So weak, tired and sleepy on Medifast program. Please help!?

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Hi, I am on my 5th day and ever since the first day I have been feeling so weak, tired and sleepy. Is this normal? Thanks so much!.


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Are you eating all your meals?.

How about snacks? If you aren't eating them can you add them?..

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This is completely normal. I had "cranky" added to the same list as you have. It gets waaay better. Please stick with it and don't give up or give in! Take headache medicine, get as much extra rest as you can and come here for support. Welcome aboard...

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Hi glotowle,.

I started mid-August and had the same issues for the first 3 weeks. I could hardly function, I felt so horrible! Finally, I posted a message to the Registered Dietician Thread, and received some helpful advice.

Their two recommendations made all the difference for me: 1) I increased my water intake (the 64-oz. minimum just wasn't enough for me), and 2) I increased my sodium intake. It didn't take a lot - just some Morton's light salt sprinkled on my L&G meal each day..

After I was feeling better, I told the story to a friend who's a nurse, and she said that most likely I was dehydrated. Dehydration causes fatigue, headaches ... all the symptoms I was struggling with..

Hope you're feeling better soon! Hang in there; it's worth it!.


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Absolutely!!!!! My first week was hell. Not hungry or having trouble being OP, but the fatigue, headaches, blood sugar drops (I am diabetic), were all so bad. I felt awful. They are right when they say plan to start when you can maybe not work, like on a long weekend or something. I actually took the week off to start. Hadn't felt better until week 3.

Lost a lot quickly but have a lot to lose so this is normal to start. So much fluid loss. I am staying really hydrated, 101 + oz. of fluid per day. Always feel like going to the bathroom but it is better than feeling like I am going to faint or can't get up.

You will feel better..

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I drink a lot of water peer day too. Not sure of the amount though. I have heard a lot of people mention the added sodium too. Some break up their lean and green to get more energy too. I make sure I have my snacks and condiments each and every day. I makes me "feel" I am not being cheated! LOL GGood luck and stay on plan because it really works!..

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Hi Lulu, thanks for your answer. I do eat all my meals and snacks...

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Thanks! This means so much to me and I forgot to say I am cranky as well sometimes lol..

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No problem, it will pass! You will get your energy kick around the end of week 2, possibly in to week 3...

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Thanks Deb, I will increase my water, I am not very good at drinking water by itself. I like it to taste like something, be an infuser or cool aid and the salt is easy to increase. I don't take a lot of salt so it's not going to harm at all I see you've lost so much weight, congrats!..

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Thanks Sue, btw, how do you post your ticker?..

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Thank you ladies I feel better knowing I'm not alone..

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Welcome! I had that too starting out - and kind of a general mental fogginess - but it does get better. I got a big energy boost in about week 3. One piece of advice I heard that helped somewhat with energy levels is to eat your lean & green earlier in the day and/or eat a slightly higher-carb lean & green (staying under 100 carbs total for the day).

Also eating every 2 hours really helps! I was initally eating every 3 hours and it just wasn't working. You may have to split your L&G or have a snack to make it work but eating that often really helps the hunger and low energy...

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I guess I can only second what others have said, but let me add my voice to the choir: It gets better! Hang in there! I'm only on Day 4 and the difference between today and Day 2 is HUGE. On Day 2 I posted something very similar to your post! WITH the "cranky"!! I then tried to do more shakes, with extra crushed ice, along with drinking more, and just tried to stay OP. Today is the first day I've felt "good" - and I hear it only gets better! Stay OP and you'll be great!!!!..

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Try a cup or two of hot bouillon during the day. That really helped me out. I was really glad that I was on summer vacation when I started. That way, I could rest when I need to those first few days. I don't think I could have taught feeling like I did at first. Hang in there. It will get better...

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It was exactly how I felt. Just take good care of yourself in all the non-food ways you can is my advice...

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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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