skimping on tripods???
Hello all. I have a question regarding tripods. I am currently looking at carbon fiber Bogen legs. I have not decided on the exact model but somewhere in the $300-400 range. My research leads me to believe that one should not skimp when it come to tripods. How does this setup compare to Gitzos? Would this be considered skimping or is that more directed towards models that are less than $100??? I would prefer not to have to upgrade again. Thanks...

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You'll be fine.. Bogen makes great stuff. You probably wont ever need to buy a new one unless you get it run over by a semi or something....

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Try this ....


User reports and my own use is very favourable..

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First, one may find a need for more than one tripod/head set, for different objectives. But most amateurs start out with one general purpose rig. Finding the balance in weight, stability, and cost is always the dilemma..

Convenience comes into play in how quickly the legs can be deployed and the rig leveled. More important to some than others..

Stabiilty - the intent of a tripod. Less generally stable models can be made more so with some creativity. Though, the more frequent the need for a tripod, the more compensating for lack of enough stability becomes a burr under the saddle..

Durability - a factor that comes into play according to how often a tripod is expected to be utilized, and the way one intends to travel with it..

Does one knock about in the backwoods or canyons/mountiains, or is the intent backyard or a few minutes from the vehicle, or in one's studio? Is the use occasional, or frequent?.

The general consensus for high quality image pursuits is that when the first one is bought with cost being the primary limitation, invariably that will be replaced for one of higher quality in time. Same goes for heads. Having gone that route, for my less than pampered wielding of these platforms, I tend to recommend higher cost/quality gear. But each of us has our own style, requirement, objective, and budget to take into consideration..

...Bob, NYC.

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I am not an expert on this having only owned 2 cheao and one expensive (Gitzo) tripod, but here is my opinion..

Bogen/Manfrotto and Gitzo are all part of the same group and I don't believe that there is a great deal of difference in quality between them, although Gitzo tripods are more expensive. There are other good manufacturers of carbon fibre legs some of which have already been mentioned..

As another poster has said, of more importance is whether the particular tripod fits your needs. Is the tripod high enough without the centre column extended? Can you remove the centre column to reduce weight? Do you need the sort of centre column that can be fitted horizontally for low level photography? Are you willing to sacrifice stability for a shorter carrying length by having 4 leg sections instead of 3? etc. etc..

IMHO opinion choice of head is more important - ball v. pan and tilt, proprietary quick release plate (Gitzo, Manfrotto, etc) v. Arca Swiss compatible (RRS, Kirk, Markins, etc.), etc.Chris R..

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I would not buy real cheap. I really like monfrotto tripods, I find they arethe best bang for your buck. I used a 055 when I was younger now that I amolder I use the 190 lol. The 190 is a great nature tripod..


Take care Dwayne Oakes..

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Skimping can back-fire. If you have a shop nearby that stocks tripods, take your camera there and try them out. Wiggle, push, bounce on the floor to see how steady they are. Try out the cheap-o's too just to see how they compare. Then you can make a decision. If you're trying to buy from an on-line dealer, you take your chances. Good luck.Steve-Seattle..

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Check out Amvona, I purchased one thier carbon fiber tripods on ebay for a great price, and I am very happy with it. Very stiff (but fairly heavy)..

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