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This is the email I sent around. I censored the domain name and the full name of the person that has it.

Download the original attachment.

Dec 5th 2008.

To Whom It May Concern:.

Do to either human error, computer error or a back door deal, I was cheated out of an auction won domain and it was given to someone else. These are the recorded events of what happened. Please read this and inform me as to what I can do to rightfully own the domain I won.

Nov 7th - I created a Name Jet account with the username of censored and placed a bid on the domain censored.

Nov 27th, 11:am  The auction begins for censored.

Nov 30th, 12:09pm  I win the action uncontested for the price of $80.

Nov 30th, 12:20pm  I receive e-mail from that reads, Congratulations you successfully won a domain auction& and continues to inform me of what the next steps where to be: Add the name to the appropriate account for you to manage at the sponsoring registar. This can take up to 3 days, but is typically much faster. You will receive an e-mail from the sponsoring registar with log-in and account information at that time. Then it it lists the domain, censored, says it is successful and lists the total bill of $80 USD against my debit card.

Dec 1st - $80 USD is withdrawn from my checking account with US Bank. namejet was the company that withdrew the funds from my account.

Dec 2nd - $80 USD was returned by namejet back into my checking account with US Bank. (This was unknown to me until Dec 5th after speaking to James at NameJet).

Dec 4th, 3:17pm (Pacific Time) - After not hearing anything from Enom regarding the domain, I called NameJet and spoke to Alex (who has Enom contact information in his email) to check the status of the domain and was informed that I needed to fill out and fax to them a NameJet Authorization Form / Verified Bidder Request. The form requires I give them once again my name, address, CONTACT NUMBER, EMAIL, username and then asks me for the first and last 4 digits of my credit card. I printed the form and faxed it to 425-974-4710. There was no mention of the domain being given away or released to an auction.

Dec 5th. 2:46pm  I called NameJet and spoke to James who informed that the domain had went back into auction and that someone else now owned the domain. The reason for this was that they were unable to get in contact with me, even though they had my contact number and email in my NameJet account as well as on the Verified Bidder Request Form that I send to them just one day prior.

I was told they were not able to reach me at my contact number of censored because the number was disconnected when they tried to call. This was not true and I informed James that I would contact T-Mobile to get a statement proving the number has been active and working the entire time. The story then changed and I was told that they in fact tried to call the phone number attached to my debit card and was unable to reach me. James continued to tell me that NameJet tried to call the number associated with my debit card and when they could not reach me at that number they released the domain back to another auction. NO ATTEMPTS TO CALL ME ON MY ACTUAL CONTACT NUMBER OR EMAIL ADDRESS WERE MADE! They have all of this information on file with my account but refused to use it. That was the reason I provided them with this information in the first place.

Upon checking the whois database I found out that Cory censored (, another registar who has been stockpiling adult domains, many of which are related to this same adult niche. The registar is still Enom, INC and the domain was updated on Dec 4th 2008.

NameJet now tells me they can not retrieve the domain even though NameJet is owned in part by Enom, INC who is holding the domain.

I also subscribe to NameJets Saved Search Alert emails that inform me of ALL domains that are coming up for sale or auction with the keywords I entered into my account. censored and censored were both on my keyword list as well as others. I receive emails from NameJet daily that have the keywords I request. I have all of these mails on file and double checked them, there was NO mention of any domain with the term censored in it. The domain in question is censored. I would have received this notice if it had truly gone to auction as they say it did.

There were no phone calls made to my contact number or email address that I provided to NameJet. Not one. I was without question cheated out of this domain. I am a victim of theft and possibly fraud. One search with Google and you will see I am not the first to fall victim to such a fraud by Enom, INC. I do hope however that this case will quickly be corrected and the domain will be transferred to it's rightful /img/avatar5.jpg.

The facts speak for themselves and I have phone records, bank account statements and emails to back up everything I have stated in this letter. Please consider the events and information above and let me know how we can solve this problem without legal recourse.


Nate censored..

Comments (6)

UPDATE: The domain is now officially back in my account. Thanks Steve!!..

Comment #1

BRAVO, NateNAte!! good to see there was a happy ending for perseverance and truth! sp..

Comment #2

Congratulations to you.

More sales in the future.


Comment #3

Great to hear if worked out for you.

Did the email do the trick?..

Comment #4

Steve=Etab or some other part of the story that isn't here?.

Glad things worked out to your satisfaction.


Comment #5

Wow, great domain for just 80$!.

Is Namejet the culprit here? I stopped using them because I find their auctions suspicious...

Comment #6

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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