Telling others you're on Medifast?

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I'm only on day 5 but I'm finding myself reluctant to tell my co-workers that I'm on Medifast. I feel like since I so publicly announced my last diet (HCG), I don't want them to see me as a chronic yo-yo dieter. When they comment that my chicken noodle soup smells good and ask if it's Lipton, I lie and say yes. Anyone else out there a closet Medifast dieter? Do you plan to come out once your results are noticeable?.

Also, how can I project a timeline of how long my goal will take? Rates of loss are different for everyone, so should I just figure a pound a week as the slowest possible scenario? I know I shouldn't even pay attention to the time line. It'll take as long as it takes, but I need to know it won't take the rest of my life, know what I mean?.



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I told only the co-workers I am close with. I don't think it's anyone's business...unless you want them to know. I have successfully stayed on plan through several business lunches, birthdays and holidays and my co-workers are none the wiser. This has worked for me, you have to decide what will work for you. Some people do better when they tell others, I don't...

Comment #1

I haven't told my co-workers. They do notice that I lost weight, I just don't offer any info..

After I get to goal, if someone asks, I will tell them...

Comment #2

It does me more harm when I tell people what I am doing. for once, I am keeping it to myself and i'll let my results be the story. I did tell one good friend at work because we tend to go for a glass or two of wine after work and I didnt want her to tempt me...

Comment #3

The only people who know about my diet are my DH and my BFF. I've been doing this since February, and nobody has figured it out!.

My reason for keeping it quiet is that I work with the food police. They have comments on everyone's food (healthy or unhealthy) and I just didn't want to deal with it. I eat in my office quietly, and don't make a big deal of it. Only once has someone asked me when I was shaking up a shake, and I just said it was a protein shake and left it at that..

With my family, I didn't tell b/c I don't like the pressure (from my mom, especially) of people asking "so how's the diet? how much have you lost?" etc. I just like to lose weight quietly..

People have noticed I've lost weight, and when they ask how I just say "cutting back" or I joke and say "I just stopped eating!" If someone with a weight problem asked me sincerely, then I would tell the the truth of course. It's usually skinny people who ask though! LOL!!!..

Comment #4

I personally haven't told anyone except my cousin, but my boyfriend is so proud of me he is telling EVERYONE (which prompts a quick eye roll and waving off "like it's no big deal" from me)..

I am not very confident in myself, so I don't want people to think, "Oh, here she goes again, another diet. How long will this one last," even though this is the easiest program I've ever attempted and I am starting to say things like, "when I get to goal," instead of "if I get to goal.".

Do what makes you feel comfortable...

Comment #5

I guess you'll have to go with how you feel about this, and with a previous track record you might be more comfortable keeping it private for a while. Me, well, I work in a small office and there wouldn't be any hiding it even if I tried. At the very least they'd wonder why the brownies I'm nuking have that funny smell.

So everyone knows, and they are supportive and poke fun and complain and in general are coworkers.

Also the entire top of one of the 3-drawer-wide file cabinets in my office is covered in packets, blender parts, mugs, boxes of brownies and pretzels, and one box of Smooth Move tea with the label turned to the wall. The freezer is full of prepared brownies and tiny muffins. And I eat way too many egg beaters for a normal person...

Comment #6

As a company owner, I decided to just 'do' and not talk about it. After a few of my employees noticed what and when I ate, and the weight loss, they asked me what I was doing. I happily shared the program with them and two are now doing it also. It has helped me stay focused and lead by example. They are also doing very well on the program and I'm very proud of them...

Comment #7

I am lucky enough to work with about 10 different people who are on Medifast or have a family member on Medifast so talking about it is a great thing. We all share what's going on and how we are doing. It seems everytime I turn around someone else is on it. It has literally exploded in our town...

Comment #8

I share with everyone what I'm doing if they remark about my weightloss. No matter what their response is, my response is confident and proud of my accomplishment with Medifast...

