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I was looking for a web host and Im really bent between ipower and powweb. Which one is better and is there any better solutions out there. Must have unlimited redirects and domains...

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NEVER go with powweb in any way, shape or form. Almost anything else is fair game...

Comment #1

I know some don't like them. But Dreamhost has been good to me..

It also doesn't crash from a hard fast traffic influx...

Comment #2

Lets see... dreamhost was mentioned above... I've been a happy dreamhost customer since 05. The thing about dreamhost is that it's cheap hosting. I use it for a few blogs, some forums I made for friends, nothing essential, and nothing to do with my business. For a casual user dreamhost is good.

Over the past three years I've had pages linked from fark twice and slashdot once. Not a hiccup, which is amazing for $8 hosting..

On the down side, dreamhost goes out from time to time, often for long periods of time. The worst outage I've had to deal with there is a three day outage about 18 months ago. No refunds for outages, and no tech support phone number. As long as you don't expect tech support, or uptime, it's pretty good. Don't get me wrong, I'm not complaining about the lack of tech support, it's $8 hosting and I will continue to host there as a backup storage place as long as I'm in this business (plus they allow adult sites!). If you do want to try dreamhost, use the coupon code MickeyClicks to get your setup fees waived..

Now on to business hosting....

The cream of the crop, the best host I have ever used, hands down bar none is Rackspace. Rackspace has the best sales, customer and tech support of any host I have ever used.

Last fall one of my clients had an emergency, one of his servers which held the traffic management script we used was in a datacenter in California, in the middle of a forest fire. I access to the server was intermittent and I was unable to stay logged in long enough to get anything off of it. I spoke with my client and explained the situation and he decided we needed to get another host. He asked me to find the best host available. I called Rackspace, gave them a link to a backup on a remote server and they took care of the rest. They configured our software, and then our support group went and learned all about the operation of our custom software so they could support it for us.

Just amazing. This is the hosting equivalent of buying a bentley. It carries a price though... When I switched this client over to Rackspace their basic plan started at $300/month.

Now for something in between... The company I host almost all of my non-adult sites at is Mediatemple these guys are great. 24 hours telephone tech support, root access, high bandwidth, high availability servers. I've used their grid hosting and their DV hosting services and have no complaints. The basic plans at MediaTemple start around $20/month and make for a great entry level host. Due to the way their grid system is setup, if you outgrow the $20 plan you can just add more processors and ram as needed.

So those are the hosts I have done business with and will continue to do business with..

If you deal with adult and need dedicated hosting, Webair isnt bad.

The ugly? Ipower. I cant find one nice thing to say about ipower. Don't ever host with these guys or buy domains from them it will haunt you for years. Even now I wake up with nightmare that my credit card has been charged for hundreds of domains I no longer own... and then I wake up and it isnt a dream and I have to spend a few hours on the phone getting it straightened out. I had to report my CC as stolen and get a new one with a new number just to get away from these assholes...

Comment #3

Lol whats wrong with powweb bofu2u? Thanks micker for the insight. I guess I'll look at dreamhost. Thats the only thing in my price range. Hopefully withing a year of marketing I will be able to pay 300 dollars a month for web hosting...

Comment #4

DreamHost is a nightmare host. I had nothing but downtime during my second month with them (this was 3 or so months ago) and they took their sweet ass time moving me to another server (according to them, someone else on my server was being abusive - why not boot the fucker?). I cancelled and got a refund after that.. or HostGator for shared hosting...

Comment #5

Well I guess dreamhost is out now Im researching hostmonster now. Anyone got any experience with them...

Comment #6

I'm not trying to tell you to go with $300 hosting, you asked who the best was and thats it. I'm also trying to tell you not to use dreamhost for your business hosting..

Go with Mediatemple. If you cant afford $20/month for hosting, quit smoking and wait until next month to launch. Don't skimp when it comes to your business, you'll regret it down the road...

Comment #7

Jump on live chat with them for 2 minutes, your opinion will change fast...

