GoDaddy review : Should I order GoDaddy?? So I started a hosting company...

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After selling off my last company and getting screwed on what was supposed to be me starting up a PR firm with a friend, I've decided to follow through with a backup plan I've had for a while... I started a shared hosting company..

I owned a hosting company for a few years back in 2002 and I sold it off in 2005. I've been quoted on WF as saying I'd never get involved in the hosting industry again, but I realized that even though it can suck sometimes, hosting was something I actually enjoyed doing. Plus, relying on a business partner is not something I want to deal with ever again... anyway... to the point: I have a deal for WickedFire members..

ZenSix Hosting.

Sick of your current hosting provider? Sign up with ZenSix and you'll be with a host that visits WickedFire on a daily basis..

WickedFire Members: Use coupon code "wickedfire" and get $5.00 off your order (sign up for the $5.00/personal plan and you don't pay anything for a month)..

What we don't offer: Services for people needing reseller accounts, VPS accounts, or dedicated servers. I'm going to stick to shared hosting... at least for now..

What we do offer: Shared services for small to medium sized sites. Adult sites are okay as long as they are legal..

Shared Hosting Plans:.

Zen-Lite:: $25/year.

500MB Space.

20GB Bandwidth.

Unlimited Domains.

Personal:: $5/month - $50/year.

1000MB Space.

75GB Bandwidth.

Unlimited Domains.

Business :: $9/year - $90/year.

2000MB Space.

150GB Bandwidth.

Unlimited Domains.

Go here to read more:

Again... use the coupon code "wickedfire" to get $5.00 off your order. I literally just launched everything tonight and I want WickedFire to be my testing grounds for a while before I start advertising..

The server you'll be on is hosted at the DimeNOC datacenter in Orlando and here are the specs:.

Server Specs:.

2 Intel Xeon Quad-Core E5405 2GHz CPU's.

8 gigs of RAM.

1.4TB of HD space for sites.

If anyone has any questions, feel free to ask..

P.s. - For the next 2-3 days the only payment method accepted is PayPal. I'm waiting on 2Checkout and Google Checkout to update my accounts with the new site information...

Comments (46)

Shit, can one of you mods move this over to the sells forum? Pretty please, with sugar on top?..

Comment #1

Awesome, now all the noobs that can't afford $8-$9 a month and get some hosting..

Do you ever plan on offering VPS?..

Comment #2

Yeah, I'll do everything in a few months. But since it's just me for now, I wanted to start off small until I found a few good support agents...

Comment #3

Now time to rank for "web hosting" and "web host". Oh and I love the design...

Comment #4

Wtf is with this testimonial:.

I also think you can do a better job on the "Hosting Plans" and "Technology" pages. You should add some javascript popups explaining the details of each feature. Those two pages just seem bare and boring. The rest of the site looks great though, nice work and good luck man..

Comment #5

Lol, yeah, well I didn't want to make anything up and that's what the guy gave me. I'll change it as soon as I get a better one (seeing as how I just officially launched it today I don't have much to work with in that department)..

As for the rest of the site, I'll be working on adding more information, etc... over the next few weeks. Like I said, I'm kind of using WickedFire to beta test everything and won't be officially advertising for a week or two..

Thanks for the feedback...

Comment #6

Any plans on a reseller account with Cpanel/WHM and also need some more info on uptime, some thing like live uptime monitoring display will be great..

I liked the design of the site...

Comment #7

I don't want to put shared accounts and reseller accounts on the same server, so it will be a few months before I start offering reseller and VPS plans..

There is a server status page here: ZenSix Hosting - Server Status - Right now the uptime is at 40 days...

Comment #8

Atleast you got ten grand or so to put into this with the sale of your site. You going to setup an affiliate program? and I'll take a review copy plzz..

Comment #9

I've actually got about three times that amount to invest in ZenSix.

And yeah, I'll be setting up the affiliate program at some point, but I obviously don't have the capital to compete with companies like Hostgator, so the payout probably won't pique the interest of too many WF members...

Comment #10

Take some of that 30k and pay one of the seo pro's here to rank you in the serps ;-)..

@affiliate program, you could go after the "free web host" sites, hostgator and major companies don't allow referrals from those type of sites. (obviously for a reason but could make you some quick cash possibly.)..

Comment #11

I have no idea why I am telling you this, but in true wickedfire help each other and I dont have the money to buy this domain. Get this domain here.. hxxp:// they had a bid for 10k and I bid about 40k(i was fucking around). You can get it for around 15k if you are really serious about it. The domain gets about 600 type in traffic hits a month. Dont say I told ya so. get it my good friend...

Comment #12

I'm sure he'd rather stick with his $7.99 domain and take that $15,000 and put it towards servers, employees, hookers, and advertising...

Comment #13

You've got a large supply of a tangible good that we all consume monthly. Just get creative and build up users & income before running with the big dogs.

More than likely, many of us would probably do this for free hosting & domains. Not to get too in depth but something like.


