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The dust is finally settling after the debacle yesterday. Hopefully, some people got lucky and snagged some ultra-premiums. While I'm no big-time domainer, I figured i'd post my thoughts on the future of .me.

Just want to see what other people think.


New TLD - I think with any new TLD, there is always risk. Who knows where the country will end up in the next few years, or if the TLD even gets popular. But i'd rather invest a couple hundred or thousand in a 2 year investment then spending it on launching a new PPC campaign (assuming funds are scarce.).

Hoarding the good domains - The registry hoarded some of the good domains, and I think they're going to auction eventually. Not entirely sure of the process, but I think if they really wanted to build the .me brand, they would have let those loose and let people develop the domains instead of spending the money to actually get the domain. Parking provides no value to the consumer, and if all the premiums are parked, then the TLD as a whole suffers.


Very Early - It's still very early in the registration process, and some sweet domains can still be found. It's kind of like a mini .com rush.

Memorable and Catchy - The great thing about the .me extension is that needs no explanation. The average person is not going to know or care that it is the country code for Montenegro.WS, another country TLD, was supposed to replace .com, but it fell flat on it's face. (supposed to mean .ws = web-site apparently). It was the next big thing, but nothing really happened with it. With the right domain before the .me, shit it might even be easier to remember then the .com. It means something in different languages too.

Personal - With all this talk about social media yadda yadda, everything is getting more "personal." .me gives you the opportunity to gear your website (if you're developing) towards something social. Social can mean viral. And when .me websites get popular through that kind of publicity, everyone with an investment in the TLD benefits.

Brandable - This kind of has to do with all of the points above, but if you did snag ultra-premiums they are very brandable. I'd rather invest in something like (which I unfortunately did not get) despite any negative outlook on .me, because that's far more brandable then or something like that. Face it, .com's are mostly tied up, and unless you have the resources to buy that .com premium or spend the time coming up with something unique, then investing in the less competitive .me market is probably a good choice.

SEO - This is pure speculation, but I think with the high price of registering a .me domain, it'll get the same treatment from Google as a .com or .net's and .cn's are shit on by Google (speculation) because of their very low-cost which allows all you fucks to spam the shit out of them.

All in all, I think there's a good future for .me. It's about time another TLD stepped up. It may not be as big as .com or .net, but it is so early in the TLD's history no one knows what the future holds. For all we know, it really could be the next big thing. Then again, it can fall flat on it's face like .ws..

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We can only hope. OR ELSE I WANT MY FUCKING $40 BACK!!..

Comment #1

Whats your point? Plenty of .biz domains fetching good prices, .asia will be a very popular TLD in the long run... mobi, well, who knows, dont know much about .eu..

Comment #2

The only .me domains worth something are the ones that were held by the registry - end of story.

I think ya'll forget how fucking retarded people are that use the internet..

Comment #3

I'll be interesting to see how the .me affects CTR on ads. Say vs.

Comment #4

Really? I must have missed all those big .biz sales and all the action on .asia...

Comment #5

The interesting use of the .me domains could be the use of language....

For example, (this domain is available). (available).

Lots of great domains to be taken....

I like how it fits in with the 'meme' idea...

Comment #6

I think .me will catch on. Why? Because it's catchy...

Comment #7

Gonorrhea is catchy too, doesn't mean that everyone wants it. I remember it being said for .cc .tv .whateverthefuck Every new tld seems catchy, but it boils down to what the big guys want to make popular - ie. Amazon is not switching to or - they will make up peoples mind for them to use .com and thats where the general public will be led...

Comment #8

I think TLDs other than .com will catch on eventually. Probably not anytime soon, but I think they're a good investment. It's sort of like buying swamp land or land in New Orleans.

Granted, there are a shitload of combinations, but people *need* names, and I'm sure more and more people will begin switching over to using other TLDs when they can't find the .com they want. I'm talking about normal people who just want to get a site up.

