Who is starting Nutrisystem in April?

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Hi All! I just ordered my food and plan to start right after Easter (easter brunch is too soon, and don't want to start off on the wrong foot!!) I am very excited about this plan, i'm at my highest weight that I have ever been. I need to loose at least 110 lbs to be at my goal weight, but doctors say I need to loose at least 130..

I am very excited about this, and think that it is set up so that I will be able to follow it and succeed.

I'm hoping to gain a community of friends and supporters through this journey that I can help and lean on and that can help me and can count on me as well!.

Add me as your friend, let me know if you have tip etc..

But lets be the April group and start really kicking this weights butt!.

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Hello, .

I am in the same boat and plan to start for the second time after Easter. If I remember correctly this program works and I am sooooo excited about doing it again. I look forward to hearing the great strides in weight loss you will make on the system.

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Hi, I recieved my food yesterday, but I too am waiting until after Easter. I know me and I don't want to cheat the very first week!! I'm trying to read all I can so that I am ready to roll.I am excited to get going. I really hope this works!!.

Comment #2

I'm so glad to meet you all! Its great that we can make this journey together!.

Comment #3

Maybe I should hang with this thread :-) I'm a Feb. starter, but I'm a slow starter - I cheated. A lot. I need to get back on track - so why not now?.

Comment #4

Would love to have you Janet!.

I'm very excited about starting but also nervous about cheating. I know with support it will be much easier!!.

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Hi All.

My name is Beth, I am acutallyl starting this next week, right before Easter, but would like to consider myself in the April group. I'm excited to start have 40lbs to lose. Here's to success!.

Comment #6

I have a question, I've noticed people commenting on getting gas from the food. Is this just something that happens when you first start on the program because of eating more fiber and eating lots of veggies? Any comments would help. Also, I'm starting tomm, and have put together my days worth of food, it seems like so much food, is it a must to eat it all? Would love to hear from anyone. Anyone have favorite food items or non favorite food items? Thanks.

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Hi Everyone!.

I received my food on Friday and planned to start first thing tomorrow...buuuut I realized Easter was next week and like most of you stated...I don't want to start off cheating Also, I seem to have had some issues with my order and am wondering if anyone else did? I received odd amounts of items and no meal planner. I called the hotline and they are sending me out a Results Kit and also were helpful enough to e-mail me one to get started but I haven't heard anything yet on the numbers in my shipment..

Anyway, I'm excited to get going on this and definitely want to be part of the April group GOOD LUCK EVERYONE!.

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Welcome to Nutrisystem New Members!.

Congratulations on your decision to start living a healthy lifestyle!! We have great members here filled with wonderful advice and tips, so be sure to check in often. There are many groups and challenges to join in the General forum and Challenge Central. Feel free to post in Dietitian's Corner too, where an experienced staff member will provide feedback in regards to program questions. They also have a list of FAQ's in their forum which are very informative. If you have any questions or concerns regarding our community, please email us at .

Best wishes on your weight loss journey!!.

Comment #9

Hi all! I am starting on the first. I have my shipment and don't want to wait until after Easter. I know my family will support me and help me I drool over my children's Easter chocolates... To all of you - best wishes and great success!.

Comment #10

You body does go through an adjustment. Some report a few days, others maybe a couple of weeks. In my case, I already had a high veggie/fiber diet going into the program.... it was the sugar alchols (sorbitol, or sugar substitutes) which were the primary suspects. When I called the help line they suggested to perhaps no combine the milk products (like greek yogurt) with the higher carb items, like the breakfast muffins to reduce the carbs (and gas generating potential) until my body adjusted. So I'd have an egg or turkey instead and that worked for me.

Best of luck with the program....

Comment #11

Dive right in! Some of my best successes with weight loss came by diving in just before thanksgiving and the christmas holiday season! This will be an exercise in learning how to navigate the 'special event' eating moguls LOL. Sometimes it's a matter of moderation...being satisfied with one bite on the holiday itself to not deprive yourself. But I encourage you to stay with the program 100% initially to get in the swing of things..

