Nutrisystem saved my life.

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If you have just joined Nutrisystem or are not sure about joining, I want to share my story and keep it going to hopefully help others to keep the faith and stay on track. Please read my success story to give you the strength and hope that will help to guide you through to your own success story. Nutrisystem DOES work and I am living proof of that. I have lost over 80pds. so far and I'm almost at my personal goal. I am very excited and I feel much better now!! This has been quite an easy journey for me with the Nutrisystem program.

I have tried so many different weight loss plans over the last 25 years and I felt like I was starving and I would give up and then I just kept getting heavier and heavier and I was so sad inside, yet I would smile and laugh and joke around on the outside, as I was dying slowly inside. I was experiencing health problems in the mid 2008. I was having heart arrythmias that sent me to the ER twice and ICU once, my blood pressure was too high and my body was screaming for relief. Every joint in my body hurt. In the begining of 2009 I found out about the FLEX plan on Nutrisystem and I found that I could afford to get on that plan so I did, now I'm on the 28 day plan to finish my venture to my goal.

Thank you Nutrisystem for being there for me. I want to pay it forward and help others, so if you need support, just let me know. There are many wonderful people here at Nutrisystem that will lend support, give ideas and share what things worked for them. Life is good!! Be well and love your life!! Live, Love, Laugh and eat the healthy Nutrisystem way!!.

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Your post brought tears to my eyes. I felt that I was heading in a similar direction and I made the decision that I had to do something. I feel the same way about NS. It has been really easy for me to follow and I have never felt better. I am so grateful. I know that it has added many years to my life as it has to yours.

You will be at your goal very soon!.

Comment #1

Wonderful post. You are an inspiration to us all. Thank you for sharing, Nancy.

Comment #2

I am so SOOOOOOOOOOOOO happy for you! I truly believe a big part of what helps us and keeps us strong is people taking time to share EVERYTHING. Good, bad and everything in between............. I'm having an off day, correction, really really off day.............. so reading your post made me really happy for you and hopeful for the rest of us Thanks Jillian.

Comment #3

What an excellent read, very awesome to see you achieving so much! Major congrats!.

Comment #4

Thank you for sharing- it helps more than you know!.


Comment #5

I am honored to have given inspiration & helped any of you. I have so much support and positive words to give to others and I am very grateful for my new and healthy life. I have off days too but I just keep on going and you all can do it too. We are all worth the effort. Keep up the great work everyone and you "ALL" inspire me too..

Comment #6 have done wonderfully with your weight loss!!! Wow..........such an inspiration to ME!! Thank you for posting and I appreciate your congrats. You should post your story, such a great success. Many would love to read about it..

Comment #7

Thank you very much and you are very welcome. I really believe that people like you are the true inspirations though, at least I can exercise, but those of you who can't really teach the meaning of paitence and persistance, that you can improve your lives and reach your goals through sheer willpower..

As for my story, I did post it before when I first hit 100 pounds down, but I do plan on reposting it when I hit goal..

Major congrats again! A true inspiration to us all..

Comment #8

Thank you very much!! I checked out your page. You have done a fantastic job!! Nutrisystem is such a great journey back to health, isn't it. Don't you feel SO much better? I know I sure do!.

Comment #9

You are so kind to share your uplifting words with me Ali, thank you so very much!! I always welcome kind words and encouragement, it's healing to our souls. I think we should all post our stories on the new people threads to give them hope and maybe even save lives by helping others to join and get healthy. You are doing fantastic with your weight loss.....WOW!! We have saved our lives by joining Nutrisystem and letting thier healthy foods get us back to health. I will never let myself get out of control again. I truley feel re-born, don't you?.

Comment #10

Such wonderful words Jillian, thank you SO much!! You have all made my day with your kind words. I'm sorry that you had an off day Jillian, we all have them but just get right back to it and you will recover just fine. I am here for you if you need support..

Comment #11

It makes my day to know that I have made a positive difference in someone elses life. Thank you so very much!!.

Comment #12

Thank you again and I very much agree with on that. I never thought I was going to get any better, but now according to BMI calculators, I am on the verge of going from obese to just overweight. My body is feeling great as well! All thanks to Nutrisystem and all the inspiring people posting here..

Comment #13

I just recently got down below the "obiese" BMI of over 30 and I am now at 29.09............woooohooo. You can do it too and it's so nice to see those numbers change when you enter your weight. NO MORE 30's!!!.

