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So I just went out to dinner and did my best to stay.

On plan. This fancy restaurant is known for being garlic heavy. Hence the name, stinking rose.

I told the waiter I needed to watch calories and sugar content and he suggested the fish. So I orders a grilled halibut cooked in olive oil, Rosemary and garlic. It was served with veggies and roasted garlic. Well everything was cooked with olive oil. Even the veggies. I have two Medifast meals left tonight but I'm afraid to eat them because I figure I probably got in enough calories with all that oil. So would you eat them? Or skip them?.

I'm gonna check the website for calorie info but I highly doubt it's on there...

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I'm impressed that you were so good about asking the waiter to meet your needs! I find that kind of hard ... I have to work at standing up for myself..

I'm new to Medifast too, so I'm not really sure about the "correct" way to make up for the olive oil. The good thing is, it shouldn't mess up your ketosis, like carbs/sugar would. If it were me, I would evaluate how I'm feeling and go from there. If you were feeling sort of bloated and full, then it might be OK to skip the Medifast meals. But really, they have a lot of vitamins and nutrients that are important, so it might be better to eat at least one of them. That's just my take on it. What did you end up doing?..

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It's 9pm here and I finished dinner around 630 and totally not hungry. Getting kinda late to eat too.

I probably went over on my veggies too. But made sure I only ate the OP veggies and skipped the salad...

Comment #2

Eat all 5 Medifast meals every day don't ever skip any!..

Comment #3

You need all your Medifast meals for the nutrients. It isn't just about calories and carbs...

Comment #4

You don't make up for the olive oil. Count it as your healthy fat, eat your remaining Medifast meals and move on. The extra oil will not throw you out of ketosis so don't stress about it. You may have a slow down for a day or 2, but shouldn't experience the carb detox..

MF meals are necessary for the nutrition they contain and all 5 should be eaten regardless of any other off plan foods you eat...

Comment #5

What she said. The olive oil isn't going to hurt you but skipping the complete nutrition in the Medifast meals will. Just eat something for your lean today that is lower in fat. The extra olive oil will benefit your gall bladder, hair and nails...

Comment #6

I am pretty sure you are supposed to eat all your Medifast meals just to get the vitamins and minerals you need daily!..

Comment #7

I agree with everyone else. You need to eat that 5th Medifast meal regardless. Olive oil isn't going to do too much harm. I don't think it has any carbs. It's not going to throw you out of ketosis. Always eat your meals!..

Comment #8

Are you in San Francisco? I'm sort of looking for other members here to help with exchanging/borrowing food if/when necessary. We have a Stinking Rose here..

Comment #9

No sorry I'm in southern cali. We have the other stinking rose in Los Angeles...

Comment #10

I was going to ask the same question. My DH and I ate at the Stinking Rose when we visited San Francisco. The food was excellent if you are a garlic lover. It's definitely a must do stop when visiting SF...

Comment #11

Yes, eat your Medifast meals, you need the other stuff that is in them and if it were me, I would go with a really lean protein tomorrow and skip the added fat. Thats just me, I try to view things on a revolving 24 hour wheel.

I have never been to the Stinking Rose, walked by the one in San Francisco on Columbus in July after having dinner in China Town, it smelled heavenly. Going back to San Francisco in January with my friend who was with me in July, this time we are not taking our daughters, this is a Moms weekend and I got an email from my friend today asking if we could add "that heavenly smelling restaurant to our itinerary"..

Comment #12

Do it! Get the fish and steamed veggies! It was totally OP!..

Comment #13

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