GoDaddy review : Should I go GoDaddy?? So is godaddys tdnam a ripoff?

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I got an email saying someone was interested in one of my domains. It is fairly new one and is just parked now. I have some plans to develop but no time now..

I was interested and countered and we were getting to a price but to login to tdnam I need to be a member at $5 a year. I am a cheap ass but I also don't like giving godaddy any money..

Am I stupid? Is tdnam a scam to get me to subscribe to this crap. Am I being baited by some godaddy employee into $5 a year?.

Do you belong to tdnam? Is it worth it?..

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TDNAM is not a great place to sell domains as it does not seem to be that popular anymore and domains aren't selling for as much as they're worth..

However, if you need to have a TDNAM account to contact the person interested in your domain, then get one if the domain is worth more than $5. Better yet, when you buy your subscription throw a domain in the cart as well so you can get it for only $2 (at least they used to do that $1.99 thing with tdnam subscriptions)..

IMO if you got an email saying someone is interested, I doubt they would lie for $5/yr. It's not like it would be that hard to find out...

Comment #1

I belong, I think it's worth it..

But I use it to find expiring domains with traffic and PR, you can get them pretty cheap compared to using something like snapnames or pool to catch them when they drop..

Plus, you don't loose the domains age when you use tdnam to grab expiring names. It's more like a transfer than a drop..

Just this year I've grabbed a shitload of PR2 sites, several PR3 sites, a bunch with pretty decent targeted traffic, 2 that are in the Yahoo! directory, and 1 in DMOZ...

Comment #2

That's a good point. I got a 1999 domain, 2 2000 domains, and a 2001 domain that are all keyword rich through tdnam...

Comment #3

Yea, I just got a .com about a month ago created in 2001, for $5 + the 1 year reg - 20% off coupon.

Forgot to mention to search for tdnam coupons before paying, you can usually find 20% or 15% off..

Comment #4

Ya I am cheap and bbut the main thing I was trying to get away from doing anything at all with Godaddy.

I logged in and did it. Waiting for my response but bid on two other domains that look interesting...

Comment #5

No shame in being cheap when it comes to domain regs. I blow money like it's free but I'll do whatever I can to save a buck on a domain reg..

And I don't blame you for staying away from GD, their domain control interface sucks, not to mention that bullshit of having your domain locked to your account for 60 days whenever you make a change to your contact info or push to/from another account (which ICANN says they can't do)..

I've been moving my domains away from them for the past 6 months, transferring blocks of 50 at a time every week or two...

Comment #6

Is there a way to do this on tdnam without out doing your own manual research on each one? Like an advanced search feature?..

Comment #7

I paid the $5 once upon a time. Should have spent it at Subway instead...

Comment #8

Please check this url for more information about tdnam scams..

Also this one too from wired..

Comment #9

If you are selling domains on TDNAM you are guaranteed a bad experience. I have had more backout buyers than actual sales. Then there is the TDNAM policy of releasing funds to the seller in exactly one month. WTF?.

Also, your TDNAM account may end up costing you more than $5. I have received and accepted an offer on a domain that was sold on a forum that I forgot to remove from TDNAM. I immediately sent TDNAM support an email to cancel the transaction. What did they do? Charged me $10 to "reinstate" my account...

Comment #10

That sucks

On the other hand, Godaddy can be really sleazy so you have to expect that sort of thing...

Comment #11

Godaddy is just plain sleaze. No point to do business with them, unless your really want to put up with the headaches. The whole, 60 day hold is pure bullshit, plus their shit-tastic interface..

If I ever get a chance to punch someone from Godaddy in the face, it's on...

Comment #12

Just for the record my buyer ended up buying and I got my money. I made 50 times what I paid for the domain..

Now if I could just multiple this by 100 or 1000...

Comment #13

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