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I know Sony is a trademark. Is it safe to register a typo of SonyStyle? I don't think SonyStyle is a TM?.

What are the Legal issues when someone registers a TM typo but doesn't live in USA/UK/Canada? I hope there will be no problems!..

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Registering typos are TM infringement unless it's a TM of a generic term, like Even then you may have some problems, might not lead anywhere, but an angry company with enough money can cause problems for anyone.

But anyway, SonyStyle is a TM, so you'd be essentially typo-squatting.

And it doesn't matter where you live, UDRP proceedings are international. Not only that, but under the Madrid Protocol, you still stand a good chance of facing legal problems aside from recovery of the domain...

Comment #1

Considering the Sony stores in the Malls etc. are called Sony Style, I highly doubt that it is trademarked.

*** Sarcasm. > Sony Style SHOULD be trademarked. It is the name of their stores...

Comment #2

I searched in Google and I don't think SonyStyle is TM. Sony is a TM, does this fact automatically makes SonyStyle a TM?.

Anyhow, the domain got 9 views and 1 click in 48 hours...

Comment #3

I'm pretty confident SonyStyle is TM'd.


Comment #4

Oh well, a lot of people out there use TM names w/o consent. Those big guys either didn't know about it, or they didn't think it would worth to go after them...

Comment #5

Obviously has a TM issue, and sonycars has, and sonyblankets and every sony"otherwords"..

Comment #6

Perhaps not. But given there are various decisions (both Court and UDRP) that.

Involved domain names bearing a trademarked term where many complainants.

Won for whatever reason, should yours be potentially any different?.

Should I wonder why you registered that domain name in the first place?..

Comment #7

If it had been something like then you would stand a chance because apple is a generic term. This would of course require that you don't put any content related or smillar to apple products. On the other hand with the domain you have I have no doubt they will decide you have registered in bad faith which means you were thinking about the brand sony as you registered. So yes you will lose the domain and you might get into further trouble...

Comment #8

No, (well maybe still yes...) because Sony doesn't do business as "Sony Blankets" or "Sony Fine China Vases" or anything. They DO business as "Sony Style".

And where do you all get off claiming that "Sony Style" isn't TM'd anyway?.

There are 4 entries, 2 live.


Goods and Services IC 016. US 038. G & S: magazines featuring electronic products and audio/video entertainment. FIRST USE: 19930515. FIRST USE IN COMMERCE: 19930515.

Mark Drawing Code (1) TYPED DRAWING.

Design Search Code.

Serial Number 74404748.

Filing Date June 23, 1993.

Current Filing Basis 1A.

Original Filing Basis 1B.

Published for Opposition February 15, 1994.

Registration Number 1835430.

Registration Date May 10, 1994.

Owner (REGISTRANT) Sony Corporation CORPORATION JAPAN 6-7-35 kitashinagawa Shinagawa-Ku Tokyo JAPAN 141.

Attorney of Record Robert B.G. Horowitz.

Prior Registrations 1432053;1622127;1682342;AND OTHERS.

Type of Mark TRADEMARK.


Affidavit Text SECT 15. SECT 8 (6-YR). SECTION 8(10-YR) 20040511..

Renewal 1ST RENEWAL 20040511.

Live/Dead Indicator LIVE And lastly, just to go ahead and put this one to bed,.

109040 Sony Kabushiki Kaisha a/t/a Sony Corporation v John Zuccarini d/b/a Rave Club Berlin UDRP 4/8/2002 Transferred.

That's right, there are dozens of Sony cases at WIPO and NAF, ALL that I could find involved Sony winning. (And I have to love the poetry here of an EXACT example of what it is the OP is talking about, and others have defended, being so blatantly obvious that even the smallest amount of due-diligence would have exposed it! </frustration>).

Be honest with yourself: You registered this domain to profit off the intellectual property of Sony, yes? So why try to find some small technicality to try to gain the legal high ground? (Which, btw, that technicality doesn't even begin to exist here.).


(wishes he could legitimately sticky this dammed thread).

(And I'm giving myself rep for this one ).

(No, I can't really do that)..

Comment #9

I registered SonyStyle typo only to get revenue with parking, just like others have registered (Parked at Skenzo) and (Parked at DS). Sony is not going after the owner of typo, nor is rbc bank.

IAmAllanShore from where did you copied this info. What's the best place to search for TMs before registering any name?.

I know I have no legal high ground, I am interested in Parking revenue and when Sony will tell me to give the domain to them I will.

I was looking at and found that still a common typo (maybe the most common one) is not redirecting to Google..

Comment #10

You mean, they haven't gone after the owner ... YET. Just because someone else does it doesn't make it right ... or a good idea!.

Look up trademarks at - choose "search" from the links at the right, go to the basic search page and type in your phrase...

Comment #11

And people wonder why domainers get a bad rap.... because of cybersquatters who think what they are doing is ok and no big deal...

Comment #12

I'm done on this one, but I will leave one more comment.

Search this forum for the thread titled something like "What's the worst that can happen?" , and then decide if that scenario makes it a little less worth your while to tread so heavily on other folks' IP.


Comment #13

Started registering typos last week, but now I have decided to cancel all the typos of myspace, youtube and flickr I registered in last 4 days. Not because there was no traffic, but because of the responses. Unfortunately cannot cancel sonystyle typo, it was registered 4 days ago.

Now there are only 2 TM typos in my portfolio. I found about problems because of tm-infringement only yesterday, never bothered to read "Legal Issues & Disputes" forum.


Comment #14

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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