Sony H-1 looks MUCH better than Canon S2 in these images
Simply amazing. Look at the shot of the bunny between the two cameras. I am assuming both camers used auto mode. WOW. Sony H-1 Canon S2

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Check out this other image comparison! It seems both cameras have good levels of CA.

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I actually preferred the Canon bunny shot, after correcting white balance on both (the Sony's is way off). There's more detail in the Canon bunny, and the Sony's lens seems to have quite a bit of vignetting (light drop-off in the corners). Then I realized different focal lengths were used (Sony is at 12mm, Canon at 17mm), so the bunny pics aren't good for comparing lens performance or detail. From the dcresource pics, it seems to me the Sony lens has slightly higher CA. Compare palm trees in the top left corner of the first shot. The Canon may also be slightly sharper in the extreme edges.

What bothers me a bit about the Canon, is the amount of in-camera sharpening seems higher to my eye. The sharpening halos seem more obvious on the Canon. I can't wait to see a full review. I hope reviewers take identical shots with the Pansonic FZ5 and KM Z5 as well. I'm very curious to see how the lenses compare, and how they do at higher ISOs..

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Here are some crops of the image areas I mentioned. S2 is on the left. H1 on the right. Maxx Attachments:.


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Wow, in the cropped images you can really see more clarity in the S2 pics can't you Maxx. I am not the best judge of quality by any meansjust a basic point and shoot picture taker, but I did get my S2 a few days ago and so far I personally LOVE it. It has so many features for me to grow into and I'm sure as time goes on I will be able to use more and more of them. I love the swivel LSD and the Zoom! To me the pictures look great. Like I said, I'm by no means a professional but I am really enjoying my S2...

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Brendak, I'm happy to hear you love your new S2. I'm waiting to see how it does at higher ISOs. I realize the sensor is small, so I'm not expecting a lot; just better than the KM Z5. Some people prefer the lower noise in the Sony H1 images vs. the S2, but I don't. I'd rather keep the detail.

So far, I'm impressed by the S2 images, and disappointed by the H1's. Enjoy! Maxx..

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Brendak, How are you finding the S2's AF indoors? Fast and accurate? Able to focus in very low light? This has been a weakness of Canon P&S's in the past. BTW, is the tripod mount plastic or metal? It looks plastic in the promo shots. Thanks,.


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Brendak, I find the CA levels of S2 quite hard (looking at the dcreview's images). What is your experience? Is it as serious in everyday use? And what about the higer Iso-s? Comparing to the Pana fz20, for example. Thanks!..

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The H-1 review is up at Interesting review. No zoom in video mode for H-1, a deal killer for alot of people. High levels of PF too. Otherwise it's a real sharp camera...

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The Panasonic FZ20/FZ5 seem to have the least CA of the megazooms, but I've read that their image processor actually removes it, at the cost of edge detail. Here are some S2 ISO 400 shots posted in a dpreview forum:

Lots of noise, but at least the detail is still there (except for the blown-out highlights in some shots). Maxx..

Comment #9

Maxx, I am much too amateur of a photographer to answer many questionsThe Autofocus seems very fast to meI can take pictures in very low light and almost always get a "lock on". I have never even tried manual focus so I can't answer anything regarding that. The tripod mount is definately plasticthat's one question I Can answer Sorry, I am not much help at all but I do know that I love the camerato me the pics are great (I know that there are a lot of experts out there who are picking apart little details but for me it's such a big improvement over our Kodak DX3500 that I am nothing but happy with it)I also love playing with all the features and hopefully I will be able to slowly grow into the camera so that I can use it to it's full potential...

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Hearsay on that CA for the FZ20. I've seen enough of it. Often red or magenta though, and not just purple or blue. A lot of what has been said about cameras when they enter the market later turns out to be not so true after more cameras of a similar type are released, and the people testing them are more conversant and have more to base their expectations on. At first, if they are pleased, the good points of the camera seem to color the perceptions of the not-so-good (and vice versa). Anyway, the Sony got nailed for CA, but I'd wait until some other sites show their test shots before letting that alone be a BFD.

Really where the Sony falls down is features and implementation in my opinion (like the movie mode, for some people - but for me it's probably continuous more or a couple of other things I noted and then forgot). Plenty of accessories listed for the H1 though and not too highly priced (but man do I hate the Memory Stick premium: seems like every time I turn around I'm seeing price drops and good deals on SD and CF). Anyway, the Sony pictures look fine enough for what they are, as do the Canon's. I could make either one sing in most circumstances. Also I'm going to state an unpopular viewpoint once again {probably because people want to think someone else's quantifications and qualifications should tell them what to buy and what to see so they won't have to buy whatever camera without an Authority's Seal Of Approval ; }: anyway, I just don't get much out of comparative pictures taken here or there usually, since the people taking the pictures (1) often don't know that camera well enough to find what I would find to get the bext out of it - or at least a good median.

(2) they don't always shoot under controlled circumstances. (3) they don't always figure out things like (as per the examples above) that comparisons of like focal lengths might make more sense. But then, especially with extreme variable lenses, there are going to be sweet spots and bad spots along the focal travel for each camera with various apertures and it perhaps isn't realistic to expect shots at say 10 different settings ; } That 15x 8-Mpixel Samsung supposedly coming out in August is looking mighty good, save for no image stablilization {/me triggers more bouts of insecure hand wringing, pixel peeping, and technological anxiety ;}..

Comment #11

Brendak, Enjoy your new camera! Get a lot of shooting in and enjoy advancing in photography : }..

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