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As they say "OMG!".

This past week or so has been a real struggle, and I'm finding it hard to maintain the urge to continue. I'm doing my best to organize everything so that it's not difficult to stay OP but I keep road blocking myself in one way or another.

First, having only 1 lean and green a day has become increasingly difficult. Mostly due to the fact that I'm obligated to sit in the teachers lounge for lunch every afternoon at school. It's not a written obligation, but it's expected that you come to eat. My director and co-teachers know that I'm on a special diet, so they don't ask me why I'm not partaking in the rice dishes anymore, but they still make a fuss about where I am if I'm not in the teachers lounge eating lunch with them.

It would be just fine to have my lean and green at lunch everyday on the weekdays and drink medifast while at home at night. The only problem with that is my S.O.

He never knows when he's going to have free time, so making plans with him is like trying to catch a butterfly in a bottomless bucket. Usually our time together in the evening consists of, that's right, you got it, DINNER. GAH! Given enough time we'd be able to work something out, but he's only got 2 weeks left until he has to enter military camp to complete his obligatory military service for 1 month. I want to see him as much as possible.

I considered stopping medifast for the next two weeks (I still have a month supply, and I'm only 10lbs shy of my goal), exercising more often during that time, and then restarting medifast after he leaves for his military duty. This would allow me to eat lunch with my co-workers and director, and not have to worry about whether or not there's going to be a dinner date that night (and I never know until an hour or two before we meet. Convenient, right?).

Opinions, suggestions, advice?..

Comments (25)

Rather than quit, why not do a 4&2? 4 Medifast and 2 l&g. You may experience slower losses than you might on the 5&1, but it's certainly a better option than quitting so close to goal...

Comment #1

I thought about that for a while.

But then I considered that if I ruin my ketosis run by doing 2&4 improperly somehow, then I'm wasting my MF.

Also, if I go out of ketosis and then begin my 1 month medifast again it'll take me 3 days to get back in it, and I'll have the rest of the month knowing that I'm doing right by the Medifast plan.

I lost 15 lbs in the first month, I don't suspect (if I eat well, and act as though I'm in transition) that I'll gain weight back during the 2 weeks, and I'll start fresh again in November.

That was kind of my thinking there. I don't know why I'm so nervous about 2&4. For some reason, to me, it feels like a waste of MF. I would feel like I was cheating the entire month since my original plan was to do 5&1 for 2 months. Ugh! Decisions, decisions!.

*Edit* I'll also add, though I'm not sure why, that when I suggested quitting for 2 weeks to my S.O. he was absolutely, dead-set against it. It kind of hurt my feelings (should it have?) which makes me want to stop for those 2 weeks even more. -_- Must be that time of month...

Comment #2

4&2 is not cheating, and if you follow the plan you will stay in ketosis. You're replacing a higher-carb item (a Medifast meal) with a lower-carb item (protein) and a med-carb item (veggie). It works out just fine...

Comment #3

Hm. It sounds good. I should definitely consider it!.

Another worry I have about it though, is that the majority of the foods I eat here are not documented in our Medifast food library. (Kimchi, octopus, tofu products, black curry), and I have noooooooo idea what's in it. Well, other than the octopus, that's kind of 'Duh'.

I've looked up a few of the things online, but there are so many variations to the dishes that it's hard to tell which one I should use.

Since I can't document well exactly what kind of everything that I'm putting into my body (My best bet is portion control, and avoidance of bread/rice/potatoes/ and carrots) I'm scared of overdoing it on the 2&4. That's why I would feel like cheating. If anyone has any suggestions on this, I'd be super grateful.

One good thing, I'm moving into a new apartment today, so I'll actually be able to COOK some of my meals myself. This will help me a lot with being able to count what I'm eating. So, the 4&2 could definitely work! I've just got to get brave enough to do it.

Oh, and find a gym. Must....find....gym...

Comment #4

Don't give up. I can only imagine what it will be like to be so close to goal. You've done so well. It sounds like you're just having a "blue" day. It seems like the coworkers are trying to sabotage your efforts. You probably look better than them and they're jealous.


Comment #5

Odrah - No offense, but it sounds like you're looking for reasons to quit. Perhaps, since you are close to goal, you ought to just transition and see how that goes...

Comment #6

It sounds as if you have some logistical things ( whacky schedule, date nights), you are dealing with as well as some emotional things (SO leaving for military duty???). Are you satisfied with the weight you are right now? Is it really hard for you to stay on program because of these things? Is staying on plan impossible or is going off plan just easier? I think Freya is right, try the 4/2 plan for a couple of weeks. It isn't cheating and it is not going off plan either. Then, you can go back to the 5/1 when the two weeks is up. You will probably find that you have lost, rather than gained and that you don't have to spend 3 days getting back into ketosis. Also, you can find out the nutritional stats on whatever you are eating by checking online. In any event, only you know what the issues are and what is best for you at this time and in the future...