Comment #14

Hugely! Next numbers I am looking forward to are 50% lost and Onederland. Hehe..

Comment #15

Thanks Noralee!!!! After you answered what I said, I realized how far I had come from my definition of an "off day" Now an off day might be binging on a few too many Nutrisystem desserts or not getting in the exercise minutes I had planned to get in. Pretty huge difference from what I used to think an Off day was..

I don't remember who said this, or how exactly they said it, but something like "there is neither good nor bad, thinking makes it so" Or another one that had to do with "perception equals reality".

I was as down on myself last night over a choice to not exercise much as I have been prior to Nutrisystem for eating a whole pizza and chicken wings in one sitting..

I am realizing today I need to work harder on my positive thinking for myself. I seem to be really good at giving positive input to others while bashing myself into the ground like a worse enemy. LOL I really am laughing as I say that. I just think sometimes we are very quick to befriend others and not treat ourselves very well! Another lesson learned! Jillian.

Comment #16

I agree with how different an "off" day is now compared to back in the day. Back in the day I would eat whatever I had a taste for, when ever I wanted it and that is why the pounds added up year after year. I have always fought depression and the extra weight just made it worse. I also ate until I was full and with Nutrisystem I have learned to nourish myself instead of medicate myself with a bunch of foods and many were not healthy. I now respect the foods that I put in my body and I also respect my body. Pretty cool lesson to learn, isn't it?!.

Comment #17

I hit Onederland a little while ago and it has been Onederful!! Before you know it, you will be there also..........yea!!.

Comment #18

I would like to invite those who read this thread to post your story and help me to keep this thread going so that the new people or people hesitating to join, will see what a great program Nutrisystem is and how much it has helped others. Maybe we can give them hope and maybe even save someones health and even their life. That is my goal in life now, to give back the knowledge that I have learned with Nutrisystem and share it with as many people in the world as I can. I hope you will join me in getting the message out there. Thank you all!!.

Comment #19

Right back at ya! Yes, I most definitely feel re-born.

I'm cheering for you all the way! You have already achieved so much, but 50% lost will be an absolutely incredible achievement.

+1 .

It's a journey worth taking. We are all worth it..

Comment #20

Thank you for the smiley face, right back at ya!.

Comment #21

Hearts - there is already a thread like this under the "NS General Support" topic. It's "Before and After Pictures." If you haven't seen that thread, go take a look. It's amazing. There are several hundred pages of stories and pictures. The moderators, for some reason, have chosen not to make it a "sticky" for everyone to see, which is a shame, but the word gets out and people have been posting to it for a long time. It is usually in the first three pages or so.

Hope you check it out and post your pics..

Comment #22

Thank you for the info. Discoteacher. I think it's so much more personal to tell my own story on a seperate thread, in the "Newbies Get Acquainted" forum, to hopefully give guidance to those who have just begun their Nutrisystem journey or may be struggling and to give them hope for their future..

Comment #23

This is what it is all about !! Congratulations!.

Comment #24


Yes, life is soooo good and I feel blessed to have gotten this far and regained my health, all due to following the Nutrisystem program. Look at you too, you have surpassed your goal and then some, CONGRATS!! Now that's what I'm talking

Please share your story with us here on this Newbie thread so that others may be as successful as we are by finding hope and encouragement through us and to gain the strength to keep going to get to their goal.

Thank you SOOOO much!!.

Comment #25

Thank you for the congrats Bill!! Congrats to you too, you are also doing a great job and you are almost at your own personal goal..........wooohooo!!! Keep up the great work!!.

Comment #26

Wow... that is so amazing, congratulations!!!! I'm starting at the same weight you did, and this really makes me feel hopeful. I just ordered Nutrisystem earlier today, and I can't wait to get it. Thanks for sharing your story!!!.

Comment #27

Your very welcome, I'm glad that I could give you hope. You can do it!! If you need support just let me know..

Comment #28

I hope you are all having a great day on Nutrisystem!! Eat all of your foods, drink your water!! You can do it, you are soooo worth it!! Keep going, you will be at your goal before you know it and you will feel fantastic!!:D.

Comment #29

Noralee, I'm so incredibly happy for you!!! Thanks for sharing your inspirational story!!!.

Comment #30

Thank you very much Carebear. I hope my story has given you hope and strength. Life is good!!.

Comment #31

Thank you Katie, I hope that I have helped you with your Nutrisystem journey back to good health..

