Smooth Move Tea during Medifast?

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I was wondering your opinions on whether or not the Smooth Move tea is right for me..

Obviously, my BMs are much less frequent now that I am on MF. I go about once every other day, and there isn't much to it..

Every time I go, though, it feels... incomplete. Like I feel like I need to go more but can't..

Will the Smooth Move help me, or is my "problem" too minor?..

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I think every other day is normal, especially considering how low our intake is..

Let me, uh... back up... here. I've never been a daily pooper, so I don't know what's really normal.

That said, I do often feel incomplete, as you say, so I attribute that to a level of constipation. I take a probiotic every day, and if I remember I mix Benefiber and ground flax in at least 1 Medifast meal. I sometimes take Colace, but often forget..

When I drink Smooth Move, I usually have some success. I think one time it didn't help, but the others have been productive. I think Smooth Move is for exactly your situation...

Comment #1

I bought some this afternoon and want to try it tonight but I'm afraid of cramping. :-/ But I'd really like some... success tomorrow morning before my weigh-in...

Comment #2

Smooth move tea is a wonderful option. Give it a try!.

I too used the Medifast probiotic daily while on the 5&1 and you should also do omega 3 daily and drink all your water..

Good Luck..

Comment #3

I have done the tea the last 3 nights or so due to constipation from added muscle relaxers (back issue). It has helped, but it has been pretty gentle I would say. I feel like I am not completely cleaned out though. But I got pretty bad too...

Comment #4

Remember, the length of time you brew the tea determines it's potency. Be sure to time the brewing - if you let it steep for 5 minutes tonight and it isn't as effective as you'd like, try 8-10 minutes tomorrow night. I find that for me, I have to allow it to steep quite a long time (and then I warm it back up a bit before I drink it). Everyone's different, though, so you can experiment a bit to see what works for you..

Even steeped for a longer period of time, I don't get any cramping - but it does make my tummy rumble a bit. Nothing uncomfortable, though..

Hope everything comes out well in the end!! :-) (Couldn't resist!).


Comment #5

I'm drinking it now. It steeped for about 12 minutes..

It doesn't taste terrible, but does taste like black licorice which I don't like at all. However, it's definitely tolerable..

Here's to a smooth move in the morning!..

Comment #6

There's also a chocolate flavored variety of Smooth Move. Less of the licorice taste in that one..

Good luck!.


Comment #7

Chocolate?!?! Now you've got my attention!.

They didn't have that at the store I got this pack from (or I would have opted for that!), but if the tea serves it's purpose then I'll order the chocolate variety from the internet!..

Comment #8

This may be TMI but I bought this stuff called Super Colon Clense at Trader Joes. It comes in pill form. You can take up to 12 a day but I just take 4 before bed and usually by the morning I am good to go. If for any reason I am not, I will take four more in the afternoon. It's basically psyllium husk but works better than any powdered form I have tried before. Word to the wise, don't take it for more than a few days in a row or you won't want to be 20 feet from a toilet...

Comment #9

Well I drank the tea at 10pm last night. It is now 10 hours later and still nothing.....

Comment #10

Ohh really?! I'm surprised! It says anywhere from 10-12 hours, so hopefully something soon! They say if 1 night doesn't work then try it 2 days in a row (but no more than that I believe). I hope you get some relief soon!.

For what it's worth, I noticed you said you have been going but didn't feel finished. Maybe the reason it's not "working" is there's nothing really ready to leave your body yet. I know the feeling as I've never been a daily BMer and never feel completely emptied (sorry for the TMI)..



Comment #11

I bought mine at The Vitamin Shoppe. I'm pretty sure you can buy it at most health food stores and also some grocery stroes...

Comment #12

There is another tea called Super Dieters Tea. It comes in several different flavors and I think it tastes better than Smooth Move. Follow the instructions and it should definitely work. You can get it at CVS or Rite Aid..

Comment #13

The smooth move didn't work for me at all. Actually made me feel more bloated. However, I purchased mine at a coffee shop that sold tea, so it may be outdated..

But the Super Dieters Tea works like crazy! Don't steep it for too long or you will cramp, and need to be close to restroom. I think it has senna in it and that is the only thing that worked for me after DAYS!!! I only use it occasionally if in dire circumstances.

The slimquick cleanse also works well.....

Comment #14

Thank you for this thread! My Mom gave me some of this stuff and I blew it off as one of her weird things. However, after going from a daily pooper to a weekly pooper on Medifast I'm definitely going to go dig it back out!..

Comment #15

Well, it took 15 hours but it finally worked..

I feel so much better!..

Comment #16

I found some Chocolate Smooth Move at Wegmans. Score!..

Comment #17

It finally worked great news!!.

Everyone's body is different, but I drink it every other night, just as part of my regular routine, as it helps keep me from getting too stopped up.

The box says it's not for long-term use, so every so often I take a week or so off. But I'm always sorry when I do!.


Comment #18

I just got mine today at GNC. They carry the regular and the chocolate, but were out of the chocolate. So I got the regular..

I think I'll give it a shot tonight...

Comment #19

Me too, I got the Chocolate one there. It said to take it before bed but because I go to work early in the am (and I prefer my own "litter box"), I took it at 6pm. I was in for the night and didn't care if I awoke in the middle of the night to do my business. Well, it worked by 10pm. No cramping at all. Just a mild reminder to "go".

And again the next morning. But no cramping, no discomfort what so ever. It was definitely a "smooth move", so aptly named. The box said not to drink the tea for more than a week at a time. I guess it can't be a daily thing.

I would just mimic the timing as I had done it the last time...

Comment #20

If I wait too long to take it then it takes longer to get me going.

Don't forget some of that not emptying feeling can come from not having good potty posture. I know for me too that when eating junk things slipped and slid right out so I didn't have to work very hard to go. It is normal for us to have to slightly strain to go (think of the red faced baby in the corner grunting). It is natural to have to put in the effort. Obviously not if we are in pain or they are super hard but I think lots of potty lazy...

Comment #21

Yogi brand tea has their own version of a laxative tea called "Get Regular". It tastes so much better than Smooth Move, and I use it, ah, regularly. No cramping, always results the next morning...

Comment #22

I bought Smooth move last week and it worked so well I went and cleaned off their shelf cause it was on sale for 3.99 instead of 5.99. I love it! I no longer need to take the stool softeners every day or use laxatives cause this works like a charm. Highly recommend it!..

Comment #23

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