Comment #8

I know there is some fairly negative stuff about Dreamhost but for cheap shared hosting I like them. For dedicated, Softlayer. Not alone is the hosting itself top notch but the customer service is the best I have seen for anything on the Net..

I have never used them but I have heard very good things about Rackspace as well...

Comment #9

OMG Softlayer makes me horny. It's the best dedicated host I've ever been with. I have 5 servers with them now, in 2 geographic locations, all on a VLAN using their dedicated link between their DCs. The prices rock (especially unlimited bandwidth on the private network, which I use heavily since the web servers and database servers talk over that), the control panel they built is the most sophisticated s**t, and their support is rockin'. They have real trained techs there 24/7, not entry level interns at night like budget houses..

As for shared hosting, check my sig. The reviews are all real customer-submitted stuff. Dreamhost and Hostgator both have a few bad ones, but mostly positive reviews. Blue Host seems to be the top rated by customers so far...

Comment #10

ThisWebHost - Quality Web Hosting for Everyone.

Some people hate small-time hosting companies, but these guys are the fucking greatest. I prefer to go with a company that actually knows my name, rather than some huge corporate web host. It's true that these companies pop up over night and shut down just as quick, but not this*. Fantastic support, awesome servers, just the best host I've ever been with period...

Comment #11

Good point micker patients is a virtue. Thanks fellas for your help Im going to put all your thoughts into consideration...

Comment #12

Patients are sick people. Patience is a good trait to have though..

Comment #13

Hostgator is great for cheap hosting. Their support has been impressive...

Comment #14

HostGator is actually a total nightmare. I have been with them for a month (I'm moving my websites as I type this) and I'm looking at 48 hrs of downtime and hostgator is trying to tell me this is not happening. Here's how it goes..

I send a ticket because my website times out. I get a message back saying that it's not down. I then call customer no-service where the first 2 people I talk to are always idiots and rude. I'm usually able to connect with someone after the 3rd call that actually believes that nobody can't access my website. They type for about 10 minutes and then say they'll have to send another ticket. I'm then sent an email by someone who likes to show how much they know by using the most confusing terms possible.

Usually after this happens my website will work fine for a day or two, and then it all starts over..

If you use HostGator and don't have any problems, you're likely not checking your websites very often..

Comment #15

Planning to move to Site5 this month, but since the last 6 months had no problems with using the hostgator reseller account...

Comment #16

I'd think twice about Site5... check WHT. Their support has been nonexistent for the past few months...

Comment #17

Personally I have had no problems with Hostgator, but I will say their support seems to be handled by morons. Luckily I only had to use it maybe once..

But let's be fair, and real here. Shared hosting can really suck. I don't care whom you go through. It seems for the most part someone will have a horror story for shared host..

Look, it's fucking shared hosting, it's super cheap, what the fuck do you want? If you don't like it go out and get a VPS or Dedi. Or you can keep bouncing around shared hosting hoping to get lucky and get on a server NOT full of asshats..

Just saying...

Comment #18

Hostgator is not a bad decision,they are extremely cheap and reliable..

Bluehost is my 2nd pick...

Comment #19

1and1 is what I use other then the mad slow interface, I have seen no unexpected down time. But be careful when you look at buying domains because you can't transfer them for 2 months...

Comment #20

Stay away from Dreamhost, those bastards are getting worse every day, your site will be down, the will charge you for 2 years with no previous warning and their support is bad. You can get a cheap VPS for $15/mo if you have a lot of blogs, there's a lot of good deals in webhostingtalk forum...

Comment #21

I have had excellent service and quality with Bluehost, so far no problems what so ever.

No downtime reported so far, great customer service. Lots and lots of features compared to Lunarpages (another host I use)..

I think I might try Rackspace too. Bluehost is great though...

Comment #22

So I guess the best runners according to most votes are: Hostmonster - Hostgator - Bluehost and Midphase .....

