Starting exercise during Medifast?

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So, I've been doing the program for almost five weeks, and so far (aside from this week, which I'm pretty positive that when I step on the scale Monday it will say I've gained or a big fat ZERO loss) I've been doing well. I think it's time for me to start adding in exercise..

I used to work out quite a bit - 4-5 times a week, an hour of cardio and a half hour of weight lifting. It's been a while, a little over a year, since I was that involved in working out..

But I'm really nervous about starting it up. I've read all over the place here that as soon as people started adding in exercise, their weightloss stopped..

I've worked out enough to know that it's because you're building muscle and blah blah blah, but at this same time, here is my fear:.

As bad as it is, the scale is the only thing I care about. I have a really hard time SEEING the weightloss on my body, even now at the lowest weight I've been at since high school. It's just something I can't see - so if the numbers aren't there, I'm afraid I will get frustrated ... and give up! Like I have SO many times before!.

Is this true with anyone else? ANY kind of input would be greatly appreciated!..

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I work out regularly and have since March. I upped my exercise in August and I am one of those that hit a plateau at that time. I won't lie to you, it was frustrating as heck. I'm also very invested in what the numbers on the scale say so I understand what you are saying.

I think you just really need to be prepared for a possible plateau and push through it (how's that for alliteration? ) and let your body adjust to the new regime. And be sure you are following the Medifast guidelines for exercise..

When I recommitted very recently, the weight came pouring off again despite the fact that I exercise regularly. And I exercise intensely, too. I do CrossFit. So I think your body will adjust, and the plateau may not even happen to you..

Sounds like you are prepared and you'll do fine!..

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If the scale is the most important thing, then I strongly suggest avoiding serious exercise. When I was on 5&1, I walked or rode my bike every day, with some Abs Yoga thrown in a couple of times a week. That was it..

The more intensive workouts can come in transition when your calories are being increased...

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I agree with the lime-headed kitty. If you know it will discourage and sabotage you, don't do it. Simple!..

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I am in the same boat on exercise, don't want to mess with a good thing here. My losses are pretty slow but steady. I tend to pack on muscle pretty quickly even with moderate exercise. I have decided to add more exercise to my daily routine, run around more with the dogs, park way out in the lot while shopping, hand grate the cauliflower and Cabot's cheese blocks, I stopped leaving stuff on the bottom step to take up later. I go up and down multiple times a day. I don't know how much more I am burning this way but I can out last the dog at running hide and we play for about 20 minutes before she gives up.

You will know when you are ready to start...

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I am planning on doing kettleworx ... it's a Kettleball training program that has 7 dvds:.

Manditory once a week = cardio, core, resistance.

Optional at your discretion = arms & shoulders, chest & back, butt & hips, legs & thighs.

Then there is also two additional dvds for fun ... "fast fat burn" and a "fast abs".

I'm thinking for the first three weeks I'll just do the three manditory dvds, then add one dvd per week until I'm doing all seven, stick with that for two weeks, and then decide if I want to use the two additonal ones..

I don't know! I miss not working out! When I was in shape back in the day I was still fat, but I was really toned so I didn't seem as fat ... well, to everyone else. Again, not to me, hahaa..

GRR - I don't enjoy this :P..

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OK De, STOP Posting, You are saying everything I WANT Too!..

Comment #6

De's just selfish like that. No help for it..

De: Getting the Smart Stuff Posted Faster, since April 2007...

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I love road biking but doing it for 1.5-2 hrs like I was used to doing burns about 1,200-1,500 calories or so and doesn't work on MF. So, I went back to the gym (thankfully the season changed!) and have been doing 30-40 minutes of elliptical or bike and 10-15 minutes of weights. I love the toning that is happening and it's not stalling me out. When I was biking and on Medifast I was ravenous and had to do the 4 & 2 but still my losses weren't great. Now, with my 3-4 times a week gym excursions my losses are good and I'm not ravenous. Some days I have to add an ounce or two of more protein to my L & G but the weeks that I have done that plus exercising have been my 4-5 pounds lost in a week weeks..

Anyway, just wanted to share my experience. The 1.5 hours of exercise might be too long for the 5 & 1. If you really want to do that try it, but if you stall out for a couple of weeks you might want to try the 4 & 2. I totally know what you mean about wanting to exercise-it's my stress relief and at 202 I'm already pretty firm!!..

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It sounds like you really want to work out, though. How about starting slowly and seeing how you do?.

I can't imagine not working out right now, honestly...

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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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