Stupid zoom ?
What Nikon lens would I have to get for the d40 to equal my 12x optical (36-432mm) Sony h-1? How would the 55-200mm Nikon lens compare?..

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To equal the range of the lens on your Sony, the Nikon D40 would need a lens with a range of 24mm to 288mm. Since the D40 has a crop ratio of 1.5, this lens then would equal the zoom rang of the Sony 36-432mm lens. I do not believe you will find a lens for the Nikon with a 24 to 288mm range. You would need two or more individual lenses.Judy.

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This is just to add to what Judy has already said..

All zoom lenses are a compromise, especially at the wide angle and telephoto extremes. The longer the zoom range, the greater the compromises and therefore the worse the optical quality. For this reason, most professional zoom lenses are only 3x or less, e.g 24-70mm or 70-200mm, and the best quality lenses of all are fixed focal length primes..

On a fixed lens camera like your Sony you don't have any choice - you are stuck with the lens that comes with the camera. On a DSLR you can use different lenses for different requirements.Chris R..

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I was going to get 18-55 55-200mm I guess I will get the 18-55, 70-300mm.I want to get atleast the same distance my 12x zoom gets me...

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All lenses are full of compromises (called design choices)..

There are a number of excellent 18-200mm (11X) at about ($400-800), 18-250mm (14x) at about $500 and 28-300 (price depends on mfg and features like VC) zooms on the market..

Any of them would produce better images on your d-slr than a similar zoom ratio on your P&S camera. Between the bigger sensor and the ability to crop, you could easily get far more usable images from them.Van..

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I have the H2 and no matter what anyone says... put the 1758 tele on there and you have 730mm at F3.5... It is gonna be real hard to come close to that with a DSLR lens. Cost wise that is.....

But it is a small sensor/compromise __bla_______bla___________..

I have the Pentax K100d. Also 6mp and to get the range of the sony I ended up with the 18-55 kit and a 70-300 tamron. It is 5.6 at the long end not 3.5 like the sony, but you can push up the ISO and still get the clean shot..

I also just picked up an old 400 mm vivitar for $60 and was able to get a better moon shot than I ever did with my sony..

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The 70-300 was the cheapest option for me to match the sony range at the long end. I have heard good things about the tamron 18-250 as a one lens option. Not sure what the Nikon equivalent would be..

For me, I think I am going to concentrate on the best prime lenses from now on and not try to extend my long end zooms..


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Yes but zoom lens comes in handy. you might not have time to change the lens if the zoom lens doesn't have enough zoom or prime lens, then you might the moment. that's one of my biggest concern about buying lenses.

Chris R-UK wrote:.

This is just to add to what Judy has already said..

All zoom lenses are a compromise, especially at the wide angle andtelephoto extremes...

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The nearest you will get will be the forthcoming Tamron 18-250mm AF-S..

It is not just zooms that are a compromise. All lenses are a compromise..

I strongly suggest anyone considering what zoom range to buy goes back to their existing photo collection. That will tell you what focal length you use most and you will know whether you feel that cramps your style..

Chris Elliott.

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Razataz wrote:.

I was going to get 18-55 55-200mm I guess I will get the 18-55,70-300mm.I want to get atleast the same distance my 12x zoom gets me..

LOL ... to get anything close to 400... it won't be cheap ... 80-400 + 18-135 ... or something like that ....

Richard Herbert, Monterey CAStandout from conformity, 'Only a dead fish swims with the current.'..

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