Comment #7

I sit every night with my husband while he eats dinner and I have a shake or whatever Medifast meal I feel like having, and we talk and spend time together and it has nothing to do with what kind of food is being eaten.

I understand the lunch issue because there are certain expectations at work and having the L&G then is an easy fix, but the dinner situation is only an issue if you want to make it one.

It really sounds more like you just want to eat what you want to eat, which is your right of course, and his leaving in two weeks is just something to peg it on...

Comment #8

Dherschlberg - No offense, but it seems to me that you're being rather abrupt and entirely unhelpful. Just because I have questions about a suggestion, or I'm talking it out to myself (via the board) doesn't mean that I'm ready to give up. I'm just trying to find a solution.

If it irritates you that I didn't suddenly say "Oh yes! You're right!" to your suggestion, well then I'm sorry. Not much I can do about that.

All of the reasons I'm giving are for informational purposes only. Why in the world would I waste a month of Mideast? I'm trying to figure out how to best maneuver through these next 2 hectic, busy, emotional weeks. If enough people (not just 1) suggest 4&2 maybe I'll give that a try, or maybe I'll just keep doing 5&1.

I haven't been getting any positive feedback about pausing for 2 weeks, so that's not a likely road that I'll take.

Anyway... moving on...

Comment #9

With as much feedback as I've been getting about the 4&2 I'm leaning towards doing that and picking up a little extra exercise just for good measure until the 2 weeks are up. Then go the rest of the way with a 5&1.

After talking to my mom, she also suggested a 4&2 instead of going off for 2 weeks. You ladies are smart. I knew that already, which is why I put my delima up on the board for suggestions and advice, and why I kept being super particular about the problems that I'm having.

Well, it would be nice if my S.O. and I could sit down and eat dinner together in my apartment or in his, but that's not easy. First, we can't eat at his place because he has a roommate (it's a 1 room apartment, like a dorm) and in Korea it's really Taboo to bring a girlfriend/boyfriend over to your apartment when you live with someone else.

There's always my apartment, but I don't currently have any cookware. BUT: SOLUTION: S.O. could order in and eat and I could have my shake in the comfy privacy of my apartment. That could certainly work.

As far as wanting to quit Medifast so that I can eat whatever I'd like, that's hardly the case. Whatever I'd like would include rice-based dishes that I've been denying myself religiously, including gim-bap and curries (I really miss those!) My plan for the 2 weeks would have been fairly strict on the food front, with no fruits, breads, rice, or potatoes/carrots. Just veggies, my two lean and greens, and lots of water.

But the more I'm hearing back from people here, the less that decision seems likely to be the best choice.

Thank you everyone for your input. It is all highly appreciated!..

Comment #10

Ooops. No edit button? *dilemma* would be the correct spelling. Horrible typo apologies...

Comment #11

I think 4/2 would be a great option for you! It keeps you in ketosis. You'll be able to have lunch at work and dinner with the SO without going off plan. You are to close to go off plan now even for 2 weeks. They even recommend the 4/2 if you are doing alot of exercise. So if you feel like you are over doing it with the 4/2 up your workout routine a lil bit so some extra calories burn. Really don't think going off plan is a good option...

Comment #12

I'm new here, having been on plan only 2 days, so I don't have a lot of great Medifast wisdom to share. But I really feel for you and the chaos of your life right now. My husband is about to move to a different state to take a job (he's been unemployed for 2 months due to his company restructuring), and since we can't get a mortgage (because he was laid off from General Motors when they went bankrupt, and we had to do a short sale on our house after trying to sell it for 9 months), the kids and I are stuck in our rental house here until we can find someone to rent us a house or give us a mortgage in the tiny rural area where hubby will be working. Of all the times to start a diet, right??! I am trying to enjoy every minute with hubby before he moves, and family dinner is a big deal for us, too. As well as going to brunch after church, pizza nights on Fridays, etc., etc..

I never realized before how much of our family's social interaction revolves around FOOD! Sounds like it's kind of the same for you and your co-workers and SO too. I think you have a lot of options to think about, and you should pick whatever works the best for YOU and your situation! I know you didn't like the idea of trying transition, but you could always sell your extra food on eBay if that's your worry. Or, the 4&2 plan might work - although it sounds like you don't really want to eat what your co-workers are eating, so would it be tough to bring your own L&G to work?? When you get right down to it, one day you'll be done with Medifast and you'll have to figure out how to navigate these same situations. So, maybe it's worth taking these two weeks to sample transition, or try the 4&2 (especially because Medifast wants you to do 4&2 if you do sign up at the gym and work out more than 45 mins a day!).