Comment #23

I'm on Inno right now and so far they seem to have very adequate speeds for shared. I also have accounts with Hostgator and HostNine which I will soon be terminating due to lack of performance (especially in the case with HostNine's continuous downtime)..

Run far away from Site5 - I hated their lack of service. It took them a week to set my account up. They made some excuses about not having a server available or something like that so I promptly cancelled once I got more pathetic excuses...

Comment #24

Stay away from that banana garden of freaks. too busy to do their job, fu*ed-up billing, retarded support etc. Take something smaller and humane like Uberhost for example. In fact - they don't sleep at all (I don't know how they do it) - California based good old american service...

Comment #25

Hostgator is pretty good for now, no problems with it..

Comment #26

I use hostgator and apthost at the moment.

I've used powweb and they've handled 40.000 pageviews/day for several days without sending me any notice or closing my account.

I didn't like their control panel, but the service was good.

Anyway the two companies are actually the same, as both have been aquired by endurance international.

IPOWER, Endurance International Announce Merger - Netcraft..

Comment #27

Obviously not BlueHost....

Seems like every Saturday morning around 10 for me, they take the servers down for up to 3 hours...

Comment #28

Bluehost is usually quick to fix any downtime error...

Comment #29

If you use hostgator, and you are happy with their service, you must be on their 'baby croc of shit' $1 a month package, and your site gets like 3 page views a month. Everyone else is pulling their fucking hair out and trying to get hostgator to stop billing their credit cards illegally. Worst host *in the world*..

Comment #30

Try Hostgator. if not, go for Small company, but very reliable...

Comment #31

I have decent service from Crucial Paradigm, Blue Host and Lunar Pages. Host Gator is ok, but they have some serious billing issues...

Comment #32

I am fine with Hostgator even though they are really dumb when it comes to support. I will try thiswebhost with couple of my sites...

Comment #33

Excuse me..

What about Global Domain International?.

I just got my .ws website (Domain and.

Hosting for 10$ a month) there and.

They offer me 7 days trial for me to.

Take a tour inside..

Somebody have comments about this.

Domain and hosting service?..

Comment #34

Some people bash it, but I'm a GoDaddy guy. Their support is excellent with a 24 hour support line. It's pretty easy to set up multiple domains within one hosting account too. I've heard rumblings of bandwidth issues, but this can happen with any web host...

Comment #35

With the huge number of members they have, I think they are doing an impressive job...

Comment #36

I'm hosting with WP Web Host. They are running some crazy promotion now on their site...

Comment #37

My cousin got caught up in this, it's MLM and he tried to sell everyone in my family on it. I was the only one who didn't want any part in it. Alot of help wanted listings on craiglists are spam for GDI, if you want straight up webhosting I wouldn't go with them. I always get as far away from MLM as possible, I like bluehost and rackspace...

Comment #38

Hostmonster has fucked up my site and email for the last 8 days. The tech support is always there and has been pretty good for resolving shit in the past, but this past week they keep fucking up and not fixing it. One time I asked to speak with a manager and they put me on with this guy who sounded like Jeff Spicoli, he didn't ask for my account name or anything. What I'm saying is that I don't think any adults work there and I can't fucking take it anymore, so I'm gonna switch. maybe mediatemple..

Comment #39

X lots.

People seem to like Host Gator. Wonder why?..

Comment #40


GDI open up opportunity for people to have their.

Domain and hosting for free after they share with.

10 peoples about getting the domain and hosting.

From GDI..

Actualy I want to know about the comments on.

The technical part.

Anyway, thanks for the sharing....

Comment #41

Good! although mine looks much more than that.... btw. how did you get them all in one place?..

Comment #42

What is the table is all about?.

Become reseller of the service?..

Comment #43

Reports > Modify Report > Commission Detail Report (then select a date range).

I assume you recognize that as HG pays $20 less per sale there, but I trust CJ more than in-house programs for hosts if they're available...

Comment #44

Well what are the best web host that offers free packages and domains..

Comment #45

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