GoDaddy reviews : Good idea to try GoDaddy?? so i got this email from the /img/avatar5.jpg want their domain

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Back for 100usd, should I negiotiate more or settle when the name has a little vaule other than it was a developed site...

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Depends, what was the domain? And what kind of business/site was it?.

Was it one of those, oops they forgot to renew situations?..

Comment #1

Yea, it was a industrial security company, they forgot to renew and I snatched it..

Comment #2

Security eh... 100$ is too little to get back the name their clients securely know...

Comment #3

LOL I'd start at $1,000 and for each offer they send back increase the price by $100..

"I'll take $1,000 nothing less".

"We'll offer you $800".

"I'll take $1100, nothing less".

"We'll offer you $900".

"I'll take $1200, nothing less".

I made a quick $2k that way off a pest control company...

Comment #4

Add a zero to that for sure. They can take it from the pay of the dumbass who forgot to renew their domain name...

Comment #5

I used to do the same with expired company names in spanish, never settle for $100. They are loosing their name on the net so ask for anything between $1000-$2000.

They might try the legal way (if they have their brand registered) but that would cost them way more than $2000.....

Comment #6

2500 work downwards. Bro this guy from raleigh got 35k for the georgebushlibrary(com) website. You need to realise this, to you it's just a .com to them thats where they get everything from business email, to business contacts.. everything.

Its worth more than you could ever imagine. Shit go for 8k and see what they say, basically you have the version of their particular industry.

I hope you havent sold it back. You will be suprised at how much money you can make from some of this domains.

I recently lost an auction for a domain with links from everywhere. I am talking insurance websites that dont link back, dmoz , yahoo you name it. If I got that sucka , they were going to pay me at least 5k to get it back.

WHy, do you know how hard it is to build and get links of that caliber - imagine losing a website netting you 35k a month. Heck some guys here do way more than that with a supernetwork of sites.

Anyway get that stuck in your head, dont take this transaction lightly - it could net you a shitload of money..

Comment #7

Domainers are a bunch of squatting little parasites that provide nothing to anyone. I can't think of a single beneficial thing domainers bring to society. Even porn webmasters deliver something..

But in this case, if the domain is from a small biz I say punish them for $500. If there big, $1000+, but this shit about trying to take them for 8k is completely low-lifey...

Comment #8

Your obviously poor..

I say rape em for all they got...

Comment #9

Industrial security? See if you can dig up some figures on how much they do in a year, and sell it back for everything you can get for it. Rape them for their error...

Comment #10

I'll make splogs all day, but I won't go buy a porche by doing something seedy like this. Anyone who would is irresponsible and should take a look at where they've let themselves go - no one feels good knowing they are a scumbag that severely punished a 2 man army like the guy that lost his domain probably is...

Comment #11

As a previous poster said, I would start at $2500 and see if negotiations can get you around 2k for it...

Comment #12

I would try to find out more about the company before you make a decision..

Maybe it's just a dude and his friend trying to pay their bills, maybe it's a multi million dollar company...

Comment #13

Give it back to them, make them pay you reg fee. Why make money off of their mistake? You can't make money by your self so you have to make it on another persons mistake? What if they dropped a hundred dollar bill and you were walking behind them? I would give it back to them. Why?.

1. Morals, I'm not a prick..

2. It would kind of be putting my own image down. I make enough money that I don't need to take other people's shit. I see you take the money, I feel like you can't creatively make any money...

Comment #14

Fucking people, company's, and the government fuck people every day. This is a business issue, get every dime you can...

Comment #15

You could find out who there main competition are, call them and say that you acquired their biggest competitors URL through entirely legitimate means because they forgot to pay for another year on it. Explain that they could have ALL the traffic their competitors would normally have gotten, and ask them how much they'd pay for it..

Then tell the original company that their competition is willing to pay that much to screw them over, so you want that + 25%-50%..

Provided that's still less than lawyer fees for some sort of action, explain that to them as well.

They can waste time and resources on lawyers, all the while their competitors are getting all of their business, or they can just give in and cough up a few grand..

It's good leverage...

Comment #16

Bullshit. They let it it go, it's their own fault..

If he has a heart and wants to use it, he can figure out how big the business/company is and skew the figure accordingly...

Comment #17

Well you have a point right there, but I gotta go with other people cuzi get fucked by businesses everyday and they dont give a shit about me except for my money...

Comment #18

That domain is always worth more to them than to you, but think about the value of a $1000 per day or per month contract from an industrial security customer ( to send a rent a cop for the weekends all summer even) from their website...

Comment #19

Ask for more based on two factors:.

1- How big they are (the bigger the company, ask for more money).

2- Whether they have the domain name Copyrighted. (if they have it copyrighted, go easy, you don't want legal trouble)..

Comment #20

2. that aint shit haha I got homies in china will take good care of my acquired domain lol..

Comment #21

Ok, even if they can't sue you, if they have it copyrighted and you are asking for more than it would cost to have their lawyers just take it from you (through legal means) without giving you a dime then it won't matter with who or how you registered it, they will just take it...

Comment #22

You my friend are not a businessman..

While I agree some domainers are shifty, this isn't really the case here..

You never really own a domain, you lease it from the registrar..

This is a similar situation if a brick & mortar store ignored resigning their lease and lost their profitable storefront.

They didn't renew their domain, he wanted the domain so he bought it. If he uses their brand to make money this is illegal and they could potentially win the domain back in a UDRP. If he just chooses to hold it until someone offers him the right amount, nothing wrong with that...

Comment #23

You are a newb to domaining. This is a very fast way to get your domain jacked during a domain dispute pannel. You cannot use their brand to sell traffic to a competitor..

You need to have registered the domain in good faith, or atleast be able to convince hte panel that it was in good faith...

Comment #24

If it's a .com or any other domain extension that is made available by a US registry your friends in China can make it a bit more complicated, but in the end the US registry relevant to your domain will simply take it away from them..

A domain is basically a license to use, US registries can take this away from you..

It really doesn't matter if someone cooperates...

Comment #25

Exactly, dot coms [among others] are based through a US registry, so US law applies.

If your from china, hell they could just file a suite in the US and when you don't show they win by default...

Comment #26

I transfer the domain to a chinese user, it will have a chinese registry with a legit chinese whois, not a us registry therefore us law does not apply there. correct me if I'm wrong...

Comment #27

Any and all .com's (among others TLDs) are through a US registry, they can not be issued from anywhere else. You can not move it to China. It falls under US law...

Comment #28

People with this attitude where I come from end up in trunks.

It's not worth it. So you made a few thousand off of somebody's mistake. One of my buddies from way back who was in a business, well lets just say he was far from affiliate marketing once have me some of the best advice. He said it's not worth it to fuck someone. No matter how much it is, it isn't worth watching your back for ever. Sure 99% of people will just shrug it off, but hope you don't do it to the 1% who will come and see you about it...

Comment #29

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