Some of my very first pics (3 images)
4 days ago, I bought a d40..

Here's some of my very first pics. I also just want to test posting images..

Would welcome any comments.

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Here's a link to pics I'm most proud of from my $129 Canon A310 (no zoom) and A550. The A310 just stopped working one day and I got the A550 for free as a replacement and it still works well..


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This is a very nice shot but you have blown the white section on the top of the flower - it is pure white with no detail. This should have been visible on the histogram immediately after you took the shot and you could then have tried again with an EV of -1/2 or -1.0..

In terms of composition, I think that it might have been better without the second flower immdeiately below the first. The background is nicely out of focus..

LampI don't really have any comments to make..

Sunset (or sunrise) scene..

Nice light on the tree at the left, but the shadows are a little dark - try brightening the shadows slightly in Photoshop..

I think that the interesting part of the shot is the left half with the light on the tree. The car at the bottom centre is a major distraction and detracts greatly from the image..

Nice first attempts and keep shooting.Chris R..

Comment #1

I hadn't noticed how blown the tip of the tulip was. Those histograms are a mystery to me, but you've pointed out a good reason to learn them. Thanks!.

Can't thank you enough for taking the time. All comments were most appreciated and I will use them to learn from!..

Comment #2

They are awful!!!LOL!I like the third best.Enjoy your new toy! (I hope it's not a professional tool)VictorBucuresti, Romania

Comment #3

Thanks, Teodor for your comments as well.  .

They are awful, aren't they?!?.

Hilarious. I can definitely laugh at myself. I've got the worst eye for detail in a lot of ways..

As for the camera, it's a D40...

Comment #4

We are all different so what is beautiful for me it may not be for you. Take the pictures you enjoy. If others like them it's great, if not it's not a tragedy.I hope you've understood that what I said about awful pictures was a trope? )VictorBucuresti, Romania

Comment #5

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I just like this pic...

Comment #6

Generally speaking, you've captured some "nice" shots (in your Picasa gallery)..

Technically speaking, some of them need a lot of improvement, even with such basic issues as excessive camera shake. There's also issues with exposure, depth-of-field and at least some moderate post-processing to fill out shadows and restore washed-out skies etc. But..... these are all things that will come together given time, some reading of photography 'how to' books  and sites such as this  and practise, practise, practise!.

EVERY newbie photographer has the same sorts of issues as you're encountering, and all of them rapidly improve  with practise and ongoing critique by more skilled (but not necessarily "professional") photographers..

My major critique is that many of your images lack a clearly defined subject or point of interest, or any specific reason as to why you've captured the image. That's the reason I put 'nice' in quotes in the first sentence. A truly great image needs to 'jump out' at the observer by utilising a combination of purely technical skills (which are usually not immediately apparent  and nor should they), but more importantly  the artistry and sense of aesthetics and the "eye" of the photographer for the subject, the lighting, colour, composition, framing, timing etc etc etc..

For example, your last image of the pathway with the wire security fence and the trees and shrubs is a picture of.......... what?.

Does it tell me a 'story' or make me wanna get lost in the picture, or strike an emotional chord within me  pleasure, awe, surprise, humour, shock, serenity, anger? In a word  no! Sorry..

It's simply a "nice" image, but that's *all* it is. I'm certainly not denying that it has some special meaning for you (as you've chosen to show us) and that you personally feel very satisfied with it's outcome. I guess it can come down to whether you take photos primarily for your own viewing pleasure (which is what I do) or you'd like to let other people see them as well, and draw some sort of emotional response from them, or even have them purchase your work..

I'd like to commend you on your optimistic attitude to your new hobby, and the obvious pleasure you're gaining from the learning processes. And don't be unduly disappointed by some of the overly negative critiques you're bound to receive occasionally  even on these forums..

I'll certainly be interested in seeing more of your work as you progress, and I hope I've offered some constructive "general" advice  rather than as an image-by-image critique..

Cheers ..

Comment #7


WoW! THanks for that insightful advice. I'll definitely try to learn from it!..

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