1 domain name = .25 points.

1 small package = 1 point.

1 med package = 2 points.

1 reseller account = 2 points.

1 vps account = 3 points.

1 dedicated account = 5 points.

So you accumulate points (residually also at 1/2 the point value) and pay for the services you use with those points..


Domain name = 5 points yearly renewal.

Reseller account = 10 points monthly.

New ip address = 1 point monthly.

Vps = 15 pts monthly.

Dedicated = 30 pts monthly.

So it's close to worthless for PPC people but there are those of us who are 100% organic and could easily push hosting at no hard cost..

I personally drop about $225/month just on hosting and domains and would welcome a system that would help recoup some of that lost income. It would cost me nothing. It would cost you very little & would get you recurring users..

You could even go as far as outsourcing a designer to make landing pages for those PPC only people and could provide an all in one service to them as well. How about installing a homegrown tracking system or preinstall p202 with all reseller accounts for all your clients so they don't have to deal with that side of things..

You can't go buck for buck with godaddy, HG, etc so you're going to have to try and bring something to the table that they can't...

Comment #14

Good luck, it's a tough business. I sold my hosting clients off last year and only kept my design clients. Raised my hosting prices & cut support hours since I didn't want to focus on that and don't do any ads for hosting and that side of the business is growing better then I tought. Kind of funny how things work out. I like the design of the site. +1..

Comment #15

Cshoe quick question, would you rather start a hosting company with a domain like hxxp:// that you acquired with 5k out of your 30k startup funds or just buy an 8 dollar domain.

Okay fine let me ask you another question, if you were into porn(hypothetically) would you rather start a porn site with the domain or buy hxxp:// 8 dollar domain.

Domains matter alot, while this isnt some back and forth argument if I had 30k I would at least make an attempt at acquiring a premium domain before trying to work my way up the and ppc. With a domain like hxxp:// he would kill the ctr on adwords. He would be unstoppable.

Just my 2 cents.

P.s I have no relation whatsoever to the guys who own the domains mentioned above. And yes, I would love to own hxxp://

I am loving wickedfire more and more everyday with the more I learn about how people(webmasters) approach business...

Comment #16

Not too shabby of a design, well done..

I fully agree. You'd be surprised how quick a little can amount to in a short amount of time, even in the most saturated industries...

Comment #17

Never got into hosting myself because the profit margins seemed too slim, but I wish you the best and I'll definitely throw you some business next time I need shared hosting...

Comment #18

My take on this is that it really is a great domain and $15,000 would be a steal (for someone that could afford it)..

The problem for me, as others have pointed out, is that it would take 1/2 of my capital. With my current business plan, I can afford to not make a profit for the next two years. If I was to pay $15k on a domain, I would only be able to continue without a profit for about 4-8 months..

It's really all about how fast I want to grow and I'm the kind of guy that likes to take things slow and steady. Two years is plenty of time to build a brand and slowly build up a client base via word of mouth..

That said, I would jump on that domain if I had an extra $10-$15k to put into everything...

Comment #19


I've had a few people sign-up since last night, but they didn't use the $5 off coupon code "wickedfire"..

I'm pretty sure the people who signed up are members of this forum, seeing as how this is the only place I've publicly announced that the site even exists. So if you read this and you signed up, but forgot the coupon, PM me and I'll add the credit to your account...

Comment #20

How many customers have you managed to attract so far?..

Comment #21

You do have a few hundred backlinks, maybe some customers came from those sites...

Comment #22

It looks like I'll need another server by the weekend... since launching last night....

3 paid, 1 pending. lol..

Comment #23

I totally hear you about that, but keep a watch out at sedo you can get some damn good sweet steals. I have been loading up on some generic domains up there of late...

Comment #24

For those of you that have signed up since last night, there's going to be some maintenance on the server tonight (it's just being moved to a new circuit). You might notice some services down for a few minutes...

Comment #25

Your maintenance bulletins should be over on your forums for your customers also. Just a thought...

Comment #26

How many different Class C IP addresses can you get me ?

Comment #27

I don't mess with Class C ips, only Class A's are issued and clients have to have a justifiable reason for needing one. In fact, I'm not sure if the datacenter I use (DimeNOC) even gives out Class C's anymore. I know they had a big problem with their C range getting blacklisted last summer..

Sorry... However I did see some guy on DP selling blocks of like 40-50 Class C's for like $100 or so a few weeks ago (don't quote me on the price)...

Comment #28

I didn't know you ran ZenSix... I knew you back in my hosting days. Good company here, people...

Comment #29

Well I'll make that 4 as soon as I can. Hope you keep updating the thread with your progress, it would be interesting to see...

Comment #30

Make it 5 (why as soon as you can? first month is free with coupon wickedfire)..

Comment #31

I like your very zen-ish design. hehehe.

Seriously though.... I like your pricing. And the speed is unbelievable. I will spread help spread the word around..

More power to ya!..

