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Regged four pretty good .asia domains (or at least Inthought so).

Euro DNS took my money and sent me confirmation showing me as regsitarnt and all DNS servers and whatever.

These domains did not appear in my inventory. 4 days and 9 e-mails later, they sent an e-mail,that they were refunding my money, as they made a mistake and I did not have these domains.

Any remedy?.


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There are quite a few threads explaining these problems..

Search, and read..

And do not believe you have secured those names,.


Comment #1

Yes, I am sorry too but I don't understand why I was sent the registration information.

I realize trying to fight with an agency in another country is usually not a winnable situation but I thought I would query the forum for insight.

Thank You..

Comment #2

Don't drink but that is a good option..

Just trying to figure out how someone regged the same domains 6 hours after I did...

Comment #3

If your situation was anything like mine, even though EuroDNS showed the domains as available, they weren't...

Comment #4


More to this than what is on the surface. This was not some standard oversight..

This was outright collusion done from inside the registar.

I have already tracked down how and when this was effected and created the time line to show what took place.

30 years as a homicide detective is good for something in civilian life.

Now whether any agency cares or will do something about it...that is a different matter.

I may end up taking that other guys good advice and spend the money on a few beers...

Comment #5

I think I know what happened:.

A.) Who did you reg through?.

And B:.

If it was a small host, they saw the awesome availables, and regged them. People do this some times, that's why I would stick with, GoDaddy, Dotster, etc...

Comment #6


It was through euroDNS. I had no idea that was even available..

But I certainly will heed your advice.

A lesson learned...although school is not out on this matter. I have nothng but time on my hands now to pursue this.

Maybe I am jousting at windmills but sometimes jousting is good...keeps me active...

Comment #7

Another is to read the agreement: And that's just scratching it. Check the limitation of liability clause.

This thing is another inherent risk in domain registration. No domain provider in.

Any part of the globe can truly guarantee you'll get the domain name, but the.

Least they can do is refund your money in full if it's really something they don't.

Have full control to correct.

One can only do so much. Then it's up to you or so if you wish to force it.

Then again, doing a few beers or what makes you happy can be better.....

Comment #8

In my humble opinion and nothing but my opinion, I do so swear, that's a huge part of the problem, isn't it. TOS agreements are becoming the bane of domainers and the domaining world. It's getting to the point that a law degree is necessary...not just to read every TOS for every possible transaction in the domaining world, but to also know which parts of a TOS are enforceable and which aren't. Seems as though there is a groundswell of discontent forming about this stuff...maybe even a cyber revolt brewing; there has to be some accountability somewhere, or we'll choke ourselves right out of business.

And if MaguirePhD is correct about collusion, it's a huge mess...

Comment #9

I went in and got their records of when I registered these domains and when the other people did.

Working from the UTC time. I regsitered 1 domain 16 1/2 hours before the person who it is showing as registered.

The other three show I was registered 12 1/2 hours before the other person. Notice I used the singular here...PERSON.

Right the SAME GUY ended up with the three domains I had already registered.

Now, I am no expert on domain registration but as I stated in an earlier post...30 years in homicide and I know about coincidences, I also know that they don't come in threes.

I know that I will be advised to let it rest because they have their escape clause and I won't win. But I will make a statement right now and it will categorically be dismissed by most...I will end up with those domains..

I will not contend this on a procedural basis...but a conspiratorial one whereby euroDNS had colluded on a matter and in doing so impugned the integrity of asiaDNS.

It will take awhile but I will prevail.

Thanks to everyone for their input and best of success to all.


Comment #10

What are you saying. That Euro DNS saw your domains and gave them to a friend of theirs?.

Why would they do this and risk their entire business.

Checking, someone had your problem here

Why would EuroDNS even care?.

What if they just were overwhelmed and it took them a while to sort everything out..

Do you have proof of the domains and timeline when you acquired them?.

The one thing that strikes me in your story is that you say the same guy ended up.

With the domains...

If I was you I would take screenshots before these domains get put in 3 peoples name.

I give ubers to godaddy. Never had them cause me a problem thank god...

Comment #11

Nah, it's not really necessary. Not intended as a plug, but I once blogged on a.

Few common clauses in various registrars' contracts, and IANAL.

I have a few readers who are lawyers. I guess I got that article right since so.

Far I've yet to receive any email from any of them correcting me.

Speaking of which, I've been meaning to post a followup to my previous entry.

About registrars' contracts. But to share it here in as few words as possible, a.

Way to understand them is to try to break them down into more manageable.


(Off-topic, but I learned that tip in a problem-solving exercise. I've since noted.

It seems to practically apply to just about every other problem...).

The important thing is to know what you're getting yourself into. RTFP, ask as.

Many questions as possible, try to factor in every possible scenario that could.

Affect your desired outcome.

If there's indeed something out of the ordinary with your situation, Doc, then.

I wish you good luck and hope it somehow works out. I doubt you'll get any of.

Those desired domain names, though, but you never know what form of good.

Might just come out of it...

Comment #12

Dave Zan:.

Thanks, for your advice..

One thing I can do is ask questions because when people used to give the wrong answer to my questions...the went away to jail for 40 years.

Well, here is the update:.

After firing off my well-documented salvo to the registrar and outlining what was done, the time frames and the doumentation I have, I received no less than 4 e mails this morning from various admin people they were looking into this matter to resolve it in my favor.

I am not asking what procedurally went wrong because they can stand on procedure. I want to now what conspiratorially happened and that is a whole different issue because now I will hold their whole company up for review and not just by me. They were also representing AsiaDNS. And I involved them in the game by lettng them know that this company has belemished their image.

They are going to have to explain how the same exact person ended up with all three of the domains that I registered 15 hours earlier.

The odds must be astronomical.



Well, how about that! After 5 days of being ignored and sending e-mails about procedure, 10 minutes ago, the 4 domains I have been looking for magically appeared in my pending file.

Now, I have to finish reading these additional mails I have from admin people.

Stiil don't know where this ends up but no one likes to be placed under the conspiratorial microscope.

Just a matter of changing the playing field: Not procedure...conspiracy...

Comment #13

If it matters at all, I just tried domainmonster/com and reg'd an asia domain (for sure) in about 10 seconds...

Comment #14


I just didn't know at the time that there were alternatives registrars. I found this out later thanks to one of the many fine people who take the time to post in this forum.

There were quite a few registrars right here in the U.S. where, if you have a problem , you can get on a phone and talk to them.

But I have apparently stirred up enough on this issue because I have people from the registars office and dot aia all over this matter now.

I have no problem taking something to the public arena.

Right now, I am giving everyone involved a fair chance at remediation.

Should I not be dealt with fairly, I will use the medium I know best to combat this issue.

The reason I regged these TV affiliated domains is because my brothers and I have our financial interests in TV stations here.

Everyone is good at ducking a matter until you place that matter before the camera in the court of public opinion.

Someone before posted that this is a not too rare occurrence. perhaps, we will do a documentary called Thieves of the Domain.


Comment #15


I understand your situation. You've stepped into a small pile of the big stink I think is soon to come. There's an element of arrogance and impunity exhibited by many domain registrars and other domain-related companies that's gone unchecked and mostly unchallenged.

You've inspired me to go back and correct a wrong that I shouldn't have given in to.


Comment #16

I know, maguire, those were top level premium domains, you might want to read my post, if we can all get together, then certainly there will be some way out, euro dns are big tyme scammers.

I feel sorry please read this post here.

Okay, I will try breifly explaining my experience with them.

On the day of first day of landrush, I tried submitted my domain through them with a promo of 4 euros.

I submitted these following domains, this is what I copied today on my account from Euro Dns below.

EuroDNS Actions.

The following actions are currently pending. Only the last 10 actions are shown here, if more than 10 actions are available you can access them using the 'Show more actions' Button.

Domain Action Description Todo by. new Ready for submission EuroDNS. new Ready for submission EuroDNS. new Ready for submission EuroDNS. new Submitted to the registry EuroDNS. new Submitted to the registry EuroDNS.

After waiting enough, I tried submitted lots of tickets to eurodns, but I did not get any response, if you guys need the those ticket number, please contact me, so here we go again, I then at the last end, I faxed them my complaint, for the international fax over to the Luxembourg (eurodns base), I paid 5.99 us dollars..

I faxed to Xavier fax number to the following number and contact below:-.


+352 26 37 25 - 37.

General Manager :.

Xavier Buck.

After faxing them the document, I then waited for another week, still did not get response, and today 30th of march 2008, I still have not gotten any response, out of my 5 domains, 3 are in the status of "ready for submission", 2 are submitted to the registry, and I still have not gotten any response regarding those 2 that had been submitted..

This expereince and negative way of doing business with eurodns had really disturbed me mentally.

SO, I logged on, and checked, it was avaliable, then I registered and went back on eurodns, it was still in the status " ready for submission".

So after that, I have lost my hope and interest in this company, if you guys want to verify with eurodns,.

So feel free to message me.

But one thing I would like to mention is, WORSE EXPEREINSE, WORSE COMPANY, WHY RUN promo if you can't satisfy the customer, please avoid this company whosoever. Especially never order your golive landrush or any applications through EURODNS in the future.



Read my part, I order on 25th march, withe eurodns, on 26 I checked, it is still waiting for submission, I was like what the Fudge is this aall about.

I went to DOMAIN.COM to check who registered it, it was avaibale there, I quickly entered my info and register it, and then got the confimartion I got the domain by

But then I again went to EURODNS, in my account ENTERTAINS.ASIA, was still in the status of "ready for submission",.

Come on EURODNS, YOU guys MESSED SO MANY, people who wanted to invest in good domains, only coz of eurodns, they all got f-up,.

I faxed eurodns, I faxed XAVIER BACK, I got the confirmation of fax that I fax from kinko, confirmed the fax went to luxomburoug, TO XAVIER BUCK, but still didnt hear any response,.

F-UP company, big tyme.

I feel soorrry for those who trusted this company including myself, but then I realized about

Orderd 70 asia domain with them.

Punjabi sikh, feel free to message me regarding this issue...

Comment #17


Apparently, the ineptitude, non-responsiveness and what I know is outright collusion is endemic to EuRoDns. They have not handled anything right and do reflect badly on dotAsia.

But what is well appeciated is your information that you posted along with that of Verbster, Dave Zan, DN Money, Debacle X and even Stub who may have had the simplest solution...just go have a few beers.

I just picked the wrong horse at the beginning.

I will stay with this thread to see how everyone makes out.


Comment #18

Although a different set of circumstances, I came to the same conclusion when the domain I ordered in the sunrise period, was magically registered to another Hong Kong company without going to auction.

Who ever heard of a non-profit HK company anyway?..

Comment #19

I ordered go live on the 25th with eurodns, but on 26 noon, I grabbed it from coz eurodns was still showing ready for submission.

Hahahah, I was like what the hell is EURODNS doing, sleeping taking a nap, after taking so many million dollars of people who are dreaming to be rich with their investing...

Comment #20

I still wish that I didn't need a CED, I would have never touched EuroDNS.......

Comment #21


Agreed but there was no way around it. I had a contact in Singapore but GoDaddy wanted his passport number entered in the reigstraton fields.

A contact is one thing asking for his passport number is another.


Who ever heard of a non-profit HK company anyway?.

Come on Stub. These companies are run by atheists that live in the Vatican..

Comment #22

Maguire, you guys could have used my voter id number of India, I am citizen of india, freinds you can count on me.

But good news you guys didnt research is that. also providing ced with the .asia domain.



Comment #23


Now where is the netfirms? On Mars?..

Comment #24


They are in canada, or uk company

I hope not mars, if we go on mars, we then first need to make dot .earth extension, so when we have that, then we have somethin from mars.

Cheers mate,.


Comment #25

Now that you mention it, I'm pretty sure they nicked one of mine too, a damn good one! I had just put it down to them sleeping and someone else regging it before I could reg with Godaddy, but now I wouldn't be surprised if they just regged it themselves. Disgusting stuff.


If they do give the domains back to you, doesn't it then prove their guilt?..

Comment #26


That is how it appears to me. These were missing for 4 days and after a few salvos fired off to top level people...they magically appear in my Manage Domans file.

I have the original WHO IS file showing I regged them.

Then I have the WHO Is file where they had someone else named and the UTC times they were regsitered.

And now I have the new WHO IS file with me named again and a different time than the first UTC registering.

While they may be in collusion...they are certainly not too bright.

I dealt with schemers, liars and murderers for three decades, these guys are a bunch of girls scouts.

As far as taking your damn good one, I'll bet. That is the only kind they want...

Comment #27

Just informed that 3 domains are now back in My Manage domains file..

Why these must be magical domians because just appeared!!!..

Comment #28

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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