Comment #9

I didn't make any big announcement, but it is no secret at work. I like it that way. I didn't want to have to feel furtive in the kitchen during lunch/breaks trying to hide my packets or camouflage my food. I get all kinds of support from the rest of the staff in the office and I hope I have inspired some people to make small changes in their habits as well. I think I have actually inspired one lady to start MF, but she is keeping it close to her chest, so I don't pry...

Comment #10

Everyone I know knows that I've been doing Medifast. They can't really give any critique because when I either mentioned that I was dieting or if I was asked about my weight loss, I always said something like, "I went to the Johns Hopkins Weight Loss Center, and the doctor recommended Medifast." That doesn't leave a whole lot of room for comments from any possible member of the peanut gallery...

Comment #11

DH & I are on it together. A few close friends and family know I'm on Medifast but to the rest I just say that I am dieting (if they ask, they usually don't)...

Comment #12

I told a couple of close friends that I was going on the plan, but I've just sort of let it come out naturally if it becomes a topic. I have a business retreat planned and am going to take my portable Medifast along and eat quietly and turn down the buffet quietly. If anyone asks, I'll tell them I'm on a diet. I don't see any shame in addressing my health issues. I've already felt and dealt with the shame of getting to this weight, and there's no reason to go back down that road..

I've had only one person who made it an issue, and I shut her down. Afterward, I reminded myself that it is HER issue, not mine. I'm the one responsible for my body, and I'm not going to base my life on what someone who wants to be rude and control me has to say...

Comment #13

I agree Jennifer38. Medifast is the program my doctor recommended for me last year, so it's easy to say I'm on the eating plan my doctor recommended. I'm actually a bit of an open book so all of my friends and family know I'm specifically on Medifast.

Since this is my doctor's recommended solution, there really isn't anything anyone could say! Isn't that a nice thing about Medifast?.

I am a big believer in sharing the truth about what really works. If you have success on MF, please tell other people about it so that they can share in the wonderful benefits of a plan that is healthy and works.


Comment #14

There are a number of co-workers (in my and other departments) who are on MF. They all have the same coach and are doing it through Fit for Life or something like that. I decided I wanted to do it my way, using the Medifast site and you all for support. So far so good, and I've only told two people that I'm doing it (one on MF, one not). I have asked that they not share I am doing the program because I have found in my office that people are always on one diet or another, and in constant competition with one another. I wanted to choose one program (I've actually never been on any kind of weight loss program before), and the only competition I have is myself, which is hard enough.

I make soups and oatmeal in the office microwave during the day, and it just seems normal to everyone. I plan on being on this program for 6 months to lose all the weight I need to lose, and I'm sure others will find out...though we did have a bbq, and nobody seemed to notice I had an L&G (turkey burger w/tomato, small salad).

What is ironic is that if I didn't find out that people were doing Medifast (and doing really well on it) here at work, I never would have decided to do it myself..

Perhaps after I lose about 20 or so pounds, I'll feel more inclined to talk about and recommend it...

Comment #15

My entire office knows. for me it helps having them know because they keep me in check. for instance, I grabbed some almonds yesterday and one of my co-workers came up to me and said "wait, you can't have that" I explained that I could as a snack...Anyway, it is way more tolerable being here all day and having them know...

Comment #16

Im a SAHM but I still dont share what I'm doing to lose weight. I have only told my SIL what I am doing aside from my DH of course. People at church ask how Im losing weight so fast and what Im doing. I usually just say the ELF diet,(eat less food), or I just tell them I am making healther choices and eat more meals a day with smaller portions. I am right?? =)..

Comment #17

I haven't shared my Medifast experience with anyone at work. I get enough of their useless opinions about not eating meat so I reallllly don't need to hear about this on top of it. They would be supportive, but this is precious to me and I don't want to feel self conscious or have "helpful" comments about what I am doing. They have noticed and I simply say I eat smaller meals throughout the day and work out. If one of them needed help I'd pull them aside if they asked for my advice. I just keep my bars in a baggy and I bring my shake pre-made to work...

Comment #18

I did share, but only with those who I frequently lunched with - and you know what. It inspired some of them to make sure they bring their lunches. That way they can eat healthier and save money.

