Struggling with hunger during Medifast

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I'm so proud of myself. I stayed OP. I drank all my water, and have been visiting the potty many a time because of it. I must say the food was much better than I anticipated. I was pleasantly surprised. I just want to thank everyone here. I have read through so many posts and they have really helped me today, especially when I was struggling with hunger...

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MAJOR CONGRATS ! this is my second day back.... I LOVE Medifast and LOVE this board... everyone is sooo supportive. If it weren't for this board I dont know if I would have had the courage to begin again. ( I lost 100 lbs a while back and gained back 15 and still had about 20 to go ).

Welcome to the Medifast family !!!..

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Congrats!!!!!!!!! Take it one day at a Day 4 it will be a part of your daily routine!!!..

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Good Job!!!! The first few days are the hardest - but once you get into the routine, and the mindset, it gets to be just habit. Thats not say that there won't be difficult times ahead, but the more good days to have behind you, the easier it is to navigate through those tough days!.

Stay the course! Medifast works as long as you follow the plan. Remember you're not depriving yourself of anything - you're giving yourself a healthier future...

Comment #3

YEAH! Glad you like the food. I do too! IN fact, I still eat it everyday (like 2-3 meals per day). Its healthy/cheap "fast food"!.

However, let me caution you that you "MAY" have a day or 2 in the beginning that may not be so good. If that happens, DONT DISPARE! Its common for some to get a headache or be very tired and just generally not great. BUT, then when you hit ketosis around day 4-5? YOUR GREAT!.

Cant wait to see your first weigh in numbers!..

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Ohh Im getting excited for the new change but very nervous after reading about alot not liking the food.I bought enough stuf too get me started through ebay because I live In canada and medifast doesnt ship here.I will start tomorrow .. Im trying too read online when I shoudl be eating and Im confused.. Am I allowed too add stuff too my medifast meals.? I thought if I ate soup that I ate just the soup but have read that soem are makig pizza with it .Im sorry but Im confused can someone please guide me ?? Thanks FEE..

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I just started Medifast on monday with my daughter (22 yrs). SO far the food is fine, it's not great but certainly very decent for diet food. Since we started on monday we both have lost at least four pounds. I also am a little confused but am just eating the foods that are sent so they can be the most effective. I have had the chili, eggs, soups, shakes and bars. They are fine, you aren't hungry, you feel full all day.

As far as I have read you can add some spices to you cooking for the lean and green and have heard that adding chili powder to the chili improves the flavor. Good luck, hope to read more about your upcoming success!!! Maureen@msgieseler..

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Ok, I have been on the boards 6 months. MOST people like the food. Seriously. But, I have noticed lately, that there are some posts ragging about the food.

You need to try it yourself. Frankly, I STILL EAT/BUY the food and I am in maitanance. Seriously. And I would consider myself an "ex-foodie".

Food to me is now fuel. Not much more than that. I have other things to do with my time and money. I cant beleive it, but it's true!.

SO, go for it! Welcome to Medifast and watch the pounds FLY OFF!..

Comment #7

About the taste of the food, ... most need to be doctored, in my the soup, I make with low sodium broth and soak it a few hours before I nuke it... the beef stew, I add an ounce of beef, (subtrated from my lean and green) and use beef broth and soak it too. the shakes, I add torani sugar free syrup to, the brownies are great by themselves but there are a ton of ideas here on the board for how to change them up. pancakes, great on their own with the SF syrup....

About when to eat, etc... click onthe success tools tab up at the right top and you will get a good over view of the program. and if you have more questions, make a new post that others may see too..

Good luck... Medifast is a great program...

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Hunger was fine in the morning. I had to actually make myself have my midmorning meal. It wasn't until after lunch that I started to struggle with hunger. I know that it was really mental. I didn't have a lot of actual physical hunger symptoms, if that makes sense. Drinking water helped a lot and just focusing on the boards did as well...

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I know exactly what you mean. It's more an empty feeling than hunger. Just tickled pink for you...on to day 2! Whohooo, so exciting. Can't wait to hear about your first week loss...

Comment #10

Don't worry about what other people like or dislike. Everyone is different. What one hates the other loves. This is all about you and losing weight. Please follow the directions of the program! Add ins count! Everything you put in your mouth, counts! Just try the food as directed. Please don't over think this program.

We have a lot of Canadians on the boards. Best wishes!..

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Congrats on completing day one. I am starting day 6 and am feeling WAY better than I was days 1-4. I know what you mean about the potty. I was beginning to think I was going to be living in the bathroom - but I just kept drinking my water and I have noticed my bathroom breaks have slowed down a little.

I was pleasantly suprised with the food as well. I thought I would really hate the soups and chili - but they are some of favorites right now. Of course, the crisp fall air is always the time of year that I look forward to soup/stews anyways. I even liked the chili - added a tspn of salsa and some chili powder and it was tasty. I still haven't tried the scrambled eggs - everyday I say I will try them and yet I just can't seem to bring myself to do it. There is just something weird to me about eggs made from powder.

I will have to try them soon because I don't want to end up eating nothing but eggs as every meal for my last day or two of this shipment!..

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Hello, I don't know how you make pizza with soup but I do add veggies to the soup. Only the lowest carb veggies though...

Comment #13

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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