What did you try before using Medifast?

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Starting MF?.

I can tell you that I have done starving myself, eating one meal a day, the only drink diet sodas all day, the low carbing, the chicken and salads only, the salads and fruits only, the lean cuisine dinners, WW..and the list goes on...and I can tell you that NONE HAVE WORKED besides the "low-carbing" but I got very bored of that easily and just gave up kinda and was slowly falling right back into my old eating habits again!! .

Then this is when I found Medifast and this has saved my life and I cant believe it that this is the longest diet that I have ever lasted and was able to lose weight and also be satisfied with their food! Also, ill admit I have my hungry days, but Im used to that! Also, I do get tired of eating the same foods day in and day out sometimes, like the brownies LOL,. I cant wait till I am done my last brownie at home that way I dont have to look at them anymore for awhile heehee!! .

Also, Medifast is great because there is so many great foods to choose Im glad that something finally worked for me.....

Oh yeah, was even considering gbs!!! Glad I chose this!.

Mf saved this fat girls life LOL.

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I've tried weight watchers 3 times, atkins and phentermine diet pills. thankfully I finally found MF!.

Comment #1

I did WW and gained 3 lbs in the first week...moved on to LA Weight Loss and lost 10 lbs...then gained it back when they went out of business. Started at the gym with a personal trainer and followed her eating plan and worked my fanny off and in the process lost 10 lbs.... Thankfully found Medifast and this is the best loss ever. I can't believe how fast this is working and the food is good.

Comment #2

High School: Jane Fonda videos. [Lost 20lbs].

College: 1. Nutrisystem (Lost 30lbs) 2. Starving myself essentially. [Lost 50lbs].

Masters: Strange diet of my own making (breakfast/banana, lunch/cereal, dinner/two Healthy Choice dinners, evening snack/raspberry juju coins) and exercise. [Lost 120lbs.].

Ph.D.: Gained, gained, gain, with a very brief foray back to WW where I lost 5lbs. before returning to gain, gain, gain..

Now: Medifast [Lost 156lbs so far].

Comment #3

Oh, I forgot about Jenny Craig in between B.A. and Masters. Blah!.

Comment #4

Nutrisystem, which worked, but the weight all came back! .

Semi nutri and whatever, didn't work!.

Comment #5

I have only tried two other things really. In 2003 I tried Metabolic Research Center and in 2005 I tried Weight Watchers. Both things worked for me but I just gave up. I wasn't ready to make the change at that point..

Comment #6

I have just done WW like forever..

I lost 100 pounds back in August 2006. It took me FOUR years to lose it. I gained back 60 of it in 3 years. I lost 10 of it again last year and now am stuck in a "set-Point" that I have been in forever.

This time I REALLY need to lose it once and for all. I am tired off being overweight. I am tired of sitting on the sidelines. I am not big enough for lap bad or gastric bypass either..

Comment #7

I like the way Jennifer38 did it, so I will follow suit:.

Age 11: 800 calorie diet per Mothers advice - lost 15# .

High school: Starving, exercise, laxatives, purging, WW, Slim-fast- lost 30#.

College: Eating once a day, starving again......didn't lose much as I recall.

22: Antidepressant side effect of no hunger with on my feet a lot= lost 60#.

25: Eating once a day- working on my feet a lot and 30 min. treadmill- lost 60#.

In between I tried hypnosis, WW again, Slim-Fast, Eating once a day, cabbage soup diet, lemonade diet, Suzanne Somers, The Zone, Atkins, Carb addicts, etc.- all would have limited success and me unable to last long.....

35: reduced calories and hard exercise- lost 57#- could not maintain with injury and no exercise.

Low carb also works best for me, but indeed does get boring..

Comment #8

I've only tried Nutrisystem and you had to work hard (exercised at gym 5 days a week) to lose the weight. I thought it was great until I started Medifast and saw how fast I could lose and not feel hungry after the 1st. week and with doing no extra exercise.

After Nutrisystem it was my fault that I gained the weight back. I stopped doing all the good things for me and got this stressful job and gained most the weight back.

I am still at the same job, but losing all the same so all is good. You really do need to stick to what you learn once you lose weight to maintain and this time I will..

Comment #9

Wow, so pretty much you were like me going up and down LOL, but looks like you did a great job this time around and I know that you will have much success with Medifast like you have been!!! WTG!.

Comment #10

Yeah, I heard about that Metabollic center and I was going to try that or I guess I was day dreaming about being skinny LOL. But I have lots of times when I put myself on diets and said this time is the time and I will not fail, well I failed LOL, pigged out on BREAD!!!.

Comment #11

WOW, IT TOOK FOUR YRS TO LOSE 100 pounds with ww, I believe it too! See, I have to lose like 200 pounds to be where I wanna be and there is no way that I can do it for four yrs!! Plus when I was on ww it got boring real fast to me!!!!.

So, glad that Medifast is here.

Comment #12

LOL, yeah sounds just like me but this is the most weight that I ever lost in my whole life and let me tell you, I am only doing it ONCE and thats it!.

Comment #13

Wow, and I was looking to do Nutrisystem at one time right round the time I was looking into losing weight and weighing my options again and so glad that I found mf! This is a lifesaver!\.

So, you can only eat like 4 Nutrisystem meals then it said unlimited fruits and veggies, theres no way id be able to stick with that like I am with mf!! They keep it simple!.

Comment #14

LOL, I tried the pills too, and whoa they made feel like a crackhead!!! Noway never do that again!.

Comment #15

Yep, I was looking into la weightloss too, and I dont think they are around here in tx anymore either but anyways Im so glad that Medifast is here and this is my life saver!!!.

Comment #16

I'm a hardcore dieter, lol. Under 25, I would do protein diets and run 5-7 miles a day with great results. After 25 and the birth of my son, it got harder. At 30, I did a mexicali diet, which consisted of 2 diet suppresants, 1 laxative, 1 water pill and 1 thyroid supplement. I lost 100lbs in 5 months. Great weightloss but I felt so ill for those 4 months.

Did it again and lost. Gained back. Then for the next 10 years I've done WW, slimfast, cabbage soup diet, lemonade diet, Suzanne Sommers, phentermine pills, etc. Two years ago, I started doing low carb (under 20g a day), very low calorie (800 a day) and lost 60lbs in 4 months. I have kept it off but needed to lose more.

And here I am.

Comment #17

Wow, "thyroid" supplement what is that? And where did you get that? The only thing I know is the "hormone" replacement pill which I take evrydy and thats cuz Im hypothyroidism....but yes looks like you been up and down the ladder like we all have LOL>.

Comment #18

Oh yea and even did a research study for 4 months that involved injecting 2 different shots twice a day (not HCG). But I've done that too, lol..

Steph, the thyroid supplements were to speed up your thyroid. The doctor I went to every other month was in mexico and the meds I purchased were from the pharmacy next door. They were in spanish so who knows. I would not recommend this diet but pathetically, I would probably do it again (sucker for punishment, lol)..

Comment #19

I did WW for a month, lost 10 pounds and fell off and couldn't get back on. Too complicated! I did Atkins for like a week. Lost some weight from the constant diarrhea but fell off because I'm just not that big into so much eating meat! That was a number of years ago. I thought I just can't do diets. Fast forward a couple years to April '10, saw my doc, she suggested I do MF. The rest is history Just needed to find the one that worked for me!.

Comment #20

Let's see:.

High School: Weight Watchers.

After college: Diet Center/Physician's Weight Loss/Nutra System/WW/LA Weight Loss/WW/.

Another weightloss center like LA Weight Loss (can't remember the name)/and WW again a couple of times..

Final one's the charm?.

Comment #21

I have done WW at least 6 times if not more. Jenny Craig 4 times. Slim fast, Atkins, The cookie diet, Cabbage soup diet, Nutri system, the biggest loser diet plan & the french women diet. These are just what I can think of right now. I have tried so many things. I have always been able to lose just so much weight and it stops.

I lose weight so slow on the other diets. I have also tried Zenecal the full strength version of ali. That didn't work either. So glad I started MF..

Comment #22

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