Comment #32

Your very welcome Ginger! I hope my story some how gave you hope and strength to continue on to your goal. You are soooo worth it!! Keep up the great work, your doing fantastic!!.

Comment #33

Congratulossions Noralee!!! You have done a great job and thank you for being an inspiration for all..

We were pretty well at the same start weight..

I feel so healthy now..

Comment #34

Thank you Kelly and congrats to you too, you have done a fantastic job with your weight loss and you look absolutely fabulous girlfriend!! You too inspire me!! I know you are on top of the world and feel incredible. You look so very happy in your pictures. Keep living that good and healthy lifestyle and you will feel good, live long and be healthy for many years to come..

Best wishes, .


Comment #35

People like us who are "calorically challenged" have a tendancy to be overweight & will ALWAYS have to be held accountable for our daily intake of calories OR the weight will come back on and we will once again be miserable and unhealthy. Sometimes people knowingly and unknowingly try to sabotage our weight control. My brother used to tell me that I looked fine and to stop trying to lose weight when I weighed 274 pounds!!! How in the world could he have been serious?!! I was in no way healthy. I was pre-diabetic, my cholesterol was climbing, I had heart palpitations and I have osteoarthritis in my spine, hips and knees and feet, all made worse by obiesity. I used to hobble around like a 90 year old, I was miserable for 25 years!! Thin people or people who don't care about their own health, just don't understand people like us. We are extra special people and we need to take extra special care of ourselves, we have to work for our health and weight control, when some others have it easy and stay thin all of their lives.

Hang in their everyone, fight for your health and don't let others sway you, soon you will make your goals and then on to maintenance. Even when we stop eating the Nutrisystem foods, we will have to count our daily calories and be aware of what we put into our mouths in order to maintain our weight loss, never forget........this is for the rest of our lives, if we want to stay thin and healthy. Life is yourself like you love others!!.

Comment #36

Noralee you are an inspiration to so many of us! I just started Nutrisystem 4 days ago and so far I'm loving it. I did weight watchers 5 yrs ago and lost almost 50 pounds. I'm ashamed and embarrassed to say that I've gained almost all of it back. I decided to try Nutrisystem because of the fact that the food is already provided for you (except the add ins) which results in less time trying to figure out what to eat. I am encouraged by all the success stories I read on these boards. They keep me going.

I look forward to the day I am at my goal and can feel the pride and 'love for life' that you do..

Comment #37

Ahhhh.........thank you so much Texasgirl!! You too will have your success story to share with everyone. You weight loss will fly off faster then you realise. I too tried WW many amny times and felt sooo hungry. I felt hungry on every plan I tried. Nutrisystem gives us the canvas of convienient and healthy foods, to create a work of art with. We take their good foods, add our own fresh foods and create a masterpiece that is our health and happiness. Best wishes to you!!.

Comment #38


I would highly recommend reading the sticky posts at the top of the threads to learn about important information about the thread rules and other important Nutrisystem information. Ask questions, learn as much as you can and be prepared when you start. Being prepared is the best thing that you can do for yourself and your success..

Comment #39

Noralee, thank you so much for sharing your story!.

I just started Nutrisystem on Thursday, at 273 pounds. Most days I feel overwhelmed and I really do not like myself at all.

Reading your story gave me hope, thank you for your encouragement!.

Comment #40

Your very welcome for the encouragement. I really want to try my best to give back to others and spread the word that Nutrisystem really works. You will learn to like yourself and you will feel soooo much better. It's so fun to watch the pounds fall off. I weighed myself everyday because I wanted to watch myself shrink and it was incredible. I did hit a couple of platues, which is normal but then continued on with my weight loss. Hang tough, you can do are SOOOO worth it!!.

Comment #41

Thank you so much for your story. It's stories like yours that helps "newbie" like me on the right track. You should be very proud of your accomplishments!!!.

Comment #42

I am so very happy that I was able to help you stay focused and on track. It works and you can do this, you are worth the effort and you will feel incredible as the weight comes off and once you get to goal. Best wishes to you, keep up the fantastic work!!.


Comment #43

Hi all, .

I am a new member and I just wanted to say that I am thrilled because I have dropped two pounds after one week on the plan. I know that this is not going to be a sprint, but more of a distance race. It took time to put the weight on and it will take time to get it off. I feel that I am getting my head in the right place, as I know that unless I take the weight off, I will have severe health problems down the line. I just had my second child (actually, she'll be a year old next month) and it is important for me to a healthy and active dad for her. I'm not losing the weight primarily to look better, but to FEEL better and to extend my time on this planet.