I and Medifast have been a positive influence on them. I think if you are comfortable with some people - SHARE! You know who you trust and who you don't. Like someone else said, it's good to share to some people, think about how much they will thank you if they are a Medifast success story some day!..

Comment #19

If people ask I tell them I am on Medifast. I don't really care what most people think. I am doing this for me and me alone. We will always have those people that judge in our lives I guess I just have learned to ignore them.

Believe me I have spent too many years caring what others thought about me and it just really doesn't matter in the end. What does matter is that I am doing this and getting healthy and will out live them all. HEEEHEEEHHAAHAAA (manical laugh). I also just hit a milestone birthday and have lost my ability to keep my craziness to myself...

Comment #20

I work closely with quite a few people in a "pit office", so theres really no privacy. They dont know exactly what I'm doing, but they know that every 2.5 hours I need to eat. They have gone so far as send out relief when I'm in the field for more than 3 hrs so I can get back and have a meal..

Conversely, they also continuously put chocolate donuts on my keyboard and order pizza nearly every day, but you take what support you can get, along with the friendly ribbing...

Comment #21

I've told a few, specifically those I often eat lunch with. If I decide at some point to tell people who don't currently know, then ok...until then, it's none of their business...

Comment #22

I have not told my coworkers that I'm doing this. Where I work, if you share anything about dieting or that your giving up certain foods they obsess about it. Are you supposed to eat that? What's that? Aren't you hungry?.

I just make my shakes in the morning, bring them in thermos and put them into the fridge. I don't even think they notice what I'm doing, which is good for me. Just my 2 cents...

Comment #23

I might have to punch someone if they put a chocolate donut on my desk right now...

Comment #24

Oh yes, lol, I announced it outright - loudly and boldly, and asked everyone for their support. I didn't want to hide anymore - I just wanted my truth to be out there. And you know what? I have had nothing but unwavering support from my co-workers and team. Makes me so proud and feel so blessed every day...

Comment #25

People have been asking me how I'm losing the weight, so I just tell them all about MF. I don't really hide it from anyone. I get lots of great support from my colleagues. I'm a teacher, and we have plenty of social events, faculty meetings with goodies, etc., so it was bound to come up when I don't indulge with everyone else...

Comment #26

I hope your hand didn't hurt to much after you smacked her!!! LOL!!!!!!!!..

Comment #27

I've been selective about who I tell. Generally, if I feel someone asks just to make conversation, I tell them I'm eating small amounts of packaged food frequently and drinking a lot of water. Not to sound sexist here, but some of the women in my office are the most likely ones to press for details. Generally they're the same women who think they're fat at 100 pounds and are trying to lose from a size 2 to a size 0. I really don't want to get involved with their body image issues and Medifast isn't for them..

There are exceptions. Just this week a very dear, very obese coworker came in my office, closed the door and asked for help. I gave her a few days worth of Medifast from my office stash and showed her this site. She's going to decide over the weekend if this is right for her and see her doctor first. I'm more than happy to share anything I've learned about this plan with her. Same is true for the 350# project manager who cornered me after a meeting last week.

That sounds a little judgmental I guess: that I'm picking and choosing who's "worthy" of hearing the Medifast story, but I really hate office gossip and idle chit chat, so I guess I try to build a little bit of a wall.

My 2 cents,.


Comment #28

I'm not out at work.

I eat soup for lunch and bars for am/pm snack, and nobody seems to notice...

Comment #29

I'm keeping it to myself.. this one is for me. I prepare everything at home and bring the shakes in the magic bullet containers pre-made. DH & DS know, for me that's enough...

Comment #30

ROFLMAO!!! Ok, that is my "ALL TIME FAVORITE"!!!! I MUST write that one down!.

You have EARNED IT! YOUr loss is incredible!!..

Comment #31

Absolutely I do. I work with a very social group...potlucks almost every week, going out for ever imaginable occasion. Most are thin or at least a normal body weight. And you know what? They are THRILLED and so supportive!.

