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I register a domain containing more than 1 TM word, like for example.

What would be the next possible scenario if all the 3 companies find the domain being used?..

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Three times the chances of receiving a C&D.

Three times the chances of WIPO.

Three times the chances of being sued...

Comment #1

Lol, fair enough.

I'm fairly new to domaining and unknown about legal dispute matters, so I'm very curious to also know what be their case if the website has content totally different, like about mountain rocks.

And to whom would the domain go to finally?.

In this type of suing, do family members of the registrant and their belongings get involved to?..

Comment #2


1. If the owner had a mountain rock site but had Microsoft-Cisco-Apple ads on it, he/she would be open to all kinds of TM trouble.

2. The domain would probably go to the deepest pocket, the company most willing to take the owner to court.

3. Depends on the owner's Jurisdiction. The owner should speak with his/her lawyer.

The best advice: the owner should probably just release the domain back into the wild west of domainland.


Comment #3

Heh, that question doesn't even matter among the parties (possibly) involved. One question is what will.

Any of them do to you if they decide to make an issue what you're intending to do...

Comment #4

If I don't intend to profit by any placement of ads, then what would they do?.

I am not thinking from the point to register and see what happens to me.

Suing, etc. will definately come in the picture to face from 1 company if I use it's TM word to generate money for myself.

But if I use a domain as I mentioned above, without placing any ad banners on the website - therefore I am not generating any money for myself by only displaying offtopic content. Then how much interest would all the three companies show to stop / sue me? Do they see to get something out of it because neither of them would acquire the domain to use it because there other TM words involved.

I'm trying to understand the company/human psyche and also the TM law behind the possible eventual course of actions or lack shown thereof by putting a different situation.

Their case would be solely that I have used their TM names? Nothing else, correct? But if I am sitting in Tibet or some other small country, what then...

Comment #5

It doesn't matter if you have an apartment in New York City or you are living in the Amazon jungle. All domains are within reach of a WIPO decision.

If the site content truly is different than what a TM holder sells and your site is legit, there is a chance that you'll get to keep the domain. There is a common sense element to it though. You can't put up photos of puppies and kittens on and expect to keep it. In fact, there probably isn't much you could put on that domain and be considered legit...

Comment #6

The courts would decide the company with the priority claim& The others would either have to abide buy it or appeal the decision, eventually there would only be one owner, The parties could reach an out of court settlement and agreement , They can sue you win be awarded damages etc but it's only enforceable in countries that are part of any agreement&..

Comment #7 EXPIRED 17-oct-2009 but it still shows up as unavailable and registered to Network Solutions!.

You can visit NameJet and back-order it in case it becomes available. It has never been anything besides a spam/parked page that sells ads for Google Inc or another. I will use this in evidence in my lawsuit.!.

Network Solutions dba NameJet is all they really are as they HIDE their true Identity. They did not exist when Network Solutions violated my rights with two domains in 2003.

Hmm microsoftrewards should be pending delete. No it should already be deleted. The registrar Network Solutions still owns it and will still let you back-order it if you agree to a back-order charge even if it never becomes available. It should be available but it got stuck in redemption period lock for 40 days and never got to pending delete?.


Domain industry is a complete fraud! THE SKY IS FALLING.


This forum is a wealth of evidence!.

Thanks guys.

Edited but first saved as a signed PDF I can use in evidence!.


Comment #8

Oh don't worry. If no one bids on the expired domain name, then Network Solutions will delete it and.

Switch it to redemption period and all.

It just takes a little understanding. But I suppose it's one thing to understand, it's another to accept it...

Comment #9

This is getting out of hand..

Curtis, you are completely wrong about just about everything in your arrogant,angry, and self serving post.

1. The name is in redemption at the Registry because it was deleted by Network Solutions. NSI is not hiding it, trying to keep it, or trying to own it. It got DELETED.

2.Redemption Period is 30 days, not 40.

3. Nobody wanted the name at NameJet, obviously.

4. NameJet is NOT Network Solutions, nor is NameJet some offshoot of Network Solutions. Namejet is a completely separate and unrelated company that contracted with NSI to handle expiring names.

5. You, Curtis, are the complete fraud... not the rest of us. If you do not like this forum....


I was trying to be understanding and patient with you before and even tried to help you but Curtis, you are too damaged to help. Not trying to be cruel, but that is an obvious fact. Your megalomania style rants are sounding more and more desperate and depraved as time goes on. Please, go away...

Comment #10

Thread closed as it's going out of hand and OP's question has been answered.

Curtis: please don't post any more rants on threads. It gets out of hand, and you can use your own website for this purpose. This is a professional forum and we'd like to keep it civil...

Comment #11

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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