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Hi - My name is Pam and I will be starting Nutrisystem on 4/7 - I am going out of town but plan on starting the day after I get back. I'd love to meet some other April people so we can do this thing together!! I have about 35 lbs. to go ~ I will see a size 6!!.

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Hi! I'm going back on the program and I am excited. I didn't realize how much weight I have gained until I went on vacation and looked at the pictures.

NS has worked for me in the past and I'm ready to start losing again!.

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Hi all..

I am starting again after two years away. Just found out my order is to be delivered today (ordered on Sunday!) but I can't start until next Monday - not because of Easter but just because I have to start things on Mondays..

Comment #15

Lovewinter & txstephie,.

Any questions or concerns regarding our community, please email us at ! Best wishes on your weight loss journey!!.

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Hello everyone. My name is Cheryl. I received my food yesterday, and started changing my life this morning! I am a diabetic, and really need to succeed on this program! It's great to know we can come here to get support and cheer each other on to success!! I know it's not going to be easy for me and I need all the help I can get. I know we can do this!!.

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Hi All!.

I'm so glad to meet everyone in this group! .

I hope we can share our success and work through our mistakes together and pull ahead.

I'm very excited, after reading all the information that came with my food i'm thrilled about all the options I am going to have..

I think i'm going to start my excersize off with my Wii Fit program and see if that helps loosen me up so I can comfortably start walking and working out again..

By summer I want to feel and look a lot lighter!.

Add me as your friend and lets work our life changes together!.

Comment #18

I started in mid-feb at 330 trying to get down to 210 it's only been 5 weeks but ive gone from 330 to 310. As good of a start as ive had I know I have eons to go. It may seem daunting at first but TRUST me it works if you stick to it. I've pretty much followed this to the absolute tee and work-out 5 days a week alternating workouts .

Day 1. 70 mins treadmill .

Day 2. 45 mins treadmill 30 minutes weight lifting .

Day 3 off.

And just repeat the cycle.

Good Luck everyone.


Comment #19

My name is Jodi and I am starting on Monday also. This week I have been trying to eat healthier so my body wont be in shock next week! Ha.

Comment #20

Hi there,.

If you are browsing the forums and thinking of starting and would like to save $30 off, send me a private message (just click on my user name) or email me at and I can help you..

If you want some tips on what worked for me, visit my page and read my rules to live by. This program really works, so let it work for you!.

All the best on Nutrisystem and let me know if I can assist you in some Nutrisystem savings!.

Comment #21

Hey everybody, I just ordered my food today. Hoping to get it quick so I can get going. I think it's great I found this group cause I'm planning on starting in april. I have about 70 pounds I want to lose. Let me know any tips you all might have. Talk to you soon.;~).

Comment #22

Hey fellow April starters, I received my food today and am anxiously starting tomorrow. I am nervous about the weekend though but I think that I can get through it relatively unscathed. (I hope!!) Add me as a buddy if you need one to push you and someone to push through..

Comment #23

I like the enthusiasm in this group. I just joined too.. and I started eating the meals today and I'm impressed so far. I had the cheese tortellini and the lasagna with meat sauce..

Comment #24

I started today (3/31), but would like to be part of the April group if that's ok. This seems like a good group - determined!.

Comment #25

I have 4 days to start day. I am so anxious! I am glad I didn't try to start before because my kids are gone for spring break and hubby and I have been just grabbing whatever. I am determined to make this work. It finally got warm here in Kansas and there is no way I am ready for shorts let alone a swimsuit!! I would like to lose 33 lbs. I have a wedding to go to in June and would like to fit into a dress I bought and wore 2 years ago. Come on Monday!!.

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Hello everybody!!!! I am starting today 04-01-10. I am really excited about this but also nervous. I have 50 pounds to lose because I am getting married in October and I want to look good in my wedding dress. Hoping to lose a total though of 100 pounds. Looking forward to all the friends I will make on here and all the help and motivation I will get on here. Thanks everybody..