Pot lucks? I either bring coffee if it is a breakfast occasion, and will sip on it, or Medifast hot cocoa. Lunch I either bring my own LG meal, or a salad to share and will have rest of LG with hubby in the evening.

And going out? I am "high maintenance" and ask a lot of questions and have found out any restaurant we go to will accomodate me.

For me, going public means I am serious. If I kept it to myself, I would feel I am using that as a safety net in case I fall. By everyone else knowing...I cannot blow it...

Comment #32 family knows that I am watching my weight. No specifics.

My closest friend at work knows. I am very careful not to discuss dieting in front of my students. I am a firm believer that the majority of teenagers should not diet...just eat healthy and exercise I don't want a kid who looks up to me who only has a few pounds to lose, to go on this type of diet. It isn't for them..

My older students do know I have food allergies and assume that when I am eating my soy pretzels instead of pizza or whatever, it is because of my allergies.

My BF is super supportive and agrees not to have bread or chips the table when we go out to eat..

I have not discussed the details with my friends. Tonight I went out for dinner for one of my friends 50 th. I had a salad with a grilled chicken breast. I did ask one of my friends who is doing WW to STAB my knuckles with a fork if I went for a piece of cake or dessert. I had a handful of nuts (and saved my snack for that).

Today, I did tell a friend who wants to lose weight. We'll see what she does with it!..

Comment #33

Does the JH weight loss center actually recommend Medifast or did you make this up?..

Comment #34

Everyone I work with thinks I just eat a lot of soup, granola bars, and salad, which isn't exactly a complete lie...

I think it comes down to your work environment. I work with about 20 other people and it is gossip CENTRAL. I chose not to fuel the flames... When I first started, I was kind of embarrassed about it all. Now it just seems weird to be like, "Oh by the way, these bars aren't from the dollar store, they're Medifast bars!".

I love and adore my coworkers, but is it really their business? Nah...

Comment #35

This is me to a T! I will occasionally bring puffs sometimes too in a plastic baggie or mixed up cappucino in a coffee mug. There are many ways to go incognito! Haha...

Comment #36


I've only been on Medifast for a week. I guess you would call me a Closet Medifaster! My sister is my main support in this. We are doing this together, but as for co-worker. Nah! My assistant knows about it, but that's it. In fact there is a guy at work that likes to bring breakfast a lot. So a week ago I asked him to stop bringing it cause I had bought me some breakfast food at home that I really wanted to eat! Today he commented on it and said, what are you trying to do lose weight.

I thought to myself YEAH!!!!! DUH! But I just kind-of laughed him off. I feel like this is for me. Its not about everyone on the web or everyone in the office. Its about me and my sister...this is our journey, and at the end of everyday, it's all that matters...oh and ofcourse a lb or two less everyday! Maybe that is wishful thinking!.

Anyway, so good luck to you, and if your co-workers won't be 100% supportive just do it for YOU! Afterall, that's the most important person right!..

Comment #37

I only told one person at work and only then because I thought she may want to do it with me. But she didn't. She's a good friend though and doesn't tell others..

Finally after I had lost 35# a different coworker mentioned that I had lost weight. She was complementary and supportive, but I didn't tell her how I was losing. Occassionally now she asks me how much I've lost. I just say, "A lot." I'm not even half way to my goal and I really don't want to tell people how much I've lost or how much I will have lost when I get to my goal. Maybe by the time I get there I'll shout it from the rooftops, but for now I don't..

I eat my L&G at work in the employee cafeteria. Choices are not always perfect but close enough for me to work with it. Mid-morning I eat oatmeal or cranberry drink and no one thinks twice about it. Afternoons I eat a bar or some puffs at my desk, again no one pays any attention...

Comment #38

I am totally out at work! It was easy for me to talk to people because there have been several that have been on it at some point. However, I did get the "yeah, you lose weight, but you gain it back" comments in the beginning. That was only from one person who saw those who lost it gain it back because they quit cold turkey and did not do the transition and maintenance program.

