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Newbie here. Just got a new D80. I took some photos and noticed that there is a grey spot in the upper left of the frame. I called Nikon and they seem to think it is either a dust on the lense or sensor. Any insight would be greatly appreciated..

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Need to fix your link, Jeff..

By the sounds of it, it is a sensor spot. Yes, it sucks with a new camera but you will get used to it. Not unusual at all. Of course you can get it cleaned professionally or do it yourself. You'll also probably notice that using a higher aperature like f8 compared to f22 will eliminate these in the photo..

Or use Photoshop and remove it in post processing, which is what I tend to do..

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And when I stop being lazy, I'll actually put them onto my main website gallery and not have 3 seperate galleries. ..

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JeffZ wrote:.

Newbie here. Just got a new D80. I took some photos and noticed thatthere is a grey spot in the upper left of the frame. I called Nikonand they seem to think it is either a dust on the lense or sensor.Any insight would be greatly appreciated..

It looks like dust on the sensor. Time to get out the blower and blow it off (don't use canned air, though)...

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Purchase Eclipse Solution, Sensor Brush, & Sensor Swabs..

I have nothing to do with the companies, my name is simply a play on words. But don't get Visible Dust products. The products I described are fully warrantied against damaging your camera when you use the correctly. Nothing else, no one else, does that..

The initial cost is a bit high, but they pay for themselves in regards to the inconvienence of shipping your camera off to Canon..

The other alternative is to buy an Olympus. They have the very best built-in dust busters and they really work. I never cleaned my Olympus gear once in the many months I owned each camera. I'm now a proud owner of the brand new D300, which also has a dust-buster, but alas it probably ain't as good as Olympus. Oh well, the other features for the D300 and the fact that I'm madly in love with my 18-200mm lens kind of keep in the Nikon camp for the moment. But should Canon, Olympus, or Fuji come up with a better system, I'll jump ship in an instant.

So Nikon better stay sharp ..

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I agree it is most likely dust on your sensor, but one way to check is to take several pictures with different lens settings (ie different zoom levels and f-stops). If the spot changes size or position between shots it is most likely a lens issue, if not it's on the sensor. MilanNikon D50w/ Tamron 28-75 f2.8, Nikon 28-200 f3.5-5.6 and Sigma 135-400 f4.5-5.6Cannon S2isOlympus Stylus 720swGallery:

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That's digital for you. You have to just get used to it. But everyone says that digital is better than film so they must be right.Jules.

Why can't you blow bubbles with chewing gum?..

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It does, as the other responders have said, look like sensor dust. But the EXIF data indicates an aperture of f/5.3 and it is more ususal to see sensor dust at much smaller apertures (f/16 or smaller). Did you increase the contrast of the image in post processing?.

After you have cleaned the sensor the way to check it is to take a shot of a bright, uniform space (the sky is good) at an aperture of f/22. Then in PhotoShop increase the levels to emphisiize any spots..

Brian A...

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The standard test to see if you have dust is :.

(1) Select a very high F value ( F22 is a good one ).(2) Select lowest ISO and a long exposure.(3) Pick a wall - manually DEFOCUS to ensure you are NOT in focus..

(4) Take a photo - you shoudl be bale to hand hold and just move the camera around so it doesn't point at any particular point on the wall during the exposure,.

The idea is to get an exposure which is more or less an even distribution of light. Higher F numbers also help make dust more accurate..

Take the photo, adjust levels ( auto adjust should do )..

You will see a lot of little marks - it will look scary. You only need worry about the biggest one or two of these. The rest do not affect the image. You should be able to relate the dust spot to something in a real photo..

To clean dust get a rocket blower. They are easy and they work except in extreme cases. You may need to use the blower several times to shift a stubborn piece of dust. READ YOUR MANUAL BEFORE CLEANING. There is a set procedure for this and it's there for a reason..

NEVER put anything inside the mount. The exception to this is using swabs, which I personally do not recommend - you are messing around with very delicate stuff and if it's that bad a pro clean is worth it, simply because it should be insured when they do it, or at least you can sue..

If you have a spot on the lens carefully clean with a microfiber cloth. Occasionally you may need to use a cleaning fluid - be careful what you choose. Optics have special coatings and they don't react well to just any old thing..


Pentax K100DFuji S5200Fuji E900PCLinuxOS..

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