Comment #27

Hello Everyone!! I consider myself an April starter  today is my second day on NS!!! More than happy to be buddies with anyone, just add me! The support Ive found in just a few days has been amazing. Good luck to everyone  we can do this!!!.

Comment #28

I just ordered too. My biggest question is when to expect my order to arrive..

Comment #29

This is my third time on NS. I orginally started in 2006, lost 25 pounds in three months; then returned in 2007, lost 35 pounds in four months; then did Nutrisystem on my own since and lost another 45 pounds, for a total of over 100 pounds lost and maintained according to my local clinic. I went from size 28 (3X-4X) to a size 16 (XL) by the time my birthday rolled around in Feb 2010.

I was once active on the boards, but went offline last Spring and remained offline until just recently. Lots of life events happened.

My successful weight loss stuns me, mainly because I was one of those that did not really weigh in regularily. I guessed by clothing size, so I was really unaware of exactly how much weight I had lost until the clinic got me in their paws during a recent illness, so that is why only 80 of the pounds lost is logged here at NS..

I am still not in ONEderland, and still have 65-75 pounds to lose to get to the ideal weight for my body size, and that is what I am back here to do!.

I was looking for others starting in April. My food has not arrived yet, but I am getting ready. I decided I needed the discipline of tightening my belt and getting back on program to knock these pounds down. My walking regime is in order. I walk between 5-10 miles daily, breaking it up into 2-3 mile segments. My challenge will be drinking the water, and eating everything that I am supposed to at the times I am supposed to!.

Hope to meet new friends, and encourage lots of others in their weight loss journey!.

Many blessings for Easter,.


Comment #30

I'm starting in April, when my food gets here. It still hasn't shipped, I ordered last night, thought it'd go out today? Well, we'll see when it gets here. I'm not wanting to wait around for long, thought it'd ship and I'd get it mid week next week. Hmm..

Comment #31

I am on day two and I've noticed the gas problem. It's bad so I am hoping it's just at first until your body gets accustomed to it. Very excited I want to lose 60 lbs. Anyone fom NY??.

Comment #32

I would like to join this group. I plan to start on Monday, April 5th.

Comment #33

I think if it's ok I'd like to join this group. Feel free to add my to your buddy list..

Comment #34

Hi there, .

If you are browsing the forums and thinking of starting and would like to save $30 off you initial 1st order, send me a private message (just click on my user name) or email me at and I can help you..

If you want some tips on what worked for me, visit my page and read my rules to live by. This program really works, so let it work for you!.

All the best on Nutrisystem and let me know if I can assist you in some Nutrisystem savings!.

Comment #35

Hi everyone I started about the middle of march but couldn't get a hold on things if that makes sense. I would love to join you all. I have more than 100 pounds to lose and could use the motivation and help..

Comment #36

Good Morning All..Day 3 getting better LOL! I'm not starving all day. Can anyone tell me how do I get a weight loss ticker? Thanks .

Kerri I have 60 so we can encourage eachother. I just keep thinking Shakira LOL.

Comment #37

I am just waiting for my first shipment. And I have high hopes..

Comment #38

Hi everyone, .

I just started and would love to join you! :-) I have about 40 pounds to lose. I have a health condition that can cause weight gain and make wt. loss a sloooow, challenging process. I'm excited about Nutrisystem and hoping it will help me reach my goals.

I started last week and so far I've lost 2 pounds, which really surprised me because I started three days before my birthday, the week before Easter and during a week when we have family visiting and staying with us. Ahhh, geez, what was I thinking?! ...But still had a loss this week despite taking a peek mid-week and gaining. Woo whooo! .

Good luck and best wishes to everyone! .


Comment #39

Hi everyone! day 2 for me today....shocked at how tasty the food really is. everything is going well and I love meeting people here. add me as a friend or buddy. however, here is a noob question...what is the difference? I see where you add as a buddy and then also friends...but what is the true difference? .

