Taste in my mouth from Medifast?

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I'm only in my 2nd week and the first week wasn't to bad but this second week is killing me the taste in my mouth I just can't get rid of it! Anyone have any tricks other than frequent brushing and gum?..

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Gum's not so good because it's so limited - you can only have a couple pieces, and then your snack is gone for the day!.

Brushing frequently sounds like a good idea though. Sorry you're having this!..

Comment #1

You get used to it after a while but what I do is just drink more water more often to keep my mouth refreshed.. it doesnt really get better but it's worth it !!..

Comment #2

Maybe something a little stronger than brushing like listerine rinse?..

Comment #3

I was subbing yesterday and an autistic boy asked my if I had brushed my teeth!!! AHHH>>>out of the mouth of babes!!..

Comment #4

Omg thats too funny....

I am reminded of the teeth whitening commercial where the teacher is going through all of the colors and she points to her teeth and the kids are like.

" white....mother of pearl".


Comment #5

I tell myself it's the taste of weight loss. Doesn't make it go away, but it does make me feel better...

Comment #6

I'm a big fan of Listerine Breath Strips. They have 0 cal, 0 carbs per strip. Personally I feel that even if I have several of these a day, the net carbs I'm taking in from them is worth having fresh breath! They work better than anything I've found except actually brushing (which is hard to do when I'm out and about)...

Comment #7

Gah! I've been frustrated with this today too. Not only do I feel like I have horrible breath, but it also feels like I have thick, sludgy saliva. Blech. And believe me, I am drinking PLENTY of water LOL!.


Comment #8

Thank you everyone for your advice. Guess I'm off to buy a mini tube of toothpaste and toothbrush container for my purse. LoL Happy OP Tuesday!..

Comment #9

Ive always liked the Listerene Strips as well....nice n small for the purse.....

Comment #10

Oh and I thought I was the only one who had this endless awful taste in my mouth. Honestly, it got to the point where I just had to quit for a bit because the taste in my mouth was so bad. Lots of people said it would go away, but it never would. Didn't matter how much I brushed. Gum helped while I was chewing it, but as soon as I tossed it out, that taste was back. And it just stayed! I thought it was maybe the meds I have to take, or from the food - like something was just making it stick around.

Am I just doomed to be one of those special people that it sticks with?? Hope not. Wish me luck on another try...

Comment #11

My mouth tastes like metal or baking powder and even if I drink water, the water tastes the same way. My tongue feels funny too...

Comment #12

You could also get those mini toothbrushes that are portable and you don't need water. I think Colgate makes them. I use all the Listerine breathstrips, too. I use a breath spray as well. I think drinking lots of water helps. Personally I think it's the worst when I wake up in the middle of the night and it feels like my mouth is full of sand. *L*..

Comment #13

I don't even notice it anymore. My mouth does taste sweet if I think about it, but I asked DH if it smelled strange or bad and he said no and nobody else has said anything. My mouth kind of tastes like the aftertaste orange Tictacs. Maybe I lucked out in that department...

Comment #14

Water helps me, but I am so self conscious about my breath and if others are offended by it. I'm getting those listerine strips...

Comment #15

I have a metallic taste and the feeling of a burned tongue. It's white too. Pretty cute...

Comment #16

Yes, I had it as well! UGH! I have heard about a great mouthwash "Smart Wash". Here is a link to some various mouth rinses. I think I need to get some tomorrow... I am in maintenance but still eating Medifast everyday..


Comment #17

After the first week or so, I started getting this metallic taste in my mouth that reminded me of blood. It was horrible and awful, so those of you who get the sweet taste should rejoice :P Hmm, I wonder if that has anything to do with why some of us hate the oatmeal?.

I called Johnson and Johnson on the Listerine Strips, and they said 0 carbs period, not less than 1, etc. because I specifically asked. Very very nice to know! Adding these to my shopping list lol...

Comment #18

I got the listerine strips, thanks for the suggestion. Another benefit of them - if you are craving food, they make your mouth feel so fresh you won't want to eat at that very moment...

Comment #19

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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