Does anyone else get hungry on Medifast?

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It's just that time of the month (mid cycle) where I get super hungry. I know when this happens I usually drop 2 or 3 pounds in a row. But OMG!!! I feel like I am starving to DEATH! I am going to have to eat egg beaters today split up through the day I guess, instead of the beef casserole I was planning on. Because otherwise I will die of hunger.

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Hmmm... tempting. I have egg beaters with turkey in the freezer. I could freeze my fish and indulge myself instead.

I'm sorry you're having a hungry day - I know what that's like!.

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Hungry days are the WORST. You are smart to split up your L&G though. Hopefully that will help. Just think of the good loss you are going to have..

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I am coping... I've had:.

7AM: plain green tea.

8AM: Cinnamon Pretzels.

9AM: lite string cheese.

10AM: cup of coffee w/sf creamer, 1 big Medifast original pancake, and a half cup of scrambled egg beaters..

Uh, yeah. I am NOT hungry anymore..

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Glad to see the hunger went away and you have stayed on plan. That is awesome..

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I feel your pain. although I am having cravings for everything that is not on medifast diet... I guess b/c it is that TOM.... oh well I hope the cravings will past fast!.

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This is my week for TOM as well. Yesterday was horrible. I'm almost at the halfway mark and just didn't want my Medifast Foods. I was really whiny and crabby on the inside. In other words, I was tired of myself. But I actually talked myself through it. Yeah! .

I have to admit, I did cheat. I had 3 TBS of half and half in coffee. :-) - LOLOL.

Comment #6

This may sound weird but I kind of feel empowered on those "hungry days". For me it generally means within a day or two I will see a drop. And when I have the full feeling I will actually feel guilty. Like if I'm dieting, I should be feeling the hunger for it to work. The mind can play cruel tricks on us.

Comment #7

That's a cool way of looking at it, ArizonaGirl. Maybe that is why the scale is being stubborn for me. I haven't been feeling hungry! .

But yeah, hungry days can be a real trial. I just try to make sure I get my water in and that I eat regularly and pick more filling options. I actually haven't had a hungry day in a while. I don't miss them!.

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Seriously, try a pickle. They are a god send to me on those super-duper hunger days..

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LOL, well yeah it sucks and I have them off and on and you just get used to it!.

Also, I hear eating your hand is a great low-cal snack too!.

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Yeah I know it means I will lose some weight soon. I am ONE pound from being overwieght instead of obese (BMI) so that's exciting..

Well after I ate all that stuff I was so full I had a diet cola and went shopping without eating my noon Medifast meal. Figured I'd have it when I got back. BIG mistake. And I usually have a Medifast bar in my purse but had eaten it the other day, and also had eaten the emergency puffs in the glove box of the car! I was absolutely ILL by the time I got home at almost 3. Blood sugar I guess. I had my pretzels and then waited a bit and had an iced hot cocoa (still sipping it) to get my meals caught up and now I really feel rather sick. Lesson learned, stay on schedule AND replace eaten emergency foods immediately! At least I am NOT hungry now!.

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Sorry to hear that! If you wanted you could just have like 1/4 c of egg beaters added as a side to your Medifast meals. Do that twice to make it a total of 1/2c and then you can still have 3/4 of your lean for dinner..

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OH I agree about the pickle sometimes it's just the chewing and crunching we want a pickle helps and a string cheese......I do the eggwhite omelet for lunch when I am feeling really hungrier than a soup.....if I have the omelet I have a shake with it wow I feel full !! Everyone is amazing with all their tips and strategies it's like we always have an army at our back ! too COOL !.

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Yeah, I love this forum, such awesome people here Thank you all so much, it makes a big difference knowing people care how I am doing..

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Did you try one of you hands yet if so was it tasty?? LOL.

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