I have found the discussion board is a good source of inspiration I just wish I had more time to read them all. Best wishes to you all let's make America lighter!.

Comment #44

Congratulations you are on your way to being a full fledged loser! The loser word sounds so much nicer in this site.

You have a great mindset, you can and will do this..

Make sure you take measurements of yourself and lots and lots of pictures, they will show the changes that sometimes the scale does not reflect..

Here is a great thread to view, it should inspire you when you have high and low points. The program works and here is a lot of proof..


Comment #45

Thank you sooo much for sharing your story with us. You have made one of the best investments in your life by joining Nutrisystem and working on extending your life and health. It is very true that "nothing tastes as good as thin feels". These days I feel like I am walking on air. My feet no longer hurt, I can wear sandals again with no foot pain, nothing hurts anymore. It's a good is good!! Keep in touch and do use the boards to keep yourself inspired and on track.

Best wishes to you!! Noralee.

Comment #46

Your story is extremely inspiring!!! I've almost lost my first 20 pounds, and I too have felt those feelings that you did... I am so looking forward to the FREEDOM that comes with being at a healthy weight!!!.

Comment #47

Thank you very much SarinasMommy!! You are doing a fantastic job with your weight loss. Don't you feel the difference? It will get better and better, I promise you. Stay faithful with the Nutrisystem program and you will reap the rewards!! Thank you for your post!!.

Your Nutrisister, .


Comment #48

Congratulations. I think you will find, if you have not already, that there are significant health benefits from losing weight. I'm focusing upon this as a lifestyle change and not a diet as I know when I'm not "eating out of the box," I will have to make wise choices. Nutrisystem has been very good at teaching these techniques..

I lost over 30 pounds about two years ago using the QVC program but then quit because I got tired of the standard items being shipped all the time, along with some other issues. I maintained my loss for two years using the techniques Nutrisystem taught. I was ready to begin again and I am so glad I did because I am so better able to deal with the knee problem issues. One pound of excess weight is equivalent to four pounds on the knee. I've lost a little over 20 pounds so that is the equivalent of 80 pounds of impact on my knees that is gone and is making life much easier. Looking at the total weight loss over the years of about 50 pounds lost, we are looking at about 200 pounds of knee impact gone. As Noralee says, life and health is much better with weight loss..

Keep up the good work..

Comment #49

For sharing your story with everyone. You are on your way and doing a fantastic job. I wish you the best and keep up the fantastic work.


Comment #50

I was just wondering how long it took you to lose 80lbs, .

Im on Nutrisystem (first day) and I have over 100 to lose...

So I was kind of just wondering..

Comment #51

It took me longer then most so you really can't gauge your weight loss on my weight loss. I was on the FLEX plan for over a year and I never exercised due to moderate osteoarthritis pain plus I don't like to do any kind of formal exercise, I just keep busy and keep moving to burn more calories. The average weight loss for the Nutrisystem program is 1/2 - 2 pounds per week. It also depends on your activity level and how faithful you are to the program. I aimed for 1200-1300 calories a day and I still lost weight. The Nutrisystem counselors recommended that I stay as close to 1200 a day as possible.

You will do great, I just know you will. Best wishes to you!!.

Comment #52

Thanks Noralee , I hope to lose at least 1 pound a day :P.

Comment #53

I'm sure you will do well!! If you stay faithful to your program then you can not fail. Keep in touch and best wishes to you!! .

Your Nutrisister,.


Comment #54

Noralee, you are an inspiration!!!! Thank you so much for sharing your story it is very encouraging. I started my Nutrisystem weight loss journey August 5, 2010 and I am determined to not only reach my goal but to live a healthier life..

Comment #55

Thank you thininaminute!! You have such a great attitude, you will deffinately suceed and you will feel fantastic!! I feel re-born and soooo healthy. I feel like I'm walking on air, I am so much lighter and feel so much better. Keep it up and you will be to your goal before you know it!!.

Best wishes to you, .


Comment #56

Thank you so much for sharing! You inspired me to keep the faith. Congrats on your weight loss! I am now presently having health issues I want to get rid of. Can't wait for my food to arrive this week..

Comment #57

Hello undetermined,.

You can do this, never give up hope. Nutrisystem works where other programs fail and believe me I have experience in that It's wonderful to be healthier and feel better. Keep up the good work. I'm glad that I gave you hope, that is my mission, to give others encouragement.

Best wishes, .


Comment #58

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