I get a lot of support and I am constantly being asked what my new total is and being given compliments. One of my coworkers always says "Hey skinny" whenever she sees me. I think it has really helped me become accountable by telling people. It has also made me more determined to keep it off!..

Comment #39

One of my coworkers recently lost about 40 pounds doing the Six Week Body Makeover which is 6 small meals a day, but tons of prep/cooking I am barely able to do the L&G and knew it wasnt an option I actually ordered it once, a few years ago, unpacked it, looked at it, then put it in the garage and happily sold it at a yard sale - too much work!.

Anyway, I didnt tell anyone outside my immediate department for weeks - once they started commenting on seeing a difference, I was very open about it. I even offered to two who were inquirig that if they ordered and didnt like it, said I would buy the food from them since I know I'll be using it for a long time- even on maintenance, it's so easy!! I did let my immediate department know the first week because there's a lot of stress eating and trolling for chocolate at 4pm and I wanted support to stay away from it..

They have all been great and really supportive -.

I didn't go out socially for the first month or so, and was very nervous the first time - having dinner at a lovely place with some foodies - who didn't understand why I wasn't having wine with dinner - but I got through it. And today I bought some jeans in a smaller size than my skinny jeans - incentive! I got them on - and could probably wear them - just a little snug, but that'll change!.

Oh, and my hubby has been wonderfully supportive all along - it's been a great experience!..

Comment #40

Medifast is not well known in my area so people are not very receptive to a meal replacement weight loss program. Most of my coworkers think that Medifast is too expensive and a crutch to lose weight which will not work in the long run. I have decided that it doesn't matter what they think because this is for me. However, there are a couple close friends who know how important this goal is for me and are cheering me on. I continue to tell them this program works and they are seeing the results. My husband and family are my biggest supporters and are as thrilled as I am with the program...

Comment #41

I didn't tell my coworkers. They think I was on South Beach. I didn't feel like explaining myself...

Comment #42

OMG!!! Everything you've said here is soooo true and a reason why I have not mentioned Medifast to more than 2 people. That and the fact that in the past when I would announce to all my friends ( ALL of them are skinny) that I was dieting, all of the sudden they want to go out more and annoy me with stupid things like " This cake is low fat ...why can't you have this?" or " That's all you eat? I could never be on a diet!"....etc......

This time it's my thing, I don't need no external input and I'll see you around at goal when I'm no longer the Fat girlfriend to run to with issues! Sexy and slim is on it's way and I'm putting all the Skinny girls on notice! Roaaaar!..

Comment #43

I just do what I feet comfortable with and you should too. When I started back to school as a teacher in Sept. some people made comments about my weight loss but didn't ask questions so I gave no info. I didn't want questions either so I put my pretzels, etc, in a baggie and ate my bars without the wrap around them. I don't do that anymore, because enough people have found out that I figure everybody knows now. As I continued to lose weight, the questions started coming and I answered them honestly but didn't offer any more info.

I am proud of what I am doing and happy with the Medifast program, so I don't "hide" info. out of shame or anything. I am just kind of private. Those people who have asked me what I am doing to lose the weight because they want to know what program shows such great success and they are considering trying MF, I give all the info. they want.

Those who give me warnings about the diet based on what they think they know about it, I try to educate a little and reassure them that I am a wise and careful person who wouldn't do anything stupid like starving myself. Those who make a comments about me looking great, I just say thank you and don't offer any more info. The word will probably get out eventually no matter what you do so just do what you are comfortable with...

Comment #44

That's actually true. The center has different options, but Medifast is the one that was recommended for me and the program that most people are on there..

Thanks, Adele!..

Comment #45

My co-workers will ask what I'm drinking when I pull out my blender bottle, but most don't ask. My supervisor knows cause we chit chat a bit here and there and commiserate about how mean our personal trainers are (just kidding, I love my PT). And one of my team members will periodically ask me how it's working, but most just go about their own business really. People in the NW are kinda that way, not really busy in other people's lives.

If people ask, I tell them, otherwise I don't volunteer it.

