GoDaddy review : Should I buy GoDaddy?? Shitty Shared Hosting with Not Shitty Support

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Are there any companies that offer shared hosting but dont skimp on the support?.

Im trying to write a PHP script to do some work on an SQL db today and the whole server goes haywire (keep in mind, I dont have any traffic on any of my hosted sites, yet). So I write to support, middle of the freaking business day at 3PM on a Monday and I dont receive a reply for a whole hour..

This is Dreamhost, btw..

Id like something with atleast live chat during business hours and relatively quick email reply off business hours...

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I personally use eskhosting and can state for sure that their support is great..

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I use, you should stay away from hosts that oversell to the extreme. Like dreamhost/site5...

Comment #2

"1 whole hour" is not that huge time span.....

I used the live chat support only once with Hostgator and it did it for me, but it wasn't a sever issue or anything that required more than a well trained monkey.....

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Well that issue just escalated a bit today. I was coding some shit in PHP and improperly coded it so it turned into a runaway script (ie looping infinitely). So, quite obviously, my server was grinding to a hault. I emailed the guys and he said 'Everythings fine. I just restarted your mysql server.'.

Well, today I get an email directly from a support guy saying my shits going crazy and he had to rename a table so it would stop. I told them I had tried to get that resolved 2 days ago thru support and they had their head up their ass and told me it was fine..


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I've had solid responses in 10 minutes from HostICan, responses around 1 hour from MidPhase that took care of issues, and responses within 1 hour from if that helps. Other hosts, I've never needed to contact support so I have no idea..

I mean, it totally depends on what you need. I've been with several hosts including DreamHost and if it means anything, I don't have a DreamHost account anymore. haha..

Comment #5

I like the fact that you can actually call into Pair support. Yea, sometimes there can be a wait, but you get someone and bam! you issue is solved..

Need the Webmaster(or is it Advanced?) support, or better.....

Comment #6

I know that Godaddy shared hosting is much maligned.They oversell at every step along the checkout. If you don't know what you're doing you'll end up buying tons of crap you don't need..

They offer probably the worst stats known to mankind (even the paid version sucks)..

They don't offer cpanel..

But I use them because for $3.99/month I can live with those annoyances. And I've had excellent customer support experiences the few times I've needed it .. via phone and email. Maybe I've just been lucky...

Comment #7

Ive had great luck getting bluehost support on the phone within a reasonable timespan, and they reply to support-tickets quickly..

Comment #8

I've got an account with quicklyweb they've been pretty good...

Comment #9

I'm with [url=]alwayswebhosting[url] right now. It's an one man host but offers great support..

Alwayswebhosting is offering some good deals out there. Go to webhostingtalk and check for yourself. It's 90% off for the first payment. So you can get about one year hosting for about 9$...

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Don't ever use StartLogic. I've been having a horrible time with them. I have a dedicated server at Hostmysite, and it does fine. Also the dreamhost account I have works well..

I also have a VPS over at, their support has been great so far...

Comment #11 offers true 24/7 support. They specialize in blogs (Movable Type/Wordpress/Photoblog) but the account that their software rest on is still standard hosting...

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I use Hosting Zoom and so far Customer Support response time has been super good, especially on chat, but also via email. They're also good with responding promptly to emails. Plus they have user forums where the staff are frequent posters and respond fast to issues.

No complaints so far!..

Comment #13

Aso has good support A Small Orange - Web Hosting, Software and more!..

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Andheresjohnny, that's expensive. 3.99 a month per domain. It might be ok if you're hosting just one, but anymore than that and it's foolish.

Dreamhost is much maligned, but for just $23 for the first year, you get a year of hosting and a domain tossed in for free. And you can host as many domains as you want to.

For the OP, you might wanna get an unmanaged VPS, they go for as cheap as $8 a month and you don't have to have support when a script goes to fuck. I keep a $8 a month VPS just for testing, running a personal proxy and fucking around...

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You can try hosting, they have 24/7 fast support..

Comment #16

I've just signed up with a seemingly very small hosting company with excellent service.

Questions were responded to in minutes rather than hours and the wildcard dns entries I needed were setup with no problems whatsoever.

Although I've not been with them long, from what I've seen so far I'm more than happy to recommend them. They are associated with another respectable WF member and prices start from $2.99 for 1Gb storage, 15Gb bandwidth.

Http:// (aff link, here's the non-aff if you prefer )..

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