Comment #32

Signed up yesterday, started a support ticket tonight with a silly little question...try 9 minutes response time....

Feeling pretty good about the choice...

Comment #33

Because I have all the hosting I need right now. First 18 months of a couch from the local rent-a-center are free, but I don't need another couch right now either...

Comment #34

Who doesn't want a free couch? You can fit more people in your living room...

Comment #35

That's the great thing about hosting, you can make bank on niche software hosting or niche industries like AM. I made a killing hosting SOHO CRMs for a long time. 99% of the customers were guys who wanted organization and portability, so the server literally sat there most of the time. Had incredible margins!.

Great site BTW, like the layout, looks really good...

Comment #36

Good luck with this - I know first hand how competitive and sometimes boring the hosting industry can be! Decent money if you can get a small dedicated customer base however...

Comment #37

I hope zen six is listeningI loved your post so much(erect) I printed it and filed it for later reference. This will earn you users without spending a whole lot of money on advertising. Affiliate bloggers will blog about you endlessly.

Dont be suprised having more, money to acquire premium domains if you follow the advice from guys in this forum...

Comment #38

I might try a $25/year plan in a few months. I'd like to have a backup for when my main host goes down. Also, will you do private domain registrations?..

Comment #39

Well I managed to rack up 15 or so customers from this thread so far (not counting the 2 fraud attempts). Not to bad for testing purposes..

I'm still not advertising anything and this thread is the only place online that I've even mentioned ZenSix. I spending a lot of time on the back-end tweaking the client area..

Here's a few questions I've had from you guys so far:.

How quick can you get my account set up?.

The guarantee is 24 hours, but I normally have it up within an hour..

How fast is your ticket response?.

Normally under 30 minutes. Longest so far was 6 hours because of an e-mail issue..

How about an affiliate program?.

I'm working on it. It will either be a one time payment, equal to the amount of the customers first month. Or it will be a small recurring payment for the lifetime of the referred customers account. It will still be a few months before it goes live..

I tried the coupon code "wickedfire" and it didn't work..

Yeah, that was my fault. I gave it a limit of ten uses, not thinking too many people would sign up from this thread. I went back and made it an unlimited coupon, so if you tried before and it didn't work, give it another shot..

Will you host an autoblog?.

Sure, as long as it's not pulling a crazy amount of feeds. Remember this is shared hosting and there are limits to the resource usage..

You're forum is closed, can I have access?.

Not yet, I'm still working on it. Besides, there's no real point yet... give it a few weeks (or months)..

That should answer all of the questions. Thanks to everyone for the positive comments.

Now go use coupon code "wickedfire" and get $5 off any plan...

Comment #40

Posted by subigo:.

I had the idea with my hosting affilate program to create custom coupon codes that would be indexed to a specific affiliate (I doubt I invented the idea mind you; just one of those things that came to me while taking a shit that I have not actually seen being done, although it probably is.) The concept is simple enough just let affiliates create dynamic coupon codes on which they are paid a recurring commission. No need to worry with an affiliate link to promote, and the tracking is dead simple and since it's recurring, a code posted at a couple of coupon/freebie related or hosting related forums could produce some decent commissions for the affiliate without ever having to spend a dime on PPC, build a review site etc. You might consider something like this as it is much easier to track, and the appeal of the recurring commission can attract affiliates who might otherwise shy away from a low cash value.


Comment #41

Sorry to everyone who tried to PM me this weekend, I just realized my inbox was full. I'll try to keep a better eye on it this time...

Comment #42

I think you should up your limits from 1gb to 5gb and 2gb to 10gb. 1-2 is just too low, maybe increase your price like a dollar a month and you'll be fine. You won't be able to compete with a company like hostmonster @ 6.99/month for "unlimited" but idk...

Comment #43

You'd be surprised at how much "just a GB more" will do to a company. Personally I think his prices are spot on. It's better to offer quality than an overselling monster that goes down daily...

Comment #44

I could do that, but I won't. If someone actually needs more space/bandwidth I can always work with them..

I'm pretty sure everyone knows that sites like hostgator/monster/etc all oversell like crazy. Very rarely do they deliver on their promise. Hell, they now suspend any site to hit the front page of digg (or get a lot of stumbles) and tell people to go dedicated. That's ridiculous..

I prefer to go after customers who know the value of a host with real limits and good support. I could fill up a server in three months if I oversold everything, but I would pay for it with a ton of tickets everyday from uneducated customers..

Hostgator and the like are one type of host, ZenSix is another. I'd compare us to someone like A Small Orange. They've never oversold and always focused on customer support. When I was with them (before starting ZenSix) I never had a ticket go unanswered for more than an hour. They have a ton of clients and they offer less space/bandwidth than ZenSix does and they charge more..

Anyway, my point is that I would rather be realistic in approach and not overhype the service. You know what they say, "Under Promise, Over Deliver"..

And if you or anyone need more space/bandwidth, just ask...

Comment #45

Site design looks great. Good luck with the biz...

Comment #46

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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