyone out there had better experience with CD-R vs. CD-RW? Anyhow, this sort of information (which I suppose I will be able to research with mine, when I receive it) will help determine which cd's I'll be taking with me on the trip! Any info would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!.


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Hi EC, I am responding to your question, as well as answering my own. My Roadstor arrived yesterday, and I've just tried it out. I was able to burn my 64 Mb memory sticks to the CD-R in multiple sessions. I had thought that maybe it had to be done on a CD-RW - but I was able to do it on a CD-R. So I really am not sure why when you (and the store) tried it, it didn't support the multiple session burning. Sorry I don't have more insightful information for you. Ava..

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My camera uses xD memory cards. This memory cards are not directly supported by RoadStor. I used the xD.Picture Card MACF-10 CompactFlash Adapter but clearly RoadStor has compatability problems with this adapter. I change to a CompctFlash memory camera and the problem seems to be solved. So use memory cards that are directly supported by RoadStor.No adapters!!..

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Hi EC, Ah.... Well I'm glad you got that figured out. How do you like the Roadstor so far? I've only tried mine out a few times, but so far so good. Ava..

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I just got a roadstore and I really like it. Like others, I was pleased to discover that one can do multi-session records on a CD-R. I think they are playing some kind of a trick because the size of the CD when read on a computer is only the size of the last session recorded. One problem in the firmware that I spotted is that the directory and file dates from memory sticks are NOT preserved correctly. It appears that the date of the first file becomes the date of everything else in the same session. If there is a second card recorded without power cycling the device, that session's files have the date of the previous session.

This is probably my greatest quibble. I did note that the JPG information in the file was correct so the time at which the picture was taken is accessible with some effort but the confusing of the dates was annoying...

Comment #12

Has anyone used it to play DVD's?.

Any problems?..

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