GoDaddy reviews : Suggest I buy GoDaddy?? Siteground Insists I Get a VPS at 300 Uniques/Day

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Running a standard Drupal installation with no bells or whistles installed via Fantastico..

At no more than 300 unique visitors per day, they insist that it is causing too much server strain..

My partner misses the email giving us 7 days to fix it. They suspend account..

I get in touch, find out problem and offer to fix it if they open the account again so I can access the site..

They point blank refuse and insist that my ONLY option is to upgrade to a VPS..


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If you can switch immediately to, these guys are treating you like shit, it's unbelievable!..

Comment #1

Wth, i'm doing 200k v's/month on a shared host with a phpbb board and it has no problems. get your site of it, switch to a more decent shared/reseller host..

Comment #2

In my experience, siteground is an overselling shit-host. Similar to BlueHost and DreamHost. Honestly, my best experiences have been with (mt) Media Temple. $20/month well spent...

Comment #3

Speak n spells!! oh springer you just took me wayyyy back. What ever happen to my speak n spell? AND WHICH ONE OF YOU FRUITCAKES TOOK MY EASY BAKE OVEN?..

Comment #4

HAH! My oldest just found his SnS in a box in his garage. Wish I could talk him out of it so I could make some wicked mods to it and give it to my grandson.

What the hell was the name of that thing with animals on it and a pull-string that said, "A cow goes moooo?" I need to prowl eBay for one of those, too..

Don't they still make Easy Bake Ovens? Maybe you can get a new one for xmas...

Comment #5

Upgrade to a VPS, get your shit off the server, move it to a new host, then cancel the VPS , call your CC and tell them to block all charges from Siteground...

Comment #6

SEE N SAY! They still have them around in the stores (although they are newer versions).

Sorry everyone, for hijacking the thread and making it gay. But since we're on a roll.....

What about that toy that was this weird phallic like thing, it had sort of a squishy feel and it rolled inside itself to where if you held it loosely it would just fall into itself and hit the floor. Anyone?..

Comment #7

I don't know what it was called, but I always tried to put it on my cock when I was like 6...

Comment #8

ROFL - I remember those things, I used to annoy my sisters by doing "turkey" over and over, for some reason it really annoyed them..

On topic, thats jacked up - some host's just don't seem to have a clue.....

Comment #9

They used to sell those at discovery channel store where I worked when I was in high school. I hate those things...

Comment #10


But what are they called?..

Comment #11

Omg, that's terrible....

Ditto that... except instead of having them 'block charges' you should have the CC company issue a chargeback and refund your money for them attempting to defraud you... at least that way you'll get your money back.....

Comment #12

Good luck with getting a chargeback..

Siteground is the worst, sleasiest, screwed up host on the planet. I hate them with the burning intensity of 1,000,000 suns. They took a month of my life from me with their "upgrade, you need upgrade Miss Blonde Woman" and "we speaky no englishy" and "please fill out a support ticket" and "everything works fine for us" as my site was down for 10 days in a row.

They raped me financially to the tune of $1,000, their lack of service cost me more than that and they truly are clueless. Get your site off their servers...

Comment #13

How many pageviews do those 300 make per day?.

Anyway I don't think 300 users in a day can need a vps, neither if their only occupation was hitting F5..

Comment #14

Many of the modern CMSs can be very, very resource intensive - and you pay for that in hosting costs. A lot of people don't realize that they can easily get away with static html pages. As long as the site is meant to be small, say up to 20 pages you don't need a CMS...

Comment #15

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