The only TLDs I notice catching on are .fm and .tv - It will probably only take a few high profile sites with .me for that tld to get viral.

You can make some good domains with .me ..




Hxxp:// or or

Hxxp:// (for a blog, etc).

Though, excluding .tv and .fm, I think the only TLD that will get popular in the upcoming years is .us - it's short, can form good words and phrases, easy to remember, and looks leet IMO.

I still invested near $800 in .me domains though. Actually I want a lot more, but I'm limiting myself to $1K. If anything, one can just use them for turnkey sites and/or sell for $99+ on SP or an auction.

There are too many good ones available, the risk is worth it IMO. The payout can be big if this TLD catches on...

Comment #9

I think the .me names are only valuable if you can brand your service/site around the name..

I only found out about the .me TLD when a couple months ago I was planning a new site and the most logical name ended with "me". Unfortunately, the .com was taken. I thought: "Man, it would be sweet if whatever country with .me was easy to register." That's when I found out about the launch date and I set my calender. That morning I got the name I wanted...

Comment #10

I think the people spending hundreds of dollars on .me hacks are fucking retards. Even the ones that are just [verb].me. That has zero promotional value ANYWHERE except the viral space. So unless you plan on being the next (along with the thousands of others who registered these worthless names), you just blew $40..

.me is no different than the other new TLDs. The value lies in the premium keywords. "bothering" is not a top keyword. If you look at, you can clearly see that the majority of the high priced auctions are on KEYWORD domains, not shitty hacks. Why? Because they have an actual use. When someone searches mortgage, they get, not

My point is, any money spent on obscure domain hacks was money wasted. MAYBE you will break even with some work developing and selling turnkeys. As of now is the only place with a visible .me market, and everything on there supports what I'm saying..

And let's not forget that soon anyone with $150k will be able to start their own TLD. Believe me, there will be plenty of opportunities for domain hacks. You're wasting your time and money...

Comment #11

Disclaimer: I've had a few cocktails..

I think that they should have held back on the domain sale. They should have first successfully developed a social network which revolved around a .me domain. If .me was to supposed to have any type of social implication then the playing field should have been level for EVERYONE from the get go. Not this fucking name hoarding bullshit..

To build up the hype around the .me extension, they could have perhaps even gave away first/last name domains as a promotion - e.g., "vanity" domains if you will. I realize a lot of people have the same first and last name, however it might have fueled an "initial" mad rush and create a .me frenzy. Regardless, if done properly it might have created a solid identity base, and in turn given it a chance to be functional and embraced.

As for the remaining domains, here's something novel - why not a "social competition" for the premium domain names. Instead of "hey, I'm a douchebag who happens to be able to afford at auction so give it to me", why not "hey, we're a group of qualified douchebags with no money that might make legitimate use of, vote for us". True social competition just as these successful reality shows. The entire process might have generated revenue beyond the sale of domain names..

Fuck it - apparently the .me landrush was $uccessful anyway$. But WHAT could create such a following for a TLD that suddenly the playing field is leveled once again, and perhaps organic enough to keep Google in check? But then again, how would we make a living?..

Comment #12

Even they have had to succumb to the .com:

Comment #13

Agreed, my only drink of choice. Haven't quite figured out what to do with all of the damn purple bags yet...

Comment #14

Its canadian, it's amazing, good call..'s are worthless unless you have a REALLY catchy name. I had a problem with a client last week where she couldn't find my site when I was telling her to go to: over the phone. she was actually typing in "this is my examplecom" so it brought her to a microsoft search page. this lead to my frustration for about 20 minutes and ended with me emailing her a link hours later.

.me, as with every other TLD, only has value for the tech crowd, not the masses...

Comment #15

Well shit. I tried to register and now I'm sitting looking at an auction that's over $25k. I think there is hope for a decent return if you got a premium domain...

Comment #16

Fuck those auctions. everytime someone bids it gets extended to 24 hours..

Anyways, i'm off to develop my first .me domain...

Comment #17

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