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Has anyone used spam assassin on hostgator?.

I switched the account of an investment company (my job) over to hostgator. Now some accounts get insame amount of spam..

I tried to play with the quota. Tried between 5 and 8. I always get spam and false positives.

So even if I increase or decrease, something will be lost..

I found some custom rules Here..

There is one that sounds promising: it auto updates the rules. Its called

But how do you configure something like that without Shell access?.

Now my question is: what did you do on hostgator to improve spam filtering?.

Note: we had a very ancient server. It had a very primitive mail management tools. But somehow, there was no spam whatsoever. I wonder if any non spams where killed. But none of the employees had spam issues. None reported lost email either..

Beats me!.


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OT... I'd suggest checking out Google Apps. $50/yr per user and the spam filtering is top notch. Uptime is near perfect...

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I rather find a way to use what we just got. If there is a way, but I willl ook into it. Thanks..

Is the only difference between free and 50$ the uptime?.

If both have spam filter and free is reliable enough that would nice. I wonder if I can keep the web server where it at the same time. Will look into this further..


Comment #2

Sorry to take this off-topic, but I used to use several different providers for email and finally settled with Google Apps. No more messing with rules to catch new spam and no more complaints of false-positives..

The difference between free and $50/yr is the ads shown inside the webmail, uptime guarantee and support..

Yes, you can keep your web server where it is. Just change the MX records for the domain to Google's servers...

Comment #3

To bring this back on topic... :-).

When I used SpamAssassin, two blacklists helped the most in stopping spam:.

- SURBL (spam URL blacklist).

- Spamhaus..

Comment #4

I like topic shuffling.

On Google Apps:.

- Can you use the free version via POP or IMAP without ads?.

- This office has like 20 email accounts. Do you think google has a pricing for that?.

- I love the idea of no Spam problems. I have a couple of accounts. would expensive for me I am affraid..

On Spam Assasin:.

- Can you use those blacklists and do those setup on a shared hosting account like hostgator? The instructions I found for auto updating lists all needed shell access..


Comment #5

This should cover it:.

Google Apps - Choose the edition that fits your needs.

I only use one account with multiple forwarders. POP access is free and ad free (like regular Gmail)..

As far as the blacklists, those rules are default in SpamAssassin. Most rules you ever need are already built in. Tuning the score for the rules is what you need to do to customize them. Look for the blacklist rules and make the score on them higher than the required score to be considered spam. For example, I think the default "this is spam" threshold is a score around 6.4 or something. I'd go in and make the blacklists contribute a score of 7 to automatically push it over the threshold. The SURBL and SpamHaus blacklists will get rid of lots of spam...

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Wow! A whole new world openned before my eyes!.

Using the free account, I was able to add a domain and it shows that I can have up to 100 emails per domain, etc..

Using the paying account. Is it 50$ per email address, or per account (meaning I can have multiple email addresses under the same domain for the same fee)?.



Comment #7

Per user account (= per email/calendar/docs/combination)..

I tried it when it was beta. Based on what audax posted, maybe it is time to try it out again...

Comment #8

It's $50 per mailbox. Alias/forwarding accounts are no charge...

Comment #9

I setup the free account.

Now I got a strange problem. on the webmail, the emails appear correctly. But they don't get downloaded thru the POP access..

It worked when I tested my personal domain but for the work on it does not..

Any idea why?.

The status says all services are running smoothly..


Comment #10

A Couple of mail were delivered late. I hope things are allright..

There was a warning about 48 hours possible delay but the email starting working right away on my end. I guess some distant senders had trouble sending for a while..

I also set it on my personal domain. Spam free existence is Sweet.

+rep audax for the timely, useful and life saving advice.


Comment #11

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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