GoDaddy reviews : Recommend I use GoDaddy?? Sold sites, but being threatened

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I sold 4 different sites (Basically a network) 6 months ago. Last week I got an email saying "Unauthorized use of the domains". What had happened was I had the sites that I created from nothing for quite some time, and was using the for all my emails.

My whoIS set for default on my Godaddy account had the domain as the organization. I was unaware of this as I don't check whoIS on my own domains. I also was using an email for posting on Craigslist, accidentally as I have a similar domain and got confused when I automatically saved the emailed. After I got the email from the buyer, I immediately updated the information and thought everything was good. The buyer emailed back and said they had to cover their rights... I agree, I wouldn't want anyone using my domains for their email either.

I just got another email a few days ago, after I registered a domain from Godaddy and I guess my main email there is set to one of the domains I sold. I got another email from the buyer and the way it was worded sounded like they might be advising a lawyer almost. I had to call Godaddy as I didn't even know how to change it. I emailed the buyer back a few days ago and they have yet to respond, which is making me a little nervous.

I don't want to have any problems, and everything that has been happening with the emails I have not known about until it was brought to my attention, and which case I fixed it ASAP. I'm calling the buyer tomorrow and hopefully they will be understanding that it was an accident and hopefully nothing will happen, but...

What can happen here? Can I be sued?..

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You can always be sued but have you done anything wrong?..

Comment #1

Thats what I'm trying to figure out... Did what happen justify a lawsuit that they can win?..

Comment #2

Let me get this straight:.

You did the equivalent of what i'm doing here:.

My email address is if you want.

I don't see how providing an incorrect email address infringes on anyone ( except that it may infringe against an agreement you had to provide a valid email address TO someone, e.g. whois ).

So, for a short while, you had broken the whois agreement, other than that, nothing? can you "impersonate" via email address?..

Comment #3

It's not just a Who Is violation.

He's saying he (the Seller) is using one or more of the domains he sold for his email address and the Buyer has objected to this "illegal usage".

The emails are obviously going to the new buyer and he wants it to stop.

Anyway that's how I interpreted his posting.


Comment #4

That is correct.

Everything that has been brought to my attention that have been set to those emails have been changed immediately, but I guess it's not good enough. What type of legal trouble can I get into here? I've done everything I can to correct this problem, but not sure if they are going to presue action or not...

Comment #5


This is not a legal opinion but if you made an (honest) error and then.

Corrected it when the error was brought to your attention, what could they possibly do?.

You certainly did not cost them any monetary loss so what damages could they prove? If they pursue this after you made the necessary corrections,.

It would be abusive use of the legal process.


P.S. Just my personal opinion, not a legal opinion...

Comment #6

And it's not like he is USING the email - the new owners would have had to create the account. It's obviously an honest mistake. People need to calm down...

Comment #7

He can very easily block specific email addresses from receiving email at this domain, so it would be way overkill for him to launch any sort of legal attack against you. Just MHO..

Comment #8

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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