Then again, I think you could learn a lot from just trying to "coast" the next two weeks and see how it goes. If you keep your carbs low, you could stay in ketosis. You could keep using Medifast meals for snacks & breakfast!.

Let us know how it goes. I'll be thinking of you! Good luck!..

Comment #13

I would probably fix a Medifast meal (soup?) and eat it in the teacher's lounge at lunch. It's your company they want, not your food consumption. Then I would have your l & g with SO in the evening. You know how to get a l & g anywhere you go. SO wants you to be healthy and happy so I know you could still do this. Hang in there! You're so close :-).


Comment #14

I was kinda thinking the same thing.. THere will always be challenges! Those teachers and lunch room are still going to be there when SO leaves. You need to deciede what you really want! I have not been perfect on this program but if I fall off I get right back on!..

Comment #15

Moving on into transition doesn't mean you give up Medifast altogether. You have to transition off of it into non-MF foods. Many people in maintenance still use Medifast products..

You don't necessarily have to do 4&2 either. You could split your L&G so part of it is at lunch (perhaps 1/3 of your veggie portion and/or 1/4 of your lean portion with Medifast soup) and the rest is for your dinner...

Comment #16

Hey Odrah! I was reading your post and I definitely think you should do the 4/2. I switched when I realized the 5/1 was making me feel sick after I worked out. It is almost easier to do because you eat more calories but have the same low carbs. I think the 4/2 would make this rough time a lot easier for you. And I looked nutritional facts for Kimchi, octopus, tofu products, and black curry online. It seems like 2 cups of Kimchi would provide 120 calories, 15 carbs, 3 grams of protein.

So maybe eat the leanest meat you can and use these as sides! The octopus seems equivalent to any white fish so eat tons of that! Good luck!..

Comment #17

If your co-workers have a problem with how you spend your lunch break, I think that's their problem, not yours. They should stop trying to control you. If there's a practical reason you're expected to be there during lunch, such as to discuss school issues, then you have the right to determine what you put in your mouth. If someone objects to you eating your Medifast food, you should ask them why it matters to them. It's your life, not theirs. Unless you're tossing back a couple of beers in front of them, what's it to them? Sheesh...

Comment #18

I really appreciate everyone's input.

I'm seeing tons of really really awesome suggestions here! I'm happy that there's a place I can go for support (and a little bit of necessary tough love to boot).

I think I've reached a decision.

My S.O. and I had a serious discussion last night about the situation. He was pretty understanding about the whole thing. After a little bit of talking about the options he said that I should continue on with the 5&1 like planned, and that from now on he would eat earlier (grab something to eat before I got off work), and we would hang out some other way (going swimming together, going to get coffee/tea, or what not). Since those options seem kind of frivolous to him currently (he has so much work to do between now and next week) we also discussed the possibly of him trying to work OUTSIDE of his office at night, so that we could study/work together..

I've been noticing him making a bit of a conscious effort lately to be together more now that it's only 10 days until his departure for military camp. So, I'm happy that he's making some change to help me out.

I did inventory last night, and it turns out that I have a little more medifast than I thought I did. I'm guessing that's because I used my mom's leftover medifast from the beginning and then got my own shipment in later. So I'm considering finishing out November on 5&1 and doing the next week or so on 4&2 and then transitioning.

I'll be in transition right around Christmas season. Zoiks!!!!!!.

Again, thank you everyone for your support, encouragement, and suggestions! You all are one reason Medifast is working for me...

Comment #19

Soups are a great meal to bring to the teachers' lounge, in my opinion and from my own experience. OR, maybe you can split your LandG or the 4 and 2...

Comment #20

I haven't done it but I know that some people do split their lean and green...

Comment #21

I think that if you are doing 5 & 1 that is great. You can also split your lean and green. Two nice grilled chicken or shrimp salads in one day? If your lean is fish you can have 7 ounces. (octopus). That's a lot of lean for one serving anyhow. Good luck to you...

Comment #22

Yay you have done such a great job on your weight loss. Just bring a Medifast meal for lunch in the teachers lounge and have dinner at night. If it is not planned then have a back plan like egg beaters, tuna or Cooked Shrimp. Keep up the great job...

Comment #23

Sounds like you have it all worked out. I hope you enjoy the few days left before your SO leaves make the best of them! You're very close to goal and should be proud of what you've accomplished so far!.

Let us know how everything works out!..

Comment #24

I'm a retired teacher and did not eat in the teacher's lounge for a number of reasons. I just said I worked during that time and stayed in my room enjoyed a quiet lunch or watched a DVD. Pretty soon other like minded friends started to join me. Do what is best for you. Split your L&G, I always did. A salad with protein and Medifast soup is a good lunch.

Good luck with the stressful times, stay calm and plan ahead and you will do fine...

Comment #25

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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