As for timelines, I don't set lose X pounds by Y date, because I know that if I fail at meeting it I will get discouraged. I gained one pound the week I started exercising and had to fight myself tooth and nail to get my butt going back to the gym. Came back the next week to a 6.5 pound loss. I know this will take a while, transition alone will be 16 weeks. But no matter how long it takes, I am determined to get there.

Don't get me wrong, I've had thoughts in my head "wouldn't it be nice if I were 220 by the time my conference came around?" But I never set that as a goal because it's unrealistic. If you're able to set realistic goals (I'm clearly not :P ) then more power to you. My conference is in one week, and last Sunday I weighed in at 248, no where near the 220 that I was halfway hoping for. Realistically, I'll be happy at this point if I make it to 240, but even this close to the date I'm still not setting that as a goal. I would have been crushed had I set 220 as a real goal and missed it by over 20 pounds.

For some, mini-goals are a great motivator. For me, and my unrealistic expectations, they're a deterrent. You just have to figure out which group you fall into...

Comment #46

Not judgemental at all. If those who don't need to lose go on this plan they are being irresponsible. I was so pleased to read you shared some meals, that was really nice!.

I am planning on doing the same thing, to "Thin" people I eat small meals more frequently, to someone heavy I am going to tell them Medifast..

Comment #47

WOW! I did not know that-thanks for the info! I went and checked out the JH weight loss center website but it didn't list the plans. Do know where a link to their weight loss options is?..

Comment #48

I started out with the believing I would not tell anyone other than my husband, mother, and daughter. However, when it came to turning down those off limit foods I just went ahead and said; I am on Medifast right now. I can't wait until the results are so obvious that other might want to join me on this program. I am loving it...

Comment #49

Many of my coworkers know. I've lost enough weight that everyone noticed. I also work in a very obese office. Many of the ladies I work with are significantly overweight. (We had to stop having fire drills because we always had at least one person go out on disability after being asked to walk down several flights of stairs for the drill.) When they ask about what I've done, I tell them because most of them have a sincere desire to lose weight themselves. I'll point them to the website, give them my opinion of the plan, and let them know I'll be happy to answer more questions if they are interested.

I don't want to be selfish and tell them I won't reveal my secrets but at the same time, I'm not going to shove it down their throats. This plan or any significant weight loss plan takes dedication and you have to be ready to do it 100%. And you have to be ready to do it for you. Having someone else tell you to lose weight is the worst feeling in the world. So I make the information available but I'd never hand someone a quick start guide and say, "I think you should do this.".

No one has been negative or told me I'm starving myself. I did finally tell my family that I was no longer giving them loss updates. They were starting to get a little over-invested in my scale numbers. If I had a slow week, someone would start to explain plateaus....and then I would have to tell them that 3 days is NOT a plateau and so on...

Comment #50

I lost 50 pounds on Medifast two years ago and unfortunately gained it back. I felt like I let all of my weight loss supporters at work down, but no one really said anything because I had a major injury and it was pretty obvious I was not exercising and eating comfort foods..

I kept telling myself that when I could start my walking program again, I would recommit to MF. Well...that never happened. I got the opportunity to apply for a temporary promotion at work, and I knew if I was eating crap I wouldn't be able to handle the pressures of this new job. So, the day after the interview I started back on MF. I didn't get the job, but in two weeks I had lost 16 pounds....

I still haven't been able to restart my walking program, but I do have a lot more energy. People at work are noticing again, so yes I do tell them that I am back on MF. Because I am also diabetic, if someone asks I emphasis that I'm doing it for my diabetes, not say it's to lose weight. My blood sugars, by the way, are back down to normal...yeah!.

This may seem weird, but I am hesitant to recommend Medifast to anyone. I remember when I first started the program thinking that the reason it works is because the food tastes so bad that eating your LG is like eating a gourmet meal. LOL.

At work, I don't do "the packets." I make Medifast cookies for my morning and afternoon meals. I use a sea shell baking pan, so they look really pretty. I do a bar and veggies for lunch. I do keep some shakes on hand for emergencies (when my blood sugars get too low)...

Comment #51

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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