Liberty - I pulled out the wii fit too. has been yucky and rainy here to go walk. last time on 399 days ago. I erased that profile. start anew and with determination! so I got my children to jog with me around the island and do some hula hooping. hilarious....

Great success to all!.

Comment #40

Anyone have a goal deadline? Maybe not the end result but Like I'd like to lose minimum 10 lbs. by the end of April..

Comment #41

Me too. My order has shipped but not arrived. I am hoping/dreaming for at least 10 per the very least..

Comment #42

Hi everyone..can I join in too please? I just ordered. I did Nutrisystem in 1988 and cant remember how much I lost but it was about 40lbs, now I need to lose 125lbs so I'm in it for the looong haul. Anyone know how long it takes to get your 1st order, I am in NYS? I have been wanting to start all year but had to wait for my state tax refund more fast food for me!!!!.

Comment #43

Hi there... I ordered on Wednesday the 31st. It shipped on the 1st from PA and I got it today. Im in Maryland. I am planning on starting on Monday. I am trying not to go crazy with my favorite foods before the big day..

Comment #44

I hope we are all in it for the long haul. I know it's hard work but one day at a time right!.

Marlonzo make sure we catch up at the end of the month and see if we did the minimum 10..

Legessi I am in Westchester NY and I got my order in about 3 days. First day was hard but everyday it gets better. I just bought a Jillian Michael DVD ughh...

Comment #45

I just received my order today and am wanting to start tomorrow. I'm excited about this and really hoping it'll work well with my crazy nonscheduled life! If anyone would like to be a buddy, let me know.

I'm looking forward to getting back into my skinny pants and dresses by summertime!.

Comment #46

I started 4 days ago and am also going away next week! It has been very easy to follow so far - I am so ready to fit into my spring and summer clothes! I have to lose 15-20 pounds. Good luck!.

Comment #47

My name is Natalie and I just started yesterday. I was down this morning already, so off to a good start. Today was a rough one, I was very hungry tonight, but I stayed strong and drank lots of water and a cup of tea. My goal is to lose 40, but mostly to get back on track and gain some healthy habits..

Comment #48

Hey Again All .

Anyone interested in sharing what made them make the decision to call NS?or a funny story about their weight loss journey so far. I have a funny question is anyone having a gas issue?.

Comment #49

Hi All, .

I started the plan 4 days ago and I have lost almost 4 lbs already!!! I have to lose about 75 lbs..

Comment #50

Hi everyone. I too just ordered the food and joined the program and it shipped today! I expect it next week, and I cannot wait to get started. I'm finally mentally and emotionally ready (which one has to be in my opinion). I need to take it one day at a time and one meal at a time if necessary. I've struggled w/ weight my entire life. My first "diet" was when I was a young girl and I weighed 80 pounds; for my age at the time, I was supposed to weigh 65 (how old is that? around 10?).

I want to know what it's like to be thin and healthy and not be out of breath walking up a flight of stairs, fitting comfortably in an airplane seat, having men think I'm completely attractive; not just a heavy girl with a pretty face....I could go on all day (but I'll spare you, lol). Suffice to say, I'm grateful to be here, and this support forum is a new method of support that I think will be helpful to me, as I give this ONE more try....and hopefully for the last time. Best wishes to all.....

Comment #51

Hi All,.

Just ordered the program. Not sure how long it will take to get here but I am excited and scared to death both while awaiting it's arrival I have 100+ to lose, so I know I am on a long battle, but if Marie can do it, so can I! Glad to see there is a forum here for communication. I have concerns about being hungrywhich is the problem that got me here in the first place! Looking forward to "meeting" all of you over the following months.

Comment #52

HI ALL! Sooo - I just put in my order about an hour ago & have been reading this board since. You all sound great! I hope to get everything in the mail early next week & will start the next day... Lets keep this board going so we can keep each other updated & cheer each other on! I know I'll need it..

I graduate from my Masters program May 30th which will be around my 2 month marker... I want to make a statement! Lets do this together!.

