stuck with trying to figure out a camera
Trying to find a decent superzoom digicam and we are having a hard time debating which one to get..

So far it seems to be between two canon cams. the sx100 is, and the S5 is or a panasonic Lumix DMC-TZ5..

It just seems everytime we read smoe reviews on it our mind changes as to which one to get and so any help would be welcome here...

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They are all good, and each has their own pro's and con's. I doubt you'd be disappointed with any of them. You have to figure out which feature set is most accommodating to your needs. I would recommend going to a store and handling all of them. You'll probably find you have a preference for one over the others. Go with that one..

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Try a used Pentax DS or 100D with a Tamron 18-250 attached..

Little more expensive but you'll send me flowers for suggesting it..

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Budget ? .

Priority Uses ? .

Size Requirements ? .

For Prints, and what typical sizes ? .

You need to tell us this, because two cameras you mention are large and one is small. Two of them can be controlled manually, one cannot. They have different advantages and disadvantages..


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Sorry I guess that does help doesn't it .

Budget was we hoped 200 or under but ended up going to a max of around 250 for the cams..

Size of the camera doesn't matter much as long as it is fairly portable..

As far as use honestly nothing particular. Just random stuff here and there or hey let me grab a picture of you or this might look cool. Only thing we have set for the camera is we have a baby on the way so obvious baby pictures there and that also means we would want the ability to do movies as we do not have a camcorder. High def recording at this time though serves no point as neither us or anyone we know can make use of it other then on the computer..

Most the stuff we take pictures of just ends up on the computer with a few pictures being sent off to get prints of though usually those just end up as 4x6, though with the baby I'm sure we would get larger prints. still though general would be 4x6 and computer..

This is mostly for my wife as her old camera (small cheap sony cam) bit the dust. She does enjoy taking pictures and I know the ones I have been looking at are probably overkill for what she commonly uses it for at this time, but with that my logic is she does enjoy taking pictures and always has wanted to learn more about photography and so this way if we get a decent camera to start with she could learn a little more about pictures without the camera being a limiting factor while yet not spending a good 500 bucks on a camera and then finding out it was way more then she needed. So yeah something she can grow into here for at least the next couple years so the hope is and then go from there and see if she wants something better at that point..

I hope this helps a little more there..

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We did see the sx100 at the store at least, but didn't have much time to play with it, but the other two we have no idea about on how they work how good they are or how they compare..

Can anyone maybe give a hand here? my wife is getting a little antsy here. I wish I could be of more help here with this but I don't know much about camera's and while she knows a little more then I she hasn't played with them in a few years and is a little rusty ..

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My wife had a choice of cameras, from P&S to large format. She didn't like the image quality from the P&S cameras. Didn't like the size of the DSLR's or large format film cameras..

I bought her many different camera bodies, trying to find the one that'd make her happy.on.

Thankfully, I bought her the Canon S3 IS and she loves it. My wife volunteers a bit in our community, Field Trips, Little league concession stand, etc..

I swear, it seems like every-other Mom now has an S3 or S5..

Any of the three cameras you mentioned will perform well. I'm partial to the Canon for obvious reasons. It made her happy..

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That's my goal right now. she is pregnant and emotional about losing her old one so at this point ANYTHING to make her happy will make life easier and better for me as well ..

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