Standard sizing camera bodies/lenses??
Can someone just help clarify how the sizing on camera bodies and lenses works? I am planning on purchasing a Canon Rebel Xti and I was wondering if there is some standard body sizing to fit lenses or how does that work? Also something about a 1:1 ratio or something on the Rebels compared to more expensive i.e. 40D cameras? I guess ultimately, I want to know that if I put a lot of money into high quality lenses that, no matter what upgrades occur with camera bodies (seemingly every 12-16 months), I should be able to use the same lenses for many many years without a problem and just simply upgrade camera bodies as needed...

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Keqwow wrote:.

... I guess ultimately, I want to know that if I put a lot of money into highquality lenses that, no matter what upgrades occur with camera bodies(seemingly every 12-16 months), I should be able to use the samelenses for many many years without a problem and just simply upgradecamera bodies as needed..


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The key is the size of the sensor. There are MANY different sizes, ranging from the size used on 35mm film cameras (called "FF" or "Crop Factor = 1") to the "4/3" size on mostly Olympus cameras (which is half the size of the 35mm film frame, thus called "Crop Factor = 2")..

Most dSLRs have sensors termed "APS-C" size, but even here, there is considerable variation...from CF = 1.7 to CF = 1.5. Canon also has a few CF = 1.3 cameras..

Yes, I know..."Whew!"....

If you are just starting out, you need to make a few decisions. First, you need to pick a camera brand. This is mostly a lifestyle choice, since if you buy a Canon camera, only other Canon owners will associate with you! .

Next, you need to decide what CF you will use. If you think you will ever want a FF camera, then you need to buy lenses that will work with that format. They are bigger, heavier, and more expensive. Most new lenses are designed for APS-C sensor cameras..

Note that FF cameras are also more expensive. The least expensive is the Canon 5D at about $2500 (for the body only). There are rumors that Nikon will compete with a new camera, called the D10, in the future. The next step up is to cameras that cost $4000 to $5000 dollars..

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No problem there...I've all ready decided on Canon...and price range I'm looking at is the Rebel Xti or 40D cameras.....I never see me needing anything more than that...

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All Canon EL lenses will work on the XTI or 40D. 1:1, (same size), is what a true macro lens will give you.

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Building on other answers....

I have no idea what an EL lens is, and I've used Canon cameras for forty years..

That said, a Canon Rebel XTi and a 40D, will use Canon EF lenses, and also use Canon EF-S lenses..

All other Canon digital single lens reflex cameras (currently the 1D, the 1Ds, and the 5D, only use Canon EF lenses..

Other companies make lenses that fit Canon cameras like Canon, they make some lenses that will only fit the same cameras EF-S lenses fit, and other lenses that fit all the current Canon cameras. At Sigma, for instance, DC in the name means they only fit the same cameras that accept EF-S lenses..

Who can say what lens mounts Canon will use in the future. But, going back to thee 1950s, Canon had screw mount manual focus lenses that simply screwed into the body..

Then FL lenses with a twist-on mount. Then FD lenses, with a better twist -n mount..

After that, Canon introduced autofocus lenses, called EF..

Over the years, it improved some models, discontinued others, introduced new ones, etc. As a general rule, newer EF zoom lenses are better than older ones, but old EF prime lenses (lenses that do not zoom) were so good years ago that they are hard to make better today..

That said, some newer versions are even better i.e. the new Canon 14mm lens is even better than the old one..

Your new Rebel XTi is a great camera, and you really should choose lenses for it based on using them on this body, and not worry about years down the road..


Then two version..

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