Comment #53

Ok, after Easter it is! I should get my food next week. I am somewhat of a return as in the 80's, I had success with NS. I am wondering how it will fit with my family as I will need to prepare meals for them. Guess the meals will start with fruit salad and vegies! My main reason for joining is to lose the "obese" title at my doctors office. I was shocked to hear those words for the first time about a year ago. I am shooting for a 30lbs, but would be happy with anything at this point..

Comment #54

I'm starting Nutrisystem when my food comes next week, and I can't find anywhere online where it tells you how much add-in food you eat and what (other than the lists of recommended groceries). Can anyone help?.

Comment #55

Honestly I was going to chew my leg off the first day! LOL but it gets easier everyday, I just keep thinking about the end result. Which I know seems far off when there's alot of weight to get rid of, but I do 10lbs at a time. Good Luck.

Comment #56

I had the same problem. They forgot to send the starter kit. They said they would send me the booklet over email so I could get started but I never received it. (Four days ago) Apparently my book is in the mail; hopefully it'll come sooner than later. Good Luck on your journey!!.

Comment #57

Dear Cadburry Egg-.

It's not you, it's me. I can't go on like this anymore. You have been good to me these past years in all of your gooey yumminess, but I've met someone else. His name is carrot..

Happy Easter Everyone. Stay Strong! =).

Comment #58

Hello Everyone,.

Placed my first order today. It is a fiftieth birthday present to myself. Like everyone I'm a little nervous but determined. Good luck to everyone..


Comment #59

I have my food but too many food related events am starting Tuesday and I can't wait! I am tired of having limited selection in my closet to wear + it is hard on the knees! Annie.

Comment #60

Got our food this week but decided to wait after easter sun. both my husband & I are excited & willing to be healthier this year..

Comment #61

I received my huge box of food on Friday, although I just began reading and began today. I am confused about sooo many choices?! And what to do next! Lots of reading time!.

Comment #62

Hi ladies!! I just ordered my food, too. This is my second time to try nutrisystem, and it really did work the first time.

After giving birth to my daughter 4 years ago at the age of 38, it appears my metabolism has changed drastically. I used nutrisystem to lose the baby weight and was successful at getting down to a size 4 from a size 12 in less than 12 weeks. I did everything I was supposed to do: added the veggies, the proteins, the fats, and exercised moderately 3 and 4 times a week. The problem came when I decided I could go off the program and maintain my weight by resorting back to my pre-pregnancy eating habits..

I quickly went up to a 6, then began my constant fluctuation between a size 8 and size 10. Not terribly heavy, but considering I have always been a size 2 my entire adult life, this is pretty disconcerting for me. I am at the heaviest I have ever been, including pregnancy. I just weighed myself while on vacation this past week and my jaw fell to the floor. Somehow I managed to gain another 10 pounds and my size has gone up to a 12...

I really want to get back down to a comfortable weight again, and could benefit from some mutual support!! It's those yummy delicious bottles of red wine that are my nemesis in this fight. I also am not as active as I used to be. Not only do I teach online classes, but I am pursuing my masters degree at another online university. It's a whole lot of sitting on my butt! I want to be active for my daughter, the way I was for my two grown sons... So, if you guys are up for a partner...

I wish all of you ladies the best on your own personal journeys, as well! Let's kick weights butt together!!.

Comment #63

Cheekyb711 - yes, in the beginning you will notice you have a lot of gas. It goes away after your body gets used to the foods. And yes, you have to eat everything that is listed. They work together in regards to the whole glycemic index thing. My words of advice to you are not to go nuts on the unlimited items, you will feel uncomfortably full for a while. Try to avoid brussel sprouts and other veggies that naturally create gas.

It will keep you from feeling like you are just nonstop eating, lol.

Good luck..

Comment #64

Good for you Liberty 26. My neighbor across the street is a physician and she encouraged me to join as she did...and she has lost 40 in a short time. I think we can do this...No, we WILL do this!!.

Comment #65

Hi, .

I am starting nutrisystem April 5. I am so excited about starting. I usually put others first. For the first time in years I am putting myself first..

Comment #66

Hi everyone! I'm new and am starting Nutrisystem tomorrow with my hubby. Looking forward to a step in the right direction to a new and healthy lifestyle change when it comes to food!.

Comment #67

I wish I could do this; put myself first. I put everyone else before me, then get frustrated because I just feel like an afterthought; after the rest of the world comes mama...can you tell it's been a rough few days? Nothing anyone has done, my kids and husband are amazing...I'm just at an alltime low.

Comment #68

Can anyone tell me if I need to shop? My package should be here around the 6th. I want to start as soon as I get it. Is there any shopping I should do to accompany my order? Will I be able to get started asap, or is there tons of reading and training I must do?.

Comment #69

I started Nutrisystem yesterday and realized right off that I hadn't been eating enough of the right foods. I am consuming twice as much food on NnutriSystem than I would any normal day, but the food I was eating before was not healthy. Now I am eating A LOT of healthy foods that keep me satisfied throughout the day. Hopefully these healthy foods will keep my metabolism going allowing me to lose a few pounds!!.

Comment #70

Yes!! Have plenty of vegetables and fruits available. You will also need fat free/low fat dairy and protein items..

Comment #71

Hi everyone! I just put in my first order. I want to lose 30 lbs. I'm nervous about staying on track and how the food will taste but hopefully it will be easy since there is no counting calories, carbs, fat, etc. Good luck to everyone else beginning their weight-loss journey!.

Comment #72

I ordered my food today and hoping to get it soon I will start the following monday after it gets here but I am trying to get in to working out and eating right until then. I am so fat right now and I have a trip coming up with my husband so I want to be fabulous. I am bigger than I have ever been. It is so upsetting I really want to get it under control this is the first time to do an pogram like this and I am hoping it will work!.

Comment #73


Ordered my food last week and got it on friday! wanted to wait until after this weekend to start because I knew I would be going out with friends and family this weekend and doing big family meals all three days, tried to resist a lot to start eating smaller portions, but I am just so excited to start tomorrow!! I was a former college athlete who had two foot surgeries and an ankle surgery and had to end my career. However I didn't end the eating habits that I gained from burning thousands of calories at each practice and it's finally caught up to me!!.

Never been anywhere near this big in my life and due to still recovering from surgeries I can't run :-/ it's killing me! hopefully Nutrisystem can get me on track so when I can get back to the physical level I can make healthy and good choices! looking forward to chatting and sharing stories...I need a swimsuit body by the end of summer :-) good luck to everyone!.

Comment #74

Hi. I just ordered my food tonight, and since I'm pre-diabetic I ordered the diabetic low glycemic food. My son's two friends have lost so much weight on Nutrisystem that it inspired me. He's on his own plan and has lost 16 pounds, so I think it's time to start on myself. My doctor wants me to lose 30 pounds, but I really need to lose more. I'm going to do everything I can to make this work! I've had two knee replacements in 13 months and I also need a shoulder replacement, so I've been very inactive. The knees work now, so no excuses for not walking..

Comment #75

Just ordered my food tonight April 5,2010 I do have some already at home, been on the program before. Hope to make some friends, and lose lots of weight. I want to lose around 27 lbs..

Comment #76

I hope everyone has a great Easter weekend! For the people that started already, I hope everything is going well for you. For the people that are starting today, good luck! Personally I had a good/bad weekend. My whole family got sick with some kind of stomach thing. After I took care of the kids most of the weekend, I got it on Saturday night. My 15 yr old took care of me yesterday. I called the Easter Bunny and asked her to come next week because the boys didn't want to get her sick too.

The good part was that I lost 4 lbs over the weekend. Lets hope I can continue to keep it off..

Comment #77

It is the day after easter but I cannot start as my food has not yet arrived.....I would like to join your group though.....

Comment #78

Hi All. I too decided to start after Easter. Started this morning and feeling good about myself. Luckly I drink a lot of water, so that will be the easy part. Getting all those veggies in will be the hardest. I've got over 100 to lose.

I know I'll need the encouragement. I'm excited about the program. I've lost weight in the past and always put it back on along with a lot of extra. Can't wait to pull out the smaller clothes..

Comment #79

I started today..

I had a banana nut muffin and it was surprisingly good..

Good luck to all!.

Comment #80

Count me in for April too! Just had breakfast so I'm on my way......

Comment #81

Hi Everyone, I'm so excited about everyone who is joining this group!!! I started this morning and can't believe the amount of food I have to eat, It didn't sound like much but really it's a lot!!! I would love some buddies, so add me, and I will add you! I'm motivated right now and just need to keep this motivation! Having friends will help I know!.

A little concerned with the excercise portion, my knees have been really killing me this last week, I need to get this weight off!! .

Hurray for all of us in taking the next step to bettering ourselves!.

Comment #82

I just joined right now so i'm waiting for my meals to arrive. I'm very nervous because i've tried quick weight loss before and it was not working for me but I"m anxious to get this started and see if I can do it right this time..

Comment #83

Hi there! I recieved my food 3/26 but I didn't start until 4/2 because the weekend was a birthday weekend out of town and well anyways I started at a weight of 276.5 as of Friday 4/2. I weighed in on Sunday and had already lost 4.8lbs! Cant wait to see what this coming Friday's weight will be. Good luck to us all!!.

Comment #84


I, too, am beginning this journey today, and thought the same way you do, that Easter brunch should be behind if I want to make this work..

I would love to be your buddy and perhaps we can give each other that extra something to get to where we need to be..

My health has always been great and it still is, but at 64, I am concerned that my knees, heart and other things are bearing a great deal more stress than necessary. I want to go way back to the fabulously gorgeous (I am a great tease) babe I used to be (and really still amI just buried her under a very thick layer of flab)..

Good luck to both of us and to all the others who KNOW that a better life is just around the corner..

Comment #85

Hi Tracey, I am trying to lose my baby weight and I am a size 12 wanting to go down to size 4, haha, what a coincidence..

Comment #86

Hi Everyone..Just ordered my food and am excited to start on my journey with all of you..

Comment #87

Oh...any one of you know how long it takes to lose 75lbs?.

Comment #88

I already want to quit, and I haven't gotten my food, yet. arghh - Had all kinds of motivation yesterday....

Comment #89

Race ya... ; P .

Two 12's to 4's - We can do it. Have you started, yet?.

Comment #90

Lol thanks, I stole it from someone on a biker website..

Btw, I had the penne pasta with chicken and alfredo sauce for dinner tonight and it was REALLY good. I was amazed!.

If I can get through my WORST 2 hours of the day which is right now, I will have had a most excellent first day..

Comment #91

I am on Day 4 and constipated.I have so much gas.I am gassy to begin with.I have gone from passing gas 10 times a day to 20 times..It also smells like awful broccoli. Is this feeling going to go away soon or must I continue to stink up my work place and continue to act like it's not me.I lock my car windows while my husbands in the car and can see what I am feeling like inside. It was funny at first but now I just realy need to go to the bathroom..I was wondering if anyone had a suggestion for me...

Comment #92

Hey guys! .

So made it through day one although I definitely felt hungry after lunch....but then was starving for dinner and it was fantastic and filling! I also had the penne with alfredo and chicken was very very pleased!! I'm slightly confused about some things and wonder if anyone knows the answers. First of all is there a daily amount of calories we should be having? and when the book says food are unlimited then why when you go to put them in online it says only the measured amounts? And for dinner there seems to be so many things you have to we have to eat all of them? any answers to any of these would be great!!.

Good luck to all of you and I can't wait to see results.

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This is only my first day so I really don't feel comfortable answer questions but....

One really good piece of advice I was given was CALL the food counselors at NS. It's part of the package, part of the plan and it's FREE advice. They are experts and the ones I've spoken to have been very nice and very helpful. That's what they are there for!.

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