GoDaddy testimonials : Advise I use GoDaddy?? So what happen if i own the .net domain of a big compagny?

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So what happen if I own for example and don't plan to resell or making money with it? Can Chevrolet sue me? Are they so stingy they wouldn't even make me an offer to obtain it? What generally happen? Thank you..

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Regardless if it is chevrolet or any other branded name, you are begging for trouble....not worth the time IMHO to even think about anything doing with that domain....they can sue the cr@#$ out of you because they have bigger pockets, dont they?...:-).



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And what happens if that name is also a generic world in an other or the same language? Can they sue you if you sell it on sedo?..

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Just think about owns a lot of domains, in different parts of this world...if you own a domain name what is a brand, you are more likely to branded as squatter if you you do something with it...just think about have a generic pill for headache treatment, called "r5000" have spent hundreds of thousand dollars to brand own the domainname""...but not" because you didn't register it at the, someone else registered the net version...and is selling activately headache pills on that domain...from your competitor...would you be glad about that??.

Just my 2 cents....



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There's a gazillion details to get into to give even a remote answer...except it.

Depends. It depends on the name, it's trademark holder, your intent, etc.

Know who you're potentially dealing with...

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I don't think a few people in here try to put themselves in the shoes of these big companies. It really is frustrating because they're giving domainers a bad name. Worst of all, many of them who do it knows it's wrong...

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Seriously if I have spend hundred and hundred thousand dollars to brand my site, I wouldn't mind give a few thousand to the guy who own the .net because I was not even smarter to do it first, or if it was back in 90's and someone registred the .net then it's life, those compagny use any kind of opportuny to gain million, they can't spend a dime to get a .net domain name? Seriously, they would paid thousand for lawer and sue me instead of giving $10000 for it? I'm not talking of using the domain for selling similar stuffs from rival other compagny but just the eventuallity to ressel it to the concerned compagny. That's capitalism they know it better than me no?..

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Sounds like your mind is made up. I'd do it. Lessons learned by doing instead of seeing or hearing are much better in my honest opinion.

Just e-mail them and offer it to them for $xx,xxx. They have deep pockets and won't mind spending the money. Either to buy it, or to take it.


PS Plese keep us updated on the negotiations...

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Are you aware that this action by the TM holder lowers their standing in court for TM infringement cases? By paying for what is rightfully their intellection property they are stating they do not have exclusive rights which can mean...NO RIGHTS!.

This is why companies (like Google) will spend thousands to get a domain they can buy for a fraction. It's not about value of the domain itselft. It's about protecting their legal rights...

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For some people, it's the principle and not the money. While you can do that,.

Others aren't required or forced to act the same way you do if they are ready.

To demonstrate their established rights are being infringed on.

Mileage varies. But one thing you ought not to do is give someone a cause to.

Hold you liable, especially if you're both within one another's reach.

Besides, if you don't really care about their rights, well, why should they care.

About yours?..

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I wouldn't worry about it too much. If a company contacts you saying they want the name, however, you might as well give it to them. It is cheaper and easier for a company to just ask for the name.

If you are feeling gutsy you could ask for $100-$500 in the process...

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Hey guys!.

I was looking a domain name for my new web design company. Finally I come up with a name (jova sounds close to java). The thing is + were registered long time ago by a non-profit company. After doing some research I found that the time they register + .org, the dot com version was taken. was dropped couple months ago and now i'm the new owner.

Is it legal if I open new web design company name IJOVA.COM INC ?

PS: I've sent email and ask the owner of if he wants to buy the .com version but he said NO...

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I think that since you're not planning on trading on the goodwill of the company who owns the net and org and you're planning to use the name in an entirely different field, you'll be ok. You didn't buy it with intentions to sell it to the trademark holder. In fact, you weren't even aware that they existed.

Under the UDRP 4(c), it looks like you'd be able to defend against a suit for the name. (Granted, the fact that you offered it for sale to the trademark holder goes against you....).

Now, whether or not you'd want to spend the money to defend a WIPO action is entirely up to you...


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