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To my surprise, this morning I received an email from a company that is offering one of my domains for sale. They ask me to take advantage of the opportunity an buy the domain for $199. Is this a form of scam? Are they maybe trying to make me respond with a particular intention? Did anyone here have a similar experience?.


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Dose sound fishy IMO.

Tell them you will buy it for $199, but first they must buy it off you for $5000, that should work a treat. (Assuming it's not worth that of course)..

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After googling the name of the company that sent me the email (which is, I have found out that it is something they do often. Other domain owners have posted on certain forums complaining about it. In an after-thought, I think I figured out what they are trying to do. Since I had posted that particular domain name on an auction, with a reserve price much lower than $199, maybe they are trying to get offers for $199 and then buy the domain for a lower price. If that is their intention, I think it is clearly unethical, however, in a way, they are promoting my domain name for free. What do you think?..

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I checked their site and they are using valid verisign certificate...for payment..

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And I checked out some of their domains at $199 and they have not even been regged yet?.


They sound very certified to me!..

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It's pretty safe to assume if someone tries to hawk you something that in fact belongs to you already, it's some kind of scam, yes.


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They are known scammers and spammers. They have been for years...

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WebNameSolution tried to sell me the .com of a .info I used to own for $199. I believe the .com was on auction at SnapNames shortly after and it actually sold for $xxxx.

Like it was mentioned above, they have also been known to sell available domains for $199 each from their website. Although this is misleading, I suppose they can price domain registrations at whatever they want.

No idea how they get away with offering domains for sale that are owned by others who have no knowledge of them. It's ridiculous how they're still in "business" (if you can even call it that)...

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There's webnamesolutions and webnamesolution. Are they related? And can you please confirm which one is the known scammer?.


Comment #8

Any Email like that just scam. put it's in spam next time can not come back......

Comment #9

The email I received was from is related...

Comment #10

WebName Solutions scans every domain that is on PENDING DELETE status, in particular the dot coms. After they do that, they scan the WHOIS registry for any active usage of the same domain name in either .NET or .ORG.

If there is a match with one or the other, this generates the letter you saw charging 200 bucks ($199.99), and this is sent to any owners of the .NET or the .ORG domain. Why that amount? Simple. That is the amount of cumulatively backordering the domain name at Pool, Snapnames, and NameJet. Even though there is no cost to actually backordering unless the domain is captured by the service, the amount is needed to back up the outlay.

Once one of the big 3 pick up the name (as they will 99%+ of the time), then they essentially have bid the backorder amount ($60 or $70) for the domain. If there are no other bidders, Webname solutions takes ownership of the domain, then transfers it to the customer. Since the backorder is usually 60 or 70 dollars, Webname takes a $130+ profit from the deal.

If there is competition and an ensuing auction, I would imagine that Webname would bid up to the 200 amount, or some set figure below that amount. Or, they may bid higher and just eat the loss, though I doubt it. I'm sure the fine print on such a deal is that they indicate that Webnames doesn't actually "own" the domain yet, and certain "conditions" may prevent them from following through with the deal.

So, essentially, if you are doing the Snapnames/Pool/Namejet backordering routine yourself, then you are doing ***exactly*** the same thing as Webnames and there is NO NEED to use their services.

So why does this model work? The reason they do this is because .COM is usually valued higher than .ORG and .NET, so they figure that those who currently own the lesser TLD's would like to have the .COM. ALSO, they figure out that MOST people aren't as domain savvy as domainers like ourselves are, and will gladly pay that service, which in most cases would be successful.

Is this a scam? Technically, no, though I'm sure that there is an implication that they own the domain that is, of course, false, but I don't see any Better Business Bureau sticking their necks out on this...

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I'd be willing to bet that they only make this offer to newbies on crap names, so that they are nearly always guaranteed a $100-$130 profit per name.

I have actually received this offer on domains I have allowed to expired.


Comment #12

Nice comprehensive breakdown of the sitaution Rantwire.

There are several Mickey Mouse operations like this claiming they've picked up domains "to help individuals and businesses protect their brand online" [isn't that heartwarming?], when in reality the names are free for anyone to reg for 10 bucks.

'John Timmers' is a regular fly buzzing around my box, and these jokers too: Trader Domains.

It's pretty funny when they the offer .com for a word that only fits a hack of another extension, and nothing else, eg ELECTROMAG, which might conceivably be a brandable longshot, but really is only much good with .NET.

I don't block them, because they actually do provide a service, alerting me to the odd thing I might want to pick up; they won